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Grout. Okay, you might not think this is going to be very exciting - but I assure you, it can be! Grout is such an important piece of the puzzle. Let’s pretend for a moment, you just spent a small fortune on a stunning polished porcelain tile that looks exactly like real marble. This is your Mona Lisa (maybe you can’t paint, but if you could buy the Mona Lisa and hang her on your wall!) I digress.. You wouldn’t put a $2 picture frame on the Mona Lisa. You would (or maybe just I would) do endless research to find a time period appropriate frame that wouldn’t cause any damage to her. She was an investment, and the frame completes the investment.

Think of your grout as your picture frame. If you buy the wrong frame, you could end up with a disaster that disgraces the Mona Lisa. BUT, if you buy the right picture frame, your entire floor will be tied together in such a way that accentuates your beautiful new floors, and no $2 picture frame could ever do it justice.

It’s not even just about choosing the right grout color (do you choose a color to match, making the floor look more seamless, or do you go darker or lighter?). It’s about the actual grout content itself. Sanded, non-sanded, epoxy, powder, single component, what do they mean and when do you use them? Below, we will break them down for you:

Cement based or sanded grout is the most common, or default option, when it comes to grouting tile floors. This is due to it’s budget friendly low cost, ease of use, and variety of brands and color availability. Specially designed to fill grout joint widths of ?” - ½”, this is the perfect solution for many installations. The sand cement content helps the grout to shrink less when curing, but it is not recommended for use with glass, polished or natural stone tiles. Sand based grout can scratch up your floor during installation, creating a disaster that you won’t see until it’s finished and cleaned up.

Cement based grouts require water or other recommended liquid additive to create the paste necessary to fill in the cracks. In place of water, we recommend Grout Shield Additive to seal your grout and provide superior stain resistance.

Non-sanded grout has a smooth texture and is typically used for tile installations that include thinner grout lines of ?” or less. Non-sanded grout also has benefits over cementitious grout regarding what types of tile it can be installed with. Non-sanded is perfect for use with tile that can scratch easily such as glass, polished tile, and natural stone. A sanded grout can easily and quickly ruin a floor if installed with one of these precious tile types.

Our non-sanded grout would need to be mixed with water or Grout Shield Additive for installation.

Epoxy grouts are the creme de la creme of the grout world. While being easy to spread and clean makes installation a breeze, epoxy grouts do not need to be sealed, which also helps to lessen installation time and costs. Epoxy grouts are highly desirable because they offer unsurpassed color consistency, are low maintenance, and are great for natural stone and polished tile. Made from epoxy resins and filler powder, these grouts have more of a plastic look to them and have a higher price than sanded or unsanded grouts, but unlike the others, epoxy is waterproof and offers superior stain resistance. Cure time is a bit longer, but worth it for this amazing grout that is extremely hard and durable.

Our epoxy grout is a single component grout that requires no additives, and is ready to use right out of the container. Quick and easy, epoxy grout requires little maintenance and is resistant to cracking and wear.

You always want to make sure you protect your Mona Lisa, err, few tile flooring. One of the first important steps you can do it to choose the right grout.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Product Heroes at (866) 416-6388.