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Is it finally time to upgrade your backyard so the kiddos have a place to play? We’ve got the perfect solutions, with playground flooring to ensure your outdoor play area is safe, stylish, and easy to maintain.

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Playground Flooring Options

Maybe you love the look of colorful tiles, or you want a more affordable mulch. Whatever your needs, our flooring offers plenty of options so you can get the right fit for you and the kids.

playground flooring fall height

Playground Flooring Fall Height Rating:

The fall height rating is the most important thing to consider when searching for playground flooring. Fall height indicates the height at which someone can fall onto the safety flooring without getting severely hurt. This rating depends on the density and thickness of your flooring.

Be sure to purchase playground flooring with a fall height rating sufficient to meet your needs. While fall height ratings vary between products, here are some typical ratings for flooring of differing thicknesses.

  • 1” thick: Tiles this thick typically have a fall height of 2’ or less. This is a suitable thickness for residential playgrounds.
  • 2.5” thick: With a tile this thick, you can expect a 6’ fall height. This is the most common fall height rating for commercial playgrounds.

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Playground Flooring Options

There’s no doubt that safety is the number one priority for your playground, followed by fun (it’s a close second)! To make sure the kiddos can play without risk, start with quality outdoor play flooring. We offer a selection of tiles, turf, and mulch to match your budget and maintenance needs.

With all these options, how you you know what flooring is best for your home? Check out our large selection to find the perfect flooring solution, with the fall height rating you need and a design you love.
playground tiles

Playground Tiles:

Playground tiles are our most popular flooring option. They’re available in a huge variety of colors and thicknesses, ensuring that your play area will be a beautiful addition to your yard. The porous surface of the tile lets water pass through, so the tiles are dry and slip-resistant even after a rain. You can purchase playground tiles with either residential or commercial fall height ratings.

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playground mulch

Playground Rubber Mulch:

Rubber mulch is an affordable outdoor flooring solution. It comes in a variety of attractive colors so you can customize your space. Rubber mulch doesn’t break down like wood mulch tends to do, so it lasts longer.

However, just like wood mulch, rubber mulch can make a mess if it gets kicked out of the play area. The fall height rating for mulch depends on how thickly it’s applied. Most commercial playgrounds have 6” of rubber mulch, while residential playgrounds will have 3”

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playground turf

Playground Turf:

Artificial grass has been a popular option for playground flooring for quite a while. Special playground turf is designed for the challenges of heat, frost, and high traffic. It’s UV stable and more durable than other types of artificial grass. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that turf heats up more than real grass. To combat the heat, you can purchase special infill that’s specifically designed to cool your turf when it comes into contact with moisture.

You need to purchase a play pad underlayment to achieve a proper fall high rating for playground turf. A commercial turf underlayment should be 3.3-4.3” thick to have a 7’ fall height rating. Meanwhile, residential play pads are typically 2.1-3.1” thick and have a 5’ fall height rating.

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playground mats

Playground Mats:

When kids are having fun, they play hard. That’s a good thing! But maybe not so much for your mulch as it gets kicked up and worn down. Our rubber mats are perfect for covering bare mulch areas that tend to develop under slides and swing sets. For an extra dose of durability, lots of people choose to add mats over their existing playground flooring. You can install them anywhere you think could use some extra flooring support.

These quality outdoor playground mats don’t just improve the appearance of your playground - they make it safer, too! Install them wherever the kiddos need a safe place to land. Plus, they’re heavy enough to avoid being dragged off or blown away.

These mats shouldn’t be the only flooring you have, but instead should work as added padding in certain areas. Not all playground mats have fall height ratings, but if that’s important to you, we do carry a rated mat.

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Residential Playground Safety: Our Top Priority

The safety of your child is always at the top of your mind, so of course you want to make sure your playset is designed for durability, stability, and safety. Keep playtime safe by always reading the manufacturer’s instructions and following these tips.

Playground Flooring Installation

Proper playground flooring installation is the first step in establishing a safe play area. Each flooring type is different, and requires different methods for a proper installation.

Playground Tiles:

Start by laying tiles along any walls that will mark the edge of a play area. Then lay out the remaining perimeter and join the edge tiles, either with a dowel system or rubber block connector. Begin filling in the area with tiles, row by row. If you need to cut tiles, use a utility knife and a bread knife to get them to the proper size.

Playground Mulch:

Create a “box” around your playground area to contain the mulch and maintain the desired depth. Our rubber timbers are a great product to build a playground boundary. Next, lay out landscape fabric over the entire area to keep weeds from growing up through the mulch. Fill the area with mulch and distribute it with a rake. Be sure to compact the rubber mulch until you reach the desired depth.

Playground Turf:

Start by laying out landscape fabric to prevent any weeds from popping up. Place a play pad over the landscape fabric and then unroll your turf over the play pad. Staple seams together and cut the edges of the turf to fit the playground area. Nail down the edges of the turf to ensure it’s secure. Finally, to weigh down the turf and give it a more natural look, fill the surface with an infill of your choice.

Playground Mats:

Playground mat installation is incredibly simple. Just pick a spot for the mat, lay it out, and enjoy. Ta-da! If only all installations could be this easy.

Maintain Playground Flooring for Safety

Playground flooring needs to be kept clean and dry for optimal safety. Note any places that might be worn or uneven that might cause a tripping hazard. Rubber mulch can be scattered and lose volume over time, so make sure you’re keeping the play area properly filled.

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