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Rubber Mats

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Rubber Mats

Need a portable mat or a durable rubber material to handle your brand new heavy weight machine, barn or kitchen space? Look no further! Our rubber mats are the solution to your flooring needs. Rubber mats provide the same durability, density and color options similar to rubber tiles and rubber rolls, but at the right size, convenient for moving about or covering just one spot in your home or commercial space. Our rubber mat flooring comes in various thickness and color option. We bet you’re asking yourself “What thickness is right for me?” Forget about it! We have various rubber mat flooring options that are great of any use, from stationary equipment to animal stalls or kitchen mats. Like we said, we have you covered! Just take look at these rubber mat options you may be surprised how quickly you found the best rubber flooring mat for you!

Rubber Mat Thickness Options

  • 1/4”
  • 3/8”
  • 1/2”
  • 5/8”
  • 3/4”
  • 2”

Home Gym Rubber Mats

Sometimes it’s more convenient to have a rubber mat to provide you with the right amount of durability, density and portability for your home gym. Especially, if you are working on your elliptical while watching favorite soap opera. It’s okay, we don’t judge! Our home gym rubber mats are the best way to keep up with your workouts and get a little tv time.

Our rubber mat rolls are a perfect option for your home gym equipment. No need to purchase extra rolls or tiles, these rubber floor mats are ideal for stretching, gym equipment and so much more. Save a little extra - when you purchase these rubber gym mats, you get free shipping and yes, we said it, FREE SHIPPING! So you can place the extra shipping cost back in your wallet.

High Impact Workout Mats

If you’re the type of person who loves to do P90x and insanity, at home impact rubber mats are ideal for you. Our anti-fatigue gym mats,such as Impact Mats and Impact Straight Cut Mats are a great choice. The rubber mat flooring is available in 4’x6’ at 3/8” thick. These rubber mats give you just the right amount of anti-fatigue, which is more comfortable on your joints, while still providing the durability of rubber mat flooring.

Commercial Gym Mats

Commercial gym rubber mats are a great for providing an extra barrier between stationary equipment and your subfloor. Or, use a rubber mat for gyms to provide a small, designated area for clients to drop heavy weights. Our 4’x6’ Premium Mats, 1/2” Mega Mats and Straight Cut Mats are great for commercial use. These rubber mats are available in various thicknesses, making them ideal for Olympic body building and other types of high intensity work outs.

Weight Room Rubber Mats

If you're into heavy weight training and powerlifting, then look no further. These rubber mats are an excellent choice for high shock absorption. Our rubber weight room mats are available in various thicknesses and color selections. The 4’x6’ Interlocking Mat is a great option for heavy duty equipment and Olympic works out. If you're looking for a rubber mat that can handle some abuse, our 3/4” Shock Mats or 3/4” Extreme Mat is just what you need. Weight room rubber mats can be used for both commercial and home gyms.

Animal Rubber Mats

Animal rubber mats are durable to withstand heavy traffic and great for animal stalls, barns, and even trailer mats. These rubber mat rolls are also frequently used as dog flooring in kennels, doggy day cares and for dog training facility. If you are a pet lover like us! You need a durable, non-porous material to avoid animal mishaps. Our 1/2” Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mats or 3/4” Waffle Backed Animal Mats are a perfect option. Great news! Animal rubber mats are easy to clean, slip- resistant and help maintain comfort from cold subfloors.

Rubber Entrance Mats

It’s no fun to clean dirty shoes off the floor, and we feel your pain. Our rubber entrance mats are a great way to remove dirt without dirtying your floor. Rubber mat flooring is perfect for commercial building, schools, hotel entrances and so much more. Commercial entrance mats can withstand all weather conditions, and are designed to sweep shoes clean and stay in place. Rubber entrance mats ideal for high, medium and low traffic areas.

Rubber entrance mats ideal for high, medium and low traffic areas. Each mat is available in select sizes, plain black and either 1/4” or 5/8” thickness. Our rubber entrance mats will definitely save you time on cleaning.

Rubber Kitchen Mats

Our rubber kitchen mats are ideal for commercial food service kitchens, in cafeteria server stations, behind food service counters, in restaurant kitchens, at dish washing and sink stations, behind bar. Also, in wet commercial and industrial applications to keep workers safe and comfortable. These rubber mats for kitchens provide the right amount of anti-fatigue, giving you more pep in your step.

This kitchen rubber mat is available in black or terracotta. This rubber mat flooring is available in 3’x5’ at 1/2” thickness, which gives it a five star in anti-slip protection. This kitchen rubber mat have broad-beveled borders on all 4 sides to avoid any tripping hazards. This kitchen rubber mat has large to small-holes for immediate drainage.

The Niru Knob Top rubber mat is available 2’x60’, 3’x60’ and 4’x60’ mat in 1/4” thickness.. The rubber mat roll is available in black, gray, red and orange.The rubber mat is the perfect option for high traffic walkways. Grease stains? Forget about it! This rubber mat flooring is made of a durable, grease proof and 100% nitrile rubber compound in a continuous long length. Grease proof, heavy duty and anti-fatigue, this rubber mat will handle the mess without the high maintenance clean up.