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How to Clean Laminate Floors

Keep your laminate floors sparkling with this in-depth cleaning guide. Learn how to clean laminate floors properly, without streaks, to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Want to clean your laminate floors without ruining them? Thankfully, laminate flooring is durable and scratch resistant, so they naturally look pretty gorgeous without a lot of upkeep. But if you want to keep them looking top-notch for years to come, you’ll want to establish a cleaning schedule.

Don’t worry, cleaning laminate floors is fairly easy and won’t take up your whole Saturday. Set aside a little time each week and you’ll have plenty more time to kick back, even if that means watching your family track in dirt and unravel your hard work.

In this guide, we’ll show you a quick weekly cleaning routine, the steps to perform an occasional deep clean, and best practices for maintaining your laminate floors. We’ll also share how to spot treat stains and what NOT to do when cleaning laminate. Let’s get started.

Weekly Cleaning Routine for Laminate Floors

weekly cleaning
One of the perks of laminate flooring is that it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. To keep your laminate floors in tip-top shape, you’ll want to establish a weekly cleaning routine. Set aside a half hour on the weekend, find your favorite Spotify station and get in cleaning mode (you can even smile while doing this because cleaning your laminate floor won’t take long!).

Laminate Floor Weekly Cleaning Routine:
  • Sweep your floor with a soft-bristle broom.
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • Use a soft-brush attachment so you don’t scratch the floor.
  • Be sure to use the hard floor setting on the vacuum. This will keep the beater brush from rotating and prevent it from scratching your floor.
That’s it. Easy peasy, right? Go enjoy your weekend!

How to Deep Clean Laminate Floors

deep cleaning
Your laminate floor will benefit from a deep cleaning every two or three months. The most important thing to remember when deep cleaning laminate floors is to avoid using water as much as possible. Since laminate is made with wood, it’s best to limit its exposure to moisture.

Even with water-resistant laminate, you don’t want to risk ruining your floor. Standing water can cause the wood to swell or possibly fade the color of the floor.

Here’s what you need to do to deep clean laminate floors:
  • Use cleaning products that are meant for laminate flooring specifically. You can find laminate floor cleaners on Amazon or in home improvement stores.
  • Use a laminate floor mop, which is a flat mop made of microfiber or other absorbent materials that are designed to mop without excess liquid.
  • Go over your floor with a dry microfiber cloth or dry mop to soak up any remaining water.
A common question we get is how to clean laminate floors without leaving streaks. Oil-based cleaners are the culprit of floor streaks; avoid those and keep your floors clean and gorgeous by using cleaner specifically made for laminate.

How to Spot Treat Laminate Floors

Spills happen, but stains don’t have to! The best way to keep those little accidents from staining or ruining your floor is to treat them as soon as they happen. Here are a few tips for spot treating laminate floors.

  • Spills: Use a damp cloth to blot up spills as soon as they happen. Never allow liquids to stand on your floor.
  • Grease: Freeze the grease spot with an ice pack. Then, scrape up the grease with a plastic utensil. Wipe the area clean with your damp microfiber cloth.
  • Color stains: Use acetone or nail polish remover on a clean white cloth and wipe up the stain. Then wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth.

Laminate Floor Maintenance

Make cleaning even easier on yourself by maintaining your laminate floors properly. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your floors as beautiful as possible between cleanings.

  • Place protective mats under heavy furniture. Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching.
  • Place entrance mats at the doorways to collect dirt, sand and other outdoor substances that can be tracked on the floor.
  • If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • Use an approved vinyl rug underlayment under area rugs to keep them from slipping or sticking to the flooring.
Additionally, you can help minimize the natural expansion and contraction of the wood laminate floor by maintaining a humidity level between 35% and 65% in your home. Use a humidifier during the dry heating season, and run the air conditioner during the wet, non-heating season to maintain humidity during summer months.

How Not to Clean Laminate Floors

how not to clean

Now that we’ve talked about the proper ways to clean laminate floors, it’s time to review what NOT to do. Since laminate flooring is made from wood, it has some specific no-no’s when it comes to cleaning. Here’s what you need to remember.
  • Avoid washing or wet mopping laminate floors with soap, water or an oil-soap detergent. Too much water can cause swelling or warping and possibly void the warranty on the product. Use laminate-specific cleaners and dry mop.
  • Avoid using any type of buffing or polishing machine on your laminate floors.
  • Avoid abrasive, acidic or harsh cleaners on your laminate floors, as they can strip the protective coating.

How to Clean Laminate Floors: FAQ

From cleaning products to techniques, here are our answers to the most frequently asked laminate cleaning questions.

What is the best cleaner for laminate floors?
A cleaning solution made specifically for laminate floors is the best option. Look on Amazon for top-rated products that are meant for cleaning laminate without streaks. Mainly, you want a water-based solution. You can also make your own laminate floor cleaner by combining 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar and adding a squirt of liquid dish detergent.

Can a wet Swiffer be used on laminate floors?
It isn’t recommended to use a Swiffer mop to clean laminate floors. The wet Swiffer mop tends to leave streaks or water spots on laminate floors. Plus, the less water used while cleaning laminate the better.

Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors?
It is not recommended to use steam cleaners or wet mops on laminate floors. Since laminate is made with wood, it’s best to avoid exposure to moisture.

How do I clean laminate floors without streaks?
Avoid using a wet mop when cleaning laminate floors, as this is bad for the product and may cause streaks throughout the floor. Instead, use a laminate cleaning product or DIY solution and a microfiber mop. Be sure to dry your floors right away.


Cleaning laminate floors doesn’t take much time or effort. Establish a weekly cleaning routine, do a deep cleaning every couple of months, and take precautions to maintain your floors and prevent scratches and staining. Tend to spills or messes as soon as possible and remember to avoid wet mops and moisture as much as possible with laminate.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your clean, shiny laminate floors!