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Best Garage Storage Ideas: 11 Garage Organization Options

Wondering what to do with all the junk in your garage? We’ll help you with organized garage storage and transform your garage into a place you can actually use.

Garages are notorious for being filled top to bottom with all the junk you don’t want to organize. But here’s some good news! With just a little forethought, you can easily turn your garage into a usable space with storage galore.

This guide will walk you through all your options for garage storage and organization, from cabinets to tool storage, and everything in between.

Garage Cabinets

NewAge Bold Series 7-PC Cabinet Set

Installing garage cabinets is one of the best ways to clear the clutter in your garage. They let you organize and hide away all the miscellaneous boxes and tools that you only use occasionally. Many are also lockable, so you can keep your valuables safe.

You have a lot of options to build out your garage, from simple base cabinets to full-blown garage storage systems. Check out your options!
American Heritage Base Cabinet w/Drawer

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are the most basic options for your garage. If you don’t have a ton of things to store, just install one or two base cabinets and you’re done.

This option is a freestanding garage cabinet with doors or drawers that open up for easy organization. The top offers a convenient countertop space that can serve as a workbench or additional storage. Some are even built with wheels, so you can easily move them back and forth if you’re working on a project.


  • Standalone storage solution
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • Countertop space


  • Limited storage

Our Top Recommended Garage Base Cabinets

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 4-PC Wall Cabinet Kit

Wall Cabinets

If you have limited floor space, then wall cabinets are the ideal solution for you. Installing wall cabinets is especially useful if you already have a workbench or desk, and you just need a place to store clutter or keep potentially hazardous materials away from children and pets.

Depending on your storage needs, you can choose a single wall-mounted cabinet or deck out your garage with a whole set. Wall cabinets are constructed for durability and made to hold the weight of all your belongings with ease. Some even come with cord management holes in the back, so you can charge your tools as you store them.


  • Saves floor space
  • Keeps potentially hazardous materials away from kids and pets
  • Can be standalone or part of a package


  • Installation

Our Top Recommended Garage Wall Cabinets

American Heritage 2-Door Jumbo Cabinet

Tall Cabinets

Sometimes a simple base cabinet or a wall cabinet just isn’t enough. That’s when you need some tall cabinets. Tall cabinets offer tons of storage, so they can hold your heavy-duty tools, fragile items, seasonal decor, and everything else that takes up space in your garage.

Tall stand-alone cabinets are also a great solution if you have a ton of stuff to store and you already have a workbench or other countertop space to complete your projects. The most frequently used items can be stored at eye level, while the more specialty stuff is tucked away at the bottom or the top.


  • Ample storage space
  • Simple installation
  • Lockable


  • No portability

Our Top Recommended Garage Tall Cabinets

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 10-PC Kit

Garage Cabinet Packages

For those of you looking for a more complete package, we have a wide range of full cabinet packages. These include tall cabinets, base cabinets with a workbench, and wall cabinets, all in a seamless set.

If you want all of that, purchasing a kit is a good idea, because it’s always cheaper to buy a kit rather than individual pieces. You can also buy simpler sets of multiple base, wall, or tall cabinets. This is your chance to fully customize your space and create your dream garage.

Needless to say, with a garage cabinet set, you get tons of storage. However, there’s one big factor you need to keep in mind with garage cabinet sets: price. Cabinet kits can get very expensive very quickly. In the grand scheme of things, that price can be worth the peace of mind knowing that everything is in its place, including your car.


  • Lots of storage
  • Lockable
  • Includes base, tall, and wall cabinets


  • Requires a lot of space

Our Top Recommended Garage Cabinet Sets

American Heritage 2-Door Base Cabinet

What are Garage Cabinets Made Of?

Some garage cabinets are made from heavy-duty steel, while others are constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). There are a ton of garage organization systems out there, so considering the material can help you determine what is the best quality. It’s all about the construction and how it will hold up to the environment.

  • Steel garage cabinets: These are the best to withstand moisture and climate. The durable construction of a metal cabinet ensures that you can store heavy items without worrying about shelves bending or breaking.
  • MDF garage cabinets: The fiberboard core is covered by a protective laminate film, but if that gets scratched, moisture can get into the board.

How to Install Garage Cabinets

Some garage cabinets are pre-assembled when they arrive, but other options will require assembly. This typically depends upon the material.

Metal cabinets are usually pre-assembled, while the fiberboard cabinets are more likely to require assembly.

With pre-built cabinets, you get to save some time, but that also comes with a price. A pre-built cabinet is going to cost more money for convenience. The right option for you depends on your budget and how much time you want to spend setting up your garage.

When you make your purchase, remember that cabinets can come two ways, and make sure you choose what works best for you. When your cabinet finally arrives, the last thing you want is to open the box and find a bunch of cabinet parts when you were expecting a pre-assembled product. To avoid this unnecessary stress, be sure to check a product’s details to see if it comes pre-assembled or not.

Garage Tool Storage

Swivel Storage Workbench w/Drawers - Triple

Your tools are a big investment, so it makes sense that you want to treat them with care and ensure they don’t get lost. That’s where tool storage solutions come into the picture. We offer everything from lockable tool chests for your expensive power tools, to stackable storage bins to stow away small parts and hardware.
Homak H2Pro Roller Cabinet

Tool Chests and Cabinets

Tool storage cabinets keep all your essentials secure and in one place. These tool chests allow for maximum organization, with plenty of room to store power tools, handheld tools, and much more.

Our Top Recommended Tool Chests

Homak Industrial Friction Toolboxes

Portable Toolboxes

When you need to take your tools on the go, or if you just don’t have enough hardware to justify buying an entire cabinet, then a classic portable toolbox is the ideal solution for you. These more affordable tool storage boxes still offer plenty of space while also being easy to tote around.

You can choose from lightweight plastic boxes to heavy-duty steel cases. Even if your tools get too heavy to carry, you can still maintain mobility with a roll-away portable toolbox.

Our Top Recommended Portable Toolboxes

Homak Small Plastic Bin

Garage Storage Bins

Stackable storage bins are the perfect way to remove clutter from your workbench without having to get too organized. Simply stack the bins and fill them with the miscellaneous parts and accessories that don’t fit anywhere else, and you’ve got a catch-all area that will keep the rest of your space looking great.

Our Top Recommended Tool Storage Bins

Homak Plastic Double-Sided Organizer

Small Parts Organizers

Small parts organizers are made to keep little pieces like fasteners and bits conveniently stored. They’re perfect for preventing small parts from rolling away and getting lost just when you need them. These cases often feature clear plastic covers so you can see everything inside without having to search.

Our Top Recommended Hardware Organizers

Garage Furniture

Homak 3-Door 59 Workstation

For an envy-inducing garage, having the right storage is just the beginning. You also need to consider the furniture, which will help create a stylish, functional workshop in your home. After all, this isn’t just a place to park your car. It’s a place to work on projects.

To create that space, you need garage furniture designed specifically to make your life easier. We’ve got exactly what you need.
Homak 3-Door 59 Workstation

Garage Workbenches

For many DIYers, the workbench is the heart of your garage. It where you work on projects and store your favorite tools. We offer multi-functional workstations with tons of features to keep you organized and on-task.

You can find the perfect garage workbench with a slat wall for tool storage, or a grated shelf for heavy-duty items, as well as locking cabinet drawers for added security. The work surfaces themselves are made from industrial-grade steel to ensure long-lasting performance.

Our Top Recommended Garage Workbenches

Homak Pro 4-Drawer Slide Top Service Cart

Service Carts

For people who work on a lot of projects in their garage and don’t want to constantly carry tools back and forth, a garage service cart is essential. No more back and forth trips to an overfilled cabinet! You can have everything you need right beside you, and enjoy the extra work surface while you’re at it.

A rolling tool cart is perfect for organizing essential tools in one convenient spot that can be moved from place to place. Many come with lockable drawers, slide-top panels, and even slotted sides to hang screwdrivers.

Our Top Recommended Service Carts

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Having the right storage, organization, and furniture is crucial to create the garage of your dreams. With this guide, you now know everything you need to build a clutter-free and low-maintenance garage. Inspired to make your own ultimate garage space? Get started shopping today!