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Kids Tumbling Mats

Find the perfect mat for practice and play with our kids tumbling mats buyer’s guide. For safety, practice and a whole lot of fun!

From crawling to backflips, your active kiddos need some extra cushion to protect them from their fearless flipping attempts. Whether your kids are actively participating in gymnastics, or just playing at home, a kids mat can help keep them active and safe without raining on the fun.

What should you look for in a kids mat?




But in all seriousness, not all mats are created equal and there are plenty of foam mats out there that are manufactured with dangerous chemicals that you would not want your child spending hours per day on.

Think about it, kids like to put everything in their mouths, and this mat is, likely, no exception. Chances are they will lick it, try to eat it, and roll their face all over it. You want to make sure it’s safe.

All of our kids mats are 100% non toxic and safe for your kiddos. Additionally, our kids mats have just the right amount of cushion and shock absorbency to protect those little bones and joints while they prepare for their Olympic gold medal.


Easy Maintenance

Okay, so, chances are, your little ones are going to spend a lot of time on this mat, and maybe their friends will be too.

We know that kids are more susceptible to catching germs and sickness. And we also know that, sometimes, with the little ones, accidents happen. Let me just tell you, you do not want a carpet mat.

Our kids’ mats have a foam base with an outer vinyl layer that is super easy to clean, which means accidents and dirty little fingers are no big deal – you can easily wipe them down and sanitize them to keep the little ones healthy.



The truth is, you may not have any preference whether your gymnastics mat is solid black or vibrant colors, but kids do. They love fun pops of bright colors.

You want your little one to enjoy their time on the mat so it’s great to give them something they will be naturally drawn to.

Types of Kids Mats

There are four types of gymnastics mats that we recommend for 6 months – 10 years.

folding mats

Folding Mats

Our Folding Mats are pretty much the go-to mat for active kiddos. They can play, tumble and even begin real gymnastics training with moves like handstands, backbends, front walkovers, etc.

These mats are super portable. Want to move it? Just fold it up and toss it in the closet. They are lightweight and easy to move or even take with you when you go to grandma’s house.

If you’re looking for a versatile mat for your kiddo, this is the mat we recommend. These will last you well beyond beginner activities all the way through advanced tumbling, like back tucks and more.

incline mats

Incline Mats

These mats come in 14”, 15” and 16” high. They are a great tool for learning forward rolls, front walkovers and more.

These mats are more of a teaching tool than an all-use mat. If you have a little one in gymnastics, they’re a great add-on to the Jr Folding Mat, but you may not want them as your only mat.

However, if you just have a kid that likes to play and have fun, and they don’t need the mat for at home practice, I can tell you first hand that kids love this mat. They can play, use it as a slide down from their toddler bed, play hide and seek behind it, you name it.

If you’re looking for a beginner’s teaching tool or just a mat for fun and games, the Incline Mat is definitely the way to go.

balance beam

Balance Beams

The dreaded balance beam! No matter how skilled a gymnast you are, everyone gets butterflies in their stomach when they first step on the balance beam. It is probably the scariest and most mentally challenging part of gymnastics.

Our foam Balance Beams are the perfect beginner training tool. Before they get up to the high beam, they can begin practicing on this approachable, low-to-the-ground foam beam. This way, when falls happen (because, when it comes to the balance beam, falls always happen), they’re only 2.5” off the ground.

For extra safety protection, place the foam Balance Beam on your Jr Folding Mat so your little ones can fall safely to a soft surface, encouraging them to push themselves more and gain confidence.

Kids Mats Portability & “Installation”

Our Folding Mats, 15” and 16” Incline Mats and Balance Beams all fold right up for easy storage.

All of these mats are ultra lightweight, making them perfect for transporting wherever your family goes so the fun never has to end!

Highlights of Kids Mats

  • Nontoxic
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean, transport and store
  • Great for teaching beginning – intermediate moves
  • Resistant to punctures and tears

Limitations of Kids Mats

  • Kids outgrow them after about age 10
  • Not suitable for advanced gymnastics

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