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About Garage Flooring

What is Garage Flooring? Video

We often get the question, “What is garage flooring exactly, and how does it differ from other durable and resilient flooring options?” If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Discover the ins and outs of garage flooring with our informational video guide, and set your dream garage up for success!

Garage Flooring Reviews

Garage Flooring FAQs

Garage Flooring Overview

Garage flooring is the ultimate solution to creating a space that matches your aesthetic or car’s color scheme. Easy to install, customize, and maintain, garage floor tiles, rolls, and mats will be your best friend.

You can be your own flooring designer with different colors, finishes, patterns and more! Make your garage pop with our endless varieties of ultra-durable garage flooring. Ready to explore?

Pros and Cons of Garage Flooring

What are the advantages of garage flooring?
  • Maintenance: Our selection of PVC and vinyl garage flooring are some of the best low-maintenance options on the market.
  • Sharp looks: Compared to the average concrete floor, our garage floor options will look expensive and make the rest of the neighborhood envious of your style!
  • Durability: In the long run, our garage floor options are built to last for decades. You won’t have to spend time constantly repairing damaged concrete.
What are the limitations of garage flooring?
  • Stain-resistant: Street tar and high-end racing tires can leave traces behind on your nice garage flooring. However, there are ways to revive your floors; this resource can help you mitigate unwanted streaks and stains.
  • Cost: Initially, the price of garage floors can be intimidating. However, with long-lasting, stylish floors, you won’t have to worry about an upcoming renovation any time soon. Quality materials come with a higher cost, but you get what you pay for!

Types of Garage Flooring

Hard Plastic Garage Tiles
Hard plastic garage tiles are one of our most popular flooring options! They’re sturdy, reliable, and extremely functional for a garage setting. Interested in replicating your car’s design or a fun checkered-look? Garage tiles are a great place to start.

It’s important to note that hard plastic tiles do not work well with car jacks. To avoid damage to your floors, apply a sheet metal or plywood layer to the floor before using a car jack.
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Soft Plastic Garage Tiles
Tiling garage floors is easy with the interlocking and peel and stick installation! They come in over 10+ vibrant colors, so you’ll find eye-catching soft plastic garage tiles that make any room pop! Better yet, soft plastic (PVC) tiles are approved for car jacks, comfortable underfoot, and are mold and mildew resistant. You can get several attractive patterns in the soft plastic material as well.
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Vinyl Garage Rolls
Compared to garage tiles, garage rolls make for one of the easiest installations! Competitive prices and ultra-durable materials make garage rolls the best choice for large residential and commercial spaces. Simply roll out the garage flooring to protect your subfloor.

Our vinyl garage rolls come in various pre-cut and custom options, so you can spend less time cutting and more on your hobbies. Like all our garage flooring options, you’ll find a selection of attractive colors and patterns to choose from.
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Garage Floor Mats
All the benefits of other garage flooring solutions, just on a smaller scale. We offer mats for many vehicle sizes, from motorcycles to big trucks. Garage mats keep the outside elements from affecting your garage floor. Resistant to water, mud, and snow, mats will help keep your garage floor looking great with the added protective layer on your floor.

Mats can be beneficial for painted and epoxy garage floors. The best thing about garage mats is their easy-to-clean material. You can remove dirt and debris in seconds and leave it to air dry. When it’s ready, just place it back down where you want it, and you’re back to a great-looking garage floor.
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Garage Epoxy
Epoxy resin protects concrete flooring while providing a slip and stain-resistant seal.

Epoxy is highly customizable in color variations and comes in semi-gloss and gloss finishes. It’s an attractive way to make your garage look professional and luxurious. The hidden secret is, it’s very affordable and relatively easy to apply to concrete.
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Trailer Flooring
Interlocking garage floor tiles and rolls offer customizable and easy-to-install options for trailers, RVs, and campers. Maximize the durability of your trailer’s flooring with rigid materials like hard-plastic or resilient, soft PVC tiles.

They come in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors to choose from and will easily brighten up your trailer space.
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Commercial Grade Garage Flooring
Heavy machinery, like forklifts, requires heavy-duty garage flooring; otherwise, the floors can quickly become damaged. Likewise, residential garages with several large vehicles may also benefit from commercial-grade garage flooring.

A popular choice for heavy-duty, anti-fatigue flooring is our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. They’re made of a flexible PVC blend and come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Our selection of commercial-grade garage floors makes choosing easy while offering dozens of colors, textures, and patterns. You won’t miss out on style, and most importantly, durability.
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Garage Flooring Surface Patterns

Diamond Garage Tiles
Our selection of diamond garage floor tiles offers professional patterns that add dimension to your space. Many of our diamond-plated tiles are USA-made and have 10+ year warranties. Make sure to confirm this with the manufacturer’s specifications on warranties and recommended uses.

The weather won’t prevent your diamond tiles from looking great. They can withstand any environment. They’re stain-resistant and easy to clean off mud, dirt, and snow.
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Coin Garage Tiles
Are you looking to cover a large space? Our garage tiles offer you heavy-duty, textured tiles that can withstand over 20,000 pounds of rolling weight. Always check individual manufacturer's product specifications for product-specific weight loads.

These coin patterned plastic tiles are slip, stain, and impact-resistant and are great for unique installations. You won’t be disappointed with coin garage tiles! Feeling extra creative? You can interlock these tiles with other diamond and vented compatible styles.
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Vented Garage Tiles
Worried about moisture? Our vented garage floor systems will keep your space smelling and feeling fresh. The hard plastic garage tiles allow for a well-ventilated area while providing the ultimate long-lasting garage floor covering. Vented garage tiles use an easy, interlocking installation and are compatible with several other tile options.
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Smooth Garage Tiles
Smooth garage tiles are as sleek as tiles can be. They’re ultra-durable and make a busy garage a place you want to work in!

They’re made to handle rolling tool cabinets and chairs without the bumpy, rigid feel other garage flooring options can give. Our smooth garage tiles come in several unique styles, such as stone- and wood-looks, making them a classy upgrade for any garage.
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Slate Garage Tiles
Slate garage tiles are decorative and mimic the look of natural slate tile. These interlocking tiles are guaranteed to create a slip-resistant surface that’s comfortable underfoot while remaining attractive and vibrant.

This low-cost garage tile solution is chemical resistant, made of flexible PVC, and has a long wear life.
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Garage Tiles vs. Garage Rolls

We often get the question, Choosing the right garage floor is a big decision! Different types of garages require considerations to get the most out of your long-lasting, beautiful floors!

To help you deck out your garage, we’ve compiled the best essential points on garage rolls and tiles. So, let’s highlight just a few!
  • Seamless appearance: If you’re looking for the smoothest flooring with undetectable seams, garage floor rolls are the perfect option. They come in a variety of sizes, even custom-cut.
  • Patterns: Garage tiles are the winner for pattern options. Floor tiles can create elaborate designs with a simple click or peel and stick installation method.
  • Noise: Worried about noise? Avoid echos in your garage space with soft plastic garage rolls or tiles.
Curious to learn more? Watch our breakdown video on all things garage flooring to help decide what’s best for you.