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How to Choose a Dance Floor

How to Choose a Dance Floor

Check out our dance flooring options and discover which choice is best for you.

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Marley Floor Buyer's Guide

Marley Flooring

Whether you’re looking for a professional marley dance floor for your studio or...

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Dance Floor Tile Buyer's Guide

Dance Floor Tiles

Whether you’re a studio, school or professional company, tiles are perfect.

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Dance Studio Flooring Buyer's Guide

Dance Studio Flooring

Want to bring the dance studio home with you? Me too. I remember wishing I could just move into...

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Home Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Home Dance Flooring

Dance tiles are also the go-to choice for studio dancers looking to get a little extra practice at home.

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Portable Dance Floor Buyer's Guide

Portable Dance Flooring

These are for the dancer who just can’t get enough and wants an extra space to practice at home.

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Ballet Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Ballet Dance Flooring

Find the perfect floor for your studio with our ballet dance flooring buyer’s guide.

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Tap Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Tap Dance Flooring

People are often surprised when we recommend marley floors for tap dancing. The truth is, there are some...

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Jazz Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Jazz Dance Flooring

The speed, precision and high-energy movements of jazz require a tough floor with just enough grip...

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Contemporary Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Contemporary Dance Flooring

With lots of floor work, contractions and choreography that pulls you off your center, often into less than...

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Ballroom Dance Flooring Buyer's Guide

Ballroom Dance Flooring

While traditional wood floors are often best for ballroom, there are a few marley options that can...

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Dance Subloor Buyer's Guide

Dance Subfloor

All you really need for your subfloor is a clean, flat, level surface. That being said, we very strongly encourage...

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