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At FlooringInc we offer a wide range of flooring accessories from glues to cleaners that will make installing and maintaining your floor a breeze.

So you just got your new floor and now you need to install it. But you don’t know what you need. What is a T-square? What is a trowel? Let’s break down the different tools that you will need to install your floor.

Adjustable T-Square

Our adjustable T-square is a tool that helps to make straight cuts. Pretty much it is a fancy ruler that can be adjusted angularly.


Trowels are small handheld tools with flat, pointed blades that help to spread glue. This tool helps to make sure your glue is applied consistently across your subfloor.

Flooring Installation Kits & Flooring Spacer Kits

Flooring installation kits feature flooring spacers, a tapping block and pull bar. Flooring spacers help to keep the proper expansion gap around your floor. The tapping block is necessary when installing floating wood and laminate floors. This helps to keep your mallet from damaging the locking system. Pull bars are used when trying to lock floors in tight spaces near walls.

Utility Knife

Utility knives are the perfect tool to use when cutting our rubber, foam and soft PVC tiles.

Rubber Mallet

Our rubber mallet is a hammer in the standard sense, but with a rubber end. This helps to protect your floor from unnecessary damage. Our rubber mallets can be used to install any type of floor, but are crucial when installing floating wood, laminate floors and our soft PVC tiles.

At FlooringInc we offer a wide range of tile cutters that are great for all of our floors. These cutters are not necessary for our softer floors, but are necessary when cutting our hard plastic tiles. Our tile cutters come in three different models that offer several cutting sizes.

EZGrip Mat Mover

EZGrip mat movers are great for moving heavy rolls and mats. We recommend using two movers per roll or mat.

Power Mixer & Paddle

Our power mixer can be used to mix up our glue, as well as thinset and mortar.

We offer hard and soft knee pads in a number of styles, sizes and colors. Knee pads make the installation process more comfortable. Our soft knee pads are great when installing hard surfaces, whereas our hard knee pads are perfect when installing carpet.

Now that you know what tools you need, next you need to find a way to hold your flooring down. What product is the best for your installation?

We offer both double sided and single sided tape. Our single sided vinyl tape is great for roll out mats. This tape is applied to the surface of two mats and helps to hold them together. We recommend using this on our vinyl mats and covers.

Double sided tape is meant to be installed underneath your floor. This installation method is an alternative to glue and is cheaper as well as less permanent. Our double sided tape binds very tightly to the subfloor and floor and can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

Double-sided tape pads are sheets of double sided tape that are great for installing our carpet tiles. These tape pads bind tightly to the floor and subfloor, but can be removed without leaving a residue behind.

Polyurethane Adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive is our most popular type of glue and is used to install our rubber rolls and tiles. This glue bonds very tightly to the subfloor and floor, ensuring that your flooring won’t go anywhere, no matter what is done on it.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Our pressure sensitive adhesives are used with our vinyl flooring and carpet tiles. This glue is very user friendly and binds tightly with the subfloor and floor once pressure is applied. Hence, the name ‘pressure sensitive’!

Seam Sealer

Seam sealer glue is great for times where you can’t use a full spread glue or where there may be some gaps between flooring rolls. This glue is a polyurethane glue that is black in color. This product is applied in the same way a caulk is with a caulk gun. However, unlike caulk, you will only want to use small beads of glue every so often along the seam of the roll.

Adhesive Remover

Our adhesive remover is used to remove stuck on pressure sensitive adhesive from your flooring and tools.

Floor Care

Now that your floor is installed, you need to take care of it. Let’s figure out what products will work best for you!

Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer

Our rubber floor finish and sealer is applied to our rolls to add shine to the floor. This wax based sealer helps to fill the pores in rubber flooring and can make you floor virtually waterproof. To strip the sealer off of your floor, use our rubber floor cleaner and degreaser. We don’t recommend using our finish and sealer on black rubber since it will dull out the look of the floor.

Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser

Rubber floor cleaner and degreaser is the best product to use when cleaning our rubber floors. This product is also great at removing our rubber floor finish and sealer.

Gym Cleaner & Disinfectant

With recent outbreaks of MRSA, it has become critical for home and commercial gyms to sanitize their gym equipment and mats. Our gym cleaner and disinfectant is an important tool in fighting this battle. Use this product as directed to sanitize your equipment and mats.

Screech! Another scratch! This could have been avoided with furniture and felt sliders. Our furniture sliders are great over soft floors like carpet and foam. These make it easier for you to move your furniture across these surfaces and also prevent indentations.

Felt sliders are made for hard surfaces. These allow you to move furniture across these flooring types without scratching the floor.

Our putty and repair kits are for fixing scratches and dings on our wood and vinyl flooring. Apply these putties as needed to repair any scratches or dings to your new floor.

Gym Floor Cover Accessories

For our gym floor covers, we offer a wide range of accessories that help to install and maintain these covers.

Storage Racks

We offer two types of storage racks for our gym floor covers: a standard version and a premium version. Both are virtually the same, except that the premium version has a storage tray and safety legs.

Storage Rack Cover

Storage rack covers help to protect your floor covers from children, young and old alike, who see the storage rack as a jungle gym. The covers come in several colors and can be customized with your school’s name or logo.

Self Cleaning Brush Attachment

The self cleaning brush attachment helps to push trash off or your gym floor covers as you are rolling them back onto the storage rack.

Electric Power Winder and Hand Crank

Hand cranks are a very labor intensive way to roll up the gym floor covers onto your storage rack. For those of us that have a life, the electric power winder is for us. This does the same thing the hand crank does but faster. Now you will be able to catch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy after all!

Tape Dispensers

There are two types of tape dispensers available for installing our gym floor covers. Our handheld tape dispenser is tedious and labor intensive way to tape down our gym floor covers. For those of us from the ‘Easy Button’ generation, we have our walk behind tape dispenser. Now the spring prom will start on time!

We offer a wide range of installation accessories for our artificial grass. From weed fabric to staples, we have all the tools needed to make your turf install in a breeze.

Weed Fabric

Weed fabric is essential to keep natural grass and weeds from growing through your turf flooring. This is one of the first materials you will want to install before your turf is laid.


We offer two types of fill: Silica and Durafill. Fill helps to hold your turf down and keeps the blades of grass standing up for a natural look.

Staples and Nails

So you need to hold your turf down, but you don’t know if you need nails or staples. Well for most installations, both would be needed. Nails are used to hold the edges of the turf down whereas staples hold the turf seams together. So no more mystery with that!

Seam Tape and Adhesive

Our turf seam tape is an alternative to using staples. You apply glue to the tape and then stick the turf over it. Easy Peasy!

Wonder Edge

Wonder edge is a simple to use edging tool that makes to make your new lawn look perfect. Use these around the edges of your turf so you tuck your turf under it.


Our polyboard is a lawn edging that is a perfect alternative to natural wood edging. Since this edging is made from recycled plastic, it is resistant to weather and insects and is eco-friendly.

Lawn Pads

Lawn pads are foam pads that can be placed under our turf adding comfort under foot. These pads not only add comfort, but they can are fall height rated making them great under turf used as playground flooring.

About FlooringInc

FlooringInc is committed to making your healthy life achievable, accessible and fun. We offer the best prices on rubber gym flooring because we want fitness to be a possibility for everyone. If you find a price that’s better, we’ll match it. Simple as that. FlooringInc is a small, culture-based company. We pride ourselves in giving customers the best knowledge, while still keeping it real. We offer the fastest lead times because, well, we wouldn’t want to wait either! Our mission is to help you achieve your goals with style, ease and efficiency. We are a team, a community, and we’d love to have you join us.