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Tile Tools Tile Installation Tools

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Tile Installation Tools
EZ Tile Installation System

Provides an easy to install solution for tricky tile installations. Creates a “floating floor” of your ceramic or porcelain tiles. Includes tile trays, adhesive, grout, finishing tool, haze remover, and power pad.

Tile Installation Tool Kit

This kit covers the bases of your small tile installation tool needs. Includes tile nippers, sponge, trowel, bucket, grout float, gloves, installation instructions. Designed for tiles that are 8” x 8” up to 16” x 16”.

Tile Grout Float

Apply grout with a tile grout float. This tool helps to ensure a consistent and professional grout installation.

EasyMat is an easy to install underlayment solution for tile flooring. It’s easy peel and stick backing makes installation a breeze. The primer is designed to be put down before the underlay, and helps to ensure a secure bond between underlayment and subfloor.

Tile Spacers

When installing your new tile flooring, a consistent grout spacing is important to ensure an attractive look across the whole floor while helping to hide slight variations in tile size.

Tile & Stone Cleaner

This multi-surface cleaner is the perfect solution as a daily cleaner to remove dirt and stains from your ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Grout Shield Additive

Rather than mixing your powdered grout with water, use Grout Shield Additive to provide superior stain resistance along with sealing your grout. Suitable for sanded and non-sanded grout applications in need of a sealed grout surface.

Power Mixer & Paddle

Our power mixer is the perfect tool to help you relax your arms while it mixes up our thinset and mortar.


Trowels are small handheld tools with flat, pointed blades that help to spread glue evenly and consistently across your subfloor.

Tile Sealer Applicator & Tray

When applying sealer to your tile floor, you need an applicator and tray. This low cost accessory is two in one: pour your sealer into the included tray piece and use the comfortable applicator to put sealer down.

Tile Seal & Enhance

Made for natural stone tiles such as granite, marble, slate, and limestone. Use to seal your precious stone flooring while enhancing the natural and attractive look.

Porous Plus Stone Sealer

Specially designed to seal porous tiles such as granite, marble, limestone, and more.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Our cleaner is an easy to use solution that cleans up messes on your tile floor. Simply pour onto a clean cloth and remove grime with a few swipes.

Spray-On Grout Sealer

There is nothing worse than a nasty grout stain! Whether it be red wine, dark soda, or other dark colored liquids, if your grout is sealed, you will have a hassle free cleanup. Our spray on grout sealer couldn’t be any easier to apply - just point and spray.

We offer soft, comfortable knee pads in a number of styles, sizes and colors. Knee pads make the installation process actually bearable. Our soft knee pads are a lifesaver when installing hard surfaces like tile.

At FlooringInc we offer a wide range of tile cutters that are great for installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles. These cutters are a necessity when installing tile floors. We offer different models that offer several cutting sizes.

FlooringInc has all of your grout needs. Sanded grout options are perfect for low cost tile flooring installations where budget is very important. We also offer non-sanded grout for installations including natural stone, high polished tiles, and glass tiles.

Mortar is a very important step to ensure a successful tile installation. Make sure to choose the right mortar for your tiles size. We offer ProLite mortar for large format tile and stone as well as premium grade fortified thinset for smaller size tiles.