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Rubber flooring is a safe, durable, specialty flooring used for high-impact and outdoor environments. You can often find rubber tiles and rolls in commercial weight-lifting and CrossFit gyms, children’s playgrounds, residential kitchens, and equestrian stables.

There’s something for everyone. Explore this page for all the ways rubber flooring can work for you!

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About Rubber Flooring

What is VinylFlooring?

Rubber flooring. What is it? In this video, you’ll get the ins and outs of all the various uses and benefits of rubber floor material.

What is VinylFlooring?

Let’s face it; rubber flooring is a unique material. You may have questions on how to clean it, where you can place it, and how to make it last! Our Rubber Flooring FAQ video will answer your biggest concerns.

Rubber Flooring Reviews

Rubber Flooring FAQs

Rubber Flooring Overview

We offer rubber in many forms – rubber tiles, rubber rolls, and rubber mats. These can be used in varied capacities, but the primary use is for weight room flooring in gyms. Whether you own the largest commercial gym in town or have a small garage gym, our rubber flooring will be the perfect floor for any type of exercise.

Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring

What are the advantages of rubber flooring?
  • Low-maintenance: Rubber flooring is easy to wipe off dirt, crumbs, and spills. To a large extent, it’s slip, moisture, and heat resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic: Rubber is excellent for anyone concerned about germs, dust mites, and allergens (except latex allergies).
  • Installation: Installing rubber tiles, mats, and rolls is relatively easy to do for DIYers. For larger floor installations, it may be useful to have a friend or flooring installer help you.
  • Highly durable: Rubber can take a large number of hits and look as good as new! With endless color variations and styles to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding your favorite that can withstand heavy loads and drops.
What are the drawbacks of rubber flooring?
  • Initial smell: With proper ventilation in an open space, you can get rid of this smell fast. If you want, you can also mop it a few times with soap and water after installing. It can sometimes take about a month for the tire smell to go away.
  • Color fading: Rubber is prone to fading and looking dull over time. To keep the shine of high-colored rubber, we recommend using ourRubber Floor Finish and Sealer.
Rubber Rolls
Our rubber rolls are our most popular rubber flooring type. Rubber rolls are excellent for large and irregular-shaped spaces. Our rubber rolls are available in several thicknesses - 5mm to 1/2”. Below is a breakdown of where each roll thickness is most appropriate.
  • 5mm - High traffic areas - not recommended for gyms.
  • 1/4” - Made for basic home gyms and exercise rooms.
  • 8mm - Very durable rubber for commercial and home gyms.
  • 3/8” - Most common thickness for commercial gyms and is a millimeter thicker than our 8mm.
  • 1/2”- Ultra-durable rubber designed for extreme use.
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Rubber Tiles
Rubber tiles are a versatile flooring option for many areas of any home or business. Our rubber tiles are designed to be used in gyms, playground flooring, and other outdoor spaces. All of our tiles are easy to install and maintain and are backed by industry-leading warranties. The most common thicknesses used for rubber tiles are:
  • 1/4” - Made for basic home gyms and exercise rooms.
  • 8mm - Very durable rubber for commercial and home gyms.
  • 3/8” - Most common thickness for commercial gyms and is a millimeter thicker than our 8mm.
  • 1/2” - Ultra-durable rubber designed for extreme use.
  • 1” - For extreme weight lifting.
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High Impact Flooring
High-impact activities like CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting require a resilient and durable floor. With our extensive selection of high-impact rolls, tiles, and exercise mats, you know you’ll keep your joints and subfloor safe. Our high-impact flooring is designed to maintain a cushioned yet sturdy surface that works with you during your plyometric exercises! Ready to leap into our selection of high-impact flooring? The most common thicknesses used for gym flooring are from 3/8” to 1” thick.
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Rubber Mats
Our rubber mats have become the floor of choice for high-impact workouts! These rubber mats are very thick and provide excellent shock absorbency. Rubber mats are available in 1/4" to 3/4” thick. Rubber mats can be used as stand-alone mats or as a full room floor. Below are what these mats are great for.
  • 1/4” - Great for floor exercises and under treadmills and stationary bikes.
  • 3/8” - Great for floor exercises, some high-impact workouts, and jump training.
  • 1/2” - Great for all high-impact exercises and jump training.
  • 3/4” - Great for all high-impact exercises and jump training.
Rubber mats can be used as stand-alone mats or as a full room floor.
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Playground Tiles
Rubber playground tiles are very thick tiles that help to keep kids safe while playing on playground equipment. These tiles range in thickness from 1+” and are designed to absorb the shock of a kid falling from certain heights. Below is a breakdown of what thickness you will need to keep your loved ones safe while at play.
  • 1” - Ideal for 1.5’ fall height - Most common thickness used for home playgrounds
  • 2.5” - Ideal for 6’ fall height - Most common thickness used for commercial playgrounds
  • 3.5+” - Ideal for 8+’ fall height or greater - Used in commercial playgrounds
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Outdoor Rubber Flooring
Outdoor rubber tiles are great for outdoor patios, decks, and stables. Slip-resistant and water-resistant rubber tiles make for the perfect material for around the pool. These tiles are available in patterns that mimic natural stone pavers and bricks. Our outdoor tiles are available from 5/8” to 1-3/4” thick.
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Rubber Flooring: The Heavyweight Champion for All Spaces

Residential and Commercial

Rubber flooring works excellent in several commercial and residential settings! From garage and playground flooring to mats for horse stalls, you’ll find durable, stylish designs that suit your needs.

With pre-cut and custom order sizes available for rolls, tiles, and mats, you won’t have to worry about struggling to measure for small residential spaces. Likewise, for high traffic environments, you’ll find thicker, more durable rubber options offer longevity to your gym flooring.

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Rubber Flooring Tiles vs. Rolls

Curious about the differences between rubber tiles and rolls? They both handle the same high amounts of impact, have a wide variety of colors and styles, and are comfortable underfoot.

So what’s the bottom line? It’s all personal preference and how you are planning on using your space.

  • Price: In general, rubber rolls tend to be a less expensive option than rubber tiles.
  • Dimensions: Rubber rolls cover more space and require less cutting during installation. This makes rolls the ample choice for large commercial areas.
  • Ease of installation: Rubber flooring can be a heavy and challenging task to complete as a DIY project. For smaller spaces, we recommend rubber flooring tiles, as they can transform a room in just a couple of hours, thanks to the interlocking construction. No need for adhesives or glue!
Learn the difference between rubber flooring rolls and rubber tiles, the pros and cons of each, and how to make the right decision for your commercial or residential space.

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Horse Stall Mats vs. Gym Floor Mats: What’s Better for Gym Flooring?

You’ve probably come across stall mats and rubber flooring as two comparable options for resilient gym flooring. Without a doubt, both come with bells and whistles that make for a shock-resistant, sound-absorbing, and water-resistant choice.

With many pros and cons of each flooring option, the first thing you should do is consider if your next gym flooring project is for residential or commercial use. The quality of materials and your allotted budget will guide you to the right rubber flooring.

  • Appearance: With rubber flooring, you'll get a high-quality material that will look great and hold its shape in a high-impact gym setting.
  • Smell: Gyms are made for working out and sweating hard. If you’re concerned about ventilation of lingering odors, horse stall mats may not be the optimal choice for you.
  • Water-resistant: Both horse stall mats and rubber gym floor mats have great slip and water resistance to handle water spills and sweat.
Discover crucial differences between horse stall mats and gym flooring in this informational guide.

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