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How to Choose Basketball Court Flooring:

The Right Court for Your Sport

Growing up, I played basketball on a highly slanted concrete slab.

Our basketball hoop was attached to the roof, so we were always shooting from an angle. We never quite measured out the lines, but we would grab a rock from the unpaved part of the driveway and draw a chalk line where I thought the free throw line would be.

I got a lot of practice done on that basketball hoop.

But, was it great practice? Well, not really. The problem with backyard basketball courts is that they rarely hold up to the courts at the gym.

It’s time to change that.

If you’re ready to step up your game, we’ve got outdoor tiles up for the challenge. Our basketball court flooring is good for all types of court games including volleyball, tennis, badminton, and more!

Get ready to choose the right court for your sport.

All About Basketball Court Flooring

FlooringInc Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles

Before you buy, you’ll probably want to learn a little bit more about the types of basketball court flooring you can purchase. Some court tiles are great for outdoor use and some are only for indoor use.

The court flooring you choose will depend on what sport you hope to play on your new court, whether or not you want to be indoors or outdoors, and style you want for your court.


First, lets talk about the type of material all our basketball court flooring is made from.

All our court flooring are made from polypropylene. This type of plastic is impact resistant, chemical resistant, and holds color without fading.

Since the material is impact resistant and absorbs shock, players will feel an increase of comfort to jumpshots, running, and other sport moves that can be hard on player’s joints.

Also, there are no worries when it comes to picking your favorite colors. Polypropylene holds onto colors even in sunny Arizona.

Last, your bare feet will thank you. Court tiles don’t get as hot under the sun as concrete does. As a bonus. Outdoor tiles get more slip resistant even when wet.

Play on.

Sports for Court Flooring

Good news is if you don’t like basketball, we won’t force you to play basketball on your basketball court floors.

In fact, you can play just about anything you want.

Our court flooring is great for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and even hockey practice!

Whether you’re setting up a hoop, net, or goal, this court can work for everyone’s favorite sport.

Outdoor Court Flooring


HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles

Flooring Inc HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles

Remember how I said we have outdoor hockey tiles? I didn’t lie.

These tiles are made larger than most to provide a smooth, seamless surface for practice or play. These hockey tiles are also made to be slicker than most so the puck will slide easily across its surface. Even better, they come in glacier white, so your court will look like ice. How cool is that? (Pun intended.)

If you’re a hockey person, this outdoor tile is for you.

Outdoor Sports Tiles

Flooring Inc Outdoor Sports Tiles

These outdoor tiles are the most popular outdoor basketball court flooring.

They come vented so liquids flow right through them, keeping the tiles slip resistant even when wet. Even better, these basketball court tiles come in all your favorite colors. You can design your court exactly how you want it. Even making it a tribute to your favorite team!

The shock absorbent material is perfect for shooting some hoops, but it’s great for other outdoor sports as well.

Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles

Flooring Inc Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles

The creme of the crop is here. Premium outdoor sports tiles are built to last.

Not only do they have all the great attributes of the Outdoor Sports Tiles above, but they also have built-in expansion joints so your court floor will be great in any weather. Since they’re vented, they’re also mold and mildew resistant.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor basketball court flooring, you’ve found it.

Mateflex II

Flooring Inc Mateflex II

If you want more muted or natural colors for your court, this court tile is the way to go.

Bright surfaces aren’t everyone’s thing. It’s fine though because this tile comes in darker colors like navy, stone, or terra cotta. They also keep the classics though, like bright blue and red.

These tiles also offer a vented surface so water flows through them, making drying time even faster.

Mateflex III

Flooring Inc Mateflex III

Oh hey there, you ready to step it up to elite levels?

Mateflex III is there to meet you at the top. This outdoor tile has a high-density rib pattern that offers more durability during high-impact sports. Basically, this tile is ready for any game, no matter how intense it is.

With all the qualities of Mateflex II, this outdoor tile is a step above the rest.

Indoor Court Flooring


HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles

Flooring Inc HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles

Yes, you are having Deja Vu.

These hockey tiles take the win for being great for both outdoor and indoor playing.

Indoor Sports Tiles

Flooring Inc Indoor Sports Tiles

Shiny and Chrome anyone?

These indoor tiles have a nice shine and come in your favorite colors. What’s not to like?

By the way, they also provide great shock absorbency for high impact sports. Since these tiles have a solid surface, you’ll want to wipe up spills to prevent slipping. If you want to have an indoor tile that was made for the courts, this tile is the way to go.

Smooth Ultra-Loc Tiles

Flooring Inc Nitro Tiles

These tiles are super smooth. Smooth as butter.

Well, maybe not that smooth.

But you get the idea. Don’t let the look fool you. Even though these tiles are mostly used in garages and showrooms, they make great indoor basketball court tiles as well.

They’re UV stable, so they could be used outside. However, since they’re not vented, I would use these indoors instead.

Floortrax Tiles

These tiles are tough. Tough as nails. Tough as your favorite basketball player blocking a shot.

Yeah, they’re that tough.

Floortrax tiles don’t look like they’re for the court, but they totally are. They’re a bit different than other tiles. They have a solid textured top that looks a bit like rubber, but isn’t. They’re solid, not vented, which means you need to be ready to wipe up any liquids on the surface.

No matter, these tiles are ready for some explosive jumpshots.

Premium Indoor Sports Tiles

Flooring Inc Premium Indoor Sports Tiles

If you want premium, we got premium.

These court tiles feature a super smooth surface and great traction. You can use them as basketball courts, volleyball courts, and even inline hockey rink flooring. Since they’re so smooth, hockey pucks have no problems sliding across the surface.

If you’re looking for an effortless court flooring, this is the court tile for you.

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How to Install Outdoor Sports Tile
These tiles easily snap together with minimal effort. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:
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