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Wood & Laminate Installation Tools Flooring Tools, Laminate Flooring Tools

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Wood & Laminate Installation Tools

A quality tile cutter is necessary when cutting wood or laminate. Our tile cutters come in three different models that offer several cutting sizes, which can be important for specialty cuts in tight spaces.

Flooring Installation Kits & Flooring Spacer Kits

Flooring installation kits are perfect for helping to install wood and laminate flooring. Featuring flooring spacers, a tapping block and a pull bar, this kit makes life much easier. Flooring spacers help to keep the necessary expansion gap around your whole floor. A quality tapping block is necessary when installing floating wood and laminate floors in order to keep your mallet from damaging the locking system. Pull bars are used when trying to lock floors in tight spaces near walls.

Adjustable T-Square

Our adjustable T-square is a tool that is specially designed to help you make straight cuts. It is essentially a gigantic ruler that can be adjusted angularly.

Rubber Mallet

Our rubber mallet is basically a hammer that has a rubber end. This helps to protect your floor from unnecessary damage when tapping into place. Our rubber mallets can be used to install any type of floor, but are very important when installing floating wood, and laminate floors.

We offer a variety of knee pads to meet all of your knee protecting needs. Knee pads make the installation process exponentially more comfortable. These soft knee pads are great for use when installing wood and laminate floors.

Our putty and repair kits designed to help fix scratches and dings on wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Apply these putties as needed to repair any scratches or dings to your new floor.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Our ‘green’ pressure sensitive adhesive are used with our wood flooring products in glue down installations. This glue is very user friendly and binds tightly with the subfloor and floor once pressure is applied. Hence, the name ‘pressure sensitive’!