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Vinyl tile is one of the most popular flooring options on the market, loved for its durability, versatility, and ease of installation. Vinyl tile is a large, versatile category of flooring that includes many style, color, and installation options.

This flooring category includes three main subcategories: flexible peel and stick tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and luxury engineered tile. LVT and engineered vinyl flooring are high-quality, water resistant choices suited for every home.

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About Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you’re just starting your research on vinyl tile, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Start here to get a good overview of this durable, versatile flooring option!

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Vinyl Tile Flooring Overview

LVT is a durable flooring option made of quality PVC and vinyl. While vinyl floors were once considered cheap-looking, they’re one of the biggest trends in flooring today.

With realistic natural textures, durable wear layers, and the option of a waterproof core, vinyl tiles offer a little bit of something for everyone.

Vinyl Tile Flooring Pros and Cons

What are the benefits of vinyl tile flooring?
  • Easy installation: No matter if the tiles are peel and stick, standard, or engineered, they’re designed for simple, DIY installation. Why hire a professional installer when you can do it yourself and save some money?
  • Stylish looks: You can find tiles in all the latest styles, so you can keep up with the trends without a problem. Even better, you can express your own unique style with decorative peel and stick tiles.
  • Easy to clean: All you need is a vacuum and a mop to keep your vinyl flooring looking great. There’s no need for sanding, staining, or refinishing.
  • Affordable: Real stone and wood flooring is expensive. With vinyl tiles, you can benefit from those same beautiful looks without the big price tag.
  • Waterproof options: WPC and SPC tiles are 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage in your kitchen or bathroom.
What are the disadvantages of vinyl tile flooring?
  • Not real stone or wood: This is more of a point of pride for some homeowners. If you want to say you have real stone or wood flooring, then vinyl just isn’t going to cut it, no matter how convincing it looks.
  • Not all tiles are waterproof: While you can have your pick of waterproof tiles, not all vinyl tiles share that same total water resistance. You’ll need to shell out a little more money for engineered vinyl like WPC or SPC to get that benefit.

Styles of Vinyl Tile Flooring

There are three main styles of vinyl tile flooring: peel and stick, standard, and engineered tiles. These tiles differ in composition, construction, and use, so it’s important to know the differences. Discover which style is the best fit for you.
peel and stick vinyl tiles

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles

Peel and stick vinyl tiles are an excellent DIY flooring option for any medium foot traffic area where you may need a low cost floor covering. You literally peel the paper off the back of the vinyl tile, and stick it to the ground in the place you want it.

The only way that the process could be easier would be if the tile peeled and stuck itself - but what would be the fun in that? Available in stone, wood, and checkerboard looks, custom designs can be created with these 12” x 12” tiles to include a splash of color or even a border around the room.

Peel and stick tiles are typically thin and low cost, meaning they aren’t ideal as a permanent flooring solution in a large area that will receive a high amount of foot traffic. If your only concern is money spent and the easiest option possible, these are for you.


Standard Vinyl Tiles

In the world of vinyl, luxury tiles have made a huge splash as technologies have increased and patterns have gotten better looking. There are many different specialty looks available with quality stone images, durability, and low cost options in a residential product that haven’t been seen before.

Also known as LVT, luxury vinyl tiles can be mixed and matched in sizes to create unique patterns that replicate actual stone floors. has different installation options, including DIY interlocking, perimeter tape loose lay, or glue down for a permanent solution.

Engineered vinyl tile

Engineered Vinyl Tiles

Considered by some to be the “best of the best,” luxury engineered vinyl tiles are known for their extreme durability, attractive vinyl top layer, waterproof high density core, and they even have added underlayment.

Constructed with an interlocking mechanism, you can install the tiles right over your subfloor (provided that it is clean and flat) without the need for messy adhesives, creating a “floating” floor. Being 100% waterproof, no room is off limits with engineered floating vinyl tiles.

Imagery is in high definition for the most realistic look that mimics natural hardwood or stone. These bad boys might cost a little bit more than a standard tile, but with all of the added benefits and extended warranty, it makes sense why this guy is the cream of the crop.

Versatile Vinyl: Tile Flooring for Home and Business

Residential Vinyl Tile Flooring
Vinyl tile floors are a great solution for any room in the home, thanks to the durable PVC or waterproof core construction. Purchase your flooring with a thick enough wear layer, and the surface will resist scuffs and scratches.

It doesn’t matter if you have pets, or rambunctious kids, or both. Vinyl tile will easily hold up to regular wear and tear. If you want a little extra insurance, then waterproof vinyl tiles are your best bet. You can install them in kitchens and bathrooms for a low-maintenance solution.

Commercial Vinyl Tile Flooring
Rigid core vinyl tiles are the cream of the crop when it comes to commercial flooring. Designed with a thin, rigid SPC core, rigid core flooring is incredibly durable and 100% waterproof.

Business owners gravitate to rigid core for its durable features and its affordable price tag. SPC vinyl tiles come with all the bells and whistles of luxury vinyl flooring, but without the hefty price tag.

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