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DIY Spotlight: From Apartment Balcony to Backyard Porch

Our artificial grass has been a popular choice among apartment renters for a little touch of backyard green, but Ashley Read has taken apartment living to a whole new level. Learn how this customer used turf to turn her apartment balcony into an ultimate summer relaxation space.

Making an apartment porch feel like home can be challenging. Renters have little space to work with and landlord regulations to adhere to, but those obstacles didn’t get in the way for Ashley Read. Read recently transformed her Nashville apartment balcony into a relaxing summer space using artificial grass.

Porch transformation before and after

“I love being creative and finding inexpensive ways to do it,” Read said. “It’s important to me that my apartment has stuff that feels like me.”

Now she has a porch where she enjoys doing yoga, reading, watching rain storms pass and more. Her new balcony is complete with a couch, pillows, succulents, lights and decor.

And the whole thing cost about $700.

We asked Ashley how she decided on the artificial grass for her new porch space, how the product has been working out for her and what tips she has for other DIY-ers looking to get creative with their balconies. Here’s what she has to share about her experience.

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How did you decide on artificial grass?

“I like playing with color and it can be hard to add that in an apartment. My favorite color to decorate with is green, and, having moved from California, I missed green. Turf felt like being outside without really being outside.

I have a beautiful apartment complex, but I don’t feel like I have my own yard. I wanted to bring the greenery back. There’s nothing like having solid green to feel like home.

I also have a blind cat who can’t go outside, so I wanted something that felt like outside to him.”

Cat on couch on apartment balcony

Which product did you go with?

“I had samples for about three or four months and sat on the idea for a while. I knew I wanted nice, real-looking grass, as close to real grass as I could get without breaking the bank.

The Newport Premium felt the most real. I had my cat step on the turf too because he was going to be spending a lot of time on it.

I ordered one roll and had 10 feet left over. It was easy to install, I didn’t have any problems, and it was the perfect width for my porch.”

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How are the Newport Premium Turf Rolls working out for you?

“My cat spends more time on [the turf] than me. He rolls around on it every day and does flips, he loves it! I love sitting on it too. At the end of the day, it’s so important where you put your feet. I wanted to invest in something that would last and was a quality product.

The apartment complex manager is actually happy about it too. He says it increases the value of their porches.”


couch on artificial grass

What tips do you have for others who may want to convert their balcony into a backyard porch?

  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the basic things you need and want. For me, I knew I wanted a quality couch and turf. Those two things will last the duration of my time at this apartment. Look at quality products out of your comfort zones for those one or two big things.
  • Spend less on decor and accessories. Accessories can be cheaper and you can change them out at any time.
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Instagram post of DIY apartment porch transformation

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Create Your Own Apartment Backyard

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Want to make your apartment feel more like home? Learn how this customer used turf to transform her balcony into a relaxing porch.

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  1. Great makeover! Simple, cheap and makes a huge impact. If I had my choice I would stay away from straight synthetic plastic grass, but for this application and the intent, there’s not a ton of choices at that price point that make that kind of impact. Enjoy the patio! Looks great

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