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Floor Mats

You’ve got to imagine this section to some kind of sweet hip hop beat:

Anti Fatigue Mats? We can handle that. Kitchen Mats? We can handle that. Weight Room Mats? Yeah, we’ve got your back. Entrance mats? We’ll take a stand with that. Yoga Mats too, we’re sure we’ve got the perfect mat for you.

Okay, there’s a reason we sell flooring and not tunes on Spotify. However, what we say is true: we do have a mat for just about every need. Sometimes you don’t want to transform an entire room, but you need something for just a small space. That’s where our floor mats come in. For style, comfort, safety and more, we have the best selection in home floor mats.

Anti-fatigue mats serve one purpose and that is to provide you with comfort when you are standing for long periods of time. They do this by absorbing the stresses of standing. Available in rubber, foam and gel, these anti fatigue mats are great for both commercial and residential applications. All of our mats have been optimally designed for specific applications and are available in several styles and colors. Our anti fatigue mats are very easy to clean and maintain, needing only a broom and mop for stuck on stains.

When you need a place to lift some weights, but don’t have a lot of room to commit, weight room mats are here to save the day! We offer foam weight room mats that are great for both home and commercial gyms. Treadmill mats provide shock absorption and a place to keep your treadmill. FitnessMats are perfect for floor exercises and stretching.

Kitchen floor mats come in rubber, foam and gel, which are durable and easy to clean. All of our kitchen floor mats are able to withstand heavy traffic, water and grease, and can be installed in a variety of ways. We offer both commercial and residential kitchen floor mats, all of which are mold and mildew resistant. For a little extra fun, we offer a wide variety of colors and patterns and, for extra comfort, many of our kitchen mats offer anti fatigue properties, so you can slave over the hot stove without your feet and back killing you by the end!

Entrance mats are a pivotal item needed to keep your floor looking nice and new even in the harshest of conditions. Mud, rain and snow are all outside hazards that can wreak havoc on any flooring surface. Water and snow can cause slip hazards on hard surfaces, while dirt and mud are a maintenance nightmare. With quality indoor doormats and outdoor doormats, all of these issues can be avoided. We offer both indoor and outdoor entrance mats in a wide variety of materials to suit four floor mat needs.

The yoga mat is the most important item you need for your yoga practice. In fact, it is the only thing you really need, beside yourself. We’ve all bought the janky, low-quality yoga mat at the store and lived to regret it. No more. We offer beautiful, high quality yoga mats in traditional soft plastic/PVC, rubber, foam and cork. There is something for everyone from the beginning yogi to the avid hot yoga enthusiast.

Floor Mats Delivery

Guess what! Many of our floor mats come with free shipping (not true for every product, so be sure to check the specs on the specific product you’re interested in)! Most floor mat orders are shipped through FedEx Ground. Some extremely heavy orders (like if you order ALL OF THE MATS) may ship via freight delivery. For more information on freight delivery, please contact one of our sales representatives to get the low down, as it varies on a case by case basis. Don’t worry though, you will not be asked to take your new tiles off the truck; we cover the cost of lift-gate and curbside. You are only responsible for getting the mats inside your home and enjoying them!

About FlooringInc

FlooringInc is committed to making your healthy life achievable, accessible and fun. We offer the best prices on rubber gym flooring because we want fitness to be a possibility for everyone. If you find a price that’s better, we’ll match it. Simple as that. FlooringInc is a small, culture-based company. We pride ourselves in giving customers the best knowledge, while still keeping it real. We offer the fastest lead times because, well, we wouldn’t want to wait either! Our mission is to help you achieve your goals with style, ease and efficiency. We are a team, a community, and we’d love to have you join us.

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