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COREtec Vinyl Flooring Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Waterproof Floor, Coretec Flooring

Why COREtec?

USFloors was really thinking outside the box when they developed the COREtec product line. These revolutionary planks provide a solution for an age old problem: vinyl expansion and contraction. Dimensionally stable and waterproof, these planks were actually submerged underwater during testing for 6 months! When they were pulled out and remeasured, they hadn’t absorbed any water or expanded like other flooring would! In addition to being pretty much the Superman of the flooring world, COREtec tiles and planks also feature a high quality luxury vinyl surface that mimics the look of wood or stone. Another huge feature is that COREtec PLUS products have cork underlayment attached to each piece, making installation easier and one step less.

Simply put, we stand behind COREtec because there really is nothing that can compare.


Wear Layer

The wear layer is the top surface coating that takes the most abuse, and protects against scratches, dents and gouges. You can think of the wear layer like the coat of armor a knight would wear to protect himself before going into battle. In this example, your knight in shining armor is your beautiful new flooring, and the opponent is your feet, shoes, chairs, and tables.

Luxury Vinyl Top Layer

The vinyl portion of the floor is the part that has the look or image of wood or stone. This is the ‘magic’ layer that will fool your friends into thinking it your new flooring is actual stone or hardwood flooring. Constructed of virgin vinyl, this layer is durable and resilient, built to help resist chips and dents.

Core Structure

This is the backbone of the product - the waterproof core section that has changed the flooring industry. Providing dimensional stability, it will not expand or contract, and offers a glueless installation easy enough for any DIY level.

Attached Cork Underlayment* not available for Coretec One
Attached Cork Underlayment
Having attached cork underlayment on the bottom of each tile and plank can help you save money and time during installation. Removing one step of the installation process, the attached underlay works to provide added sound insulation, helps to absorb subfloor imperfections, and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. (Note: COREtec One products do NOT have attached underlayment)

Additional COREtec Benefits
Additional CORETec Benefits

COREtec vinyl flooring is designed with a durable interlocking system to allow for easy installation. Each piece has a built in system that allows it to be interlocked with planks surrounding it, locking the floor together. This creates a ‘floating floor’ that can be installed over existing ceramic tile, laminate floors, and even imperfect subfloors. Forget about glue - as long as the floor is level, it can be easily installed. Since these engineered vinyl planks are waterproof, they can even be installed in rooms where other flooring (I’m calling you out, hardwood!) can’t even touch.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Product Heroes at (866) 416-6388.
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