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Daltile Saddle Brook XT

2021 Outdoor Flooring Trends

Keeping your outdoor space up to date is no easy task, but it’s perhaps the most important “room” of the house to consider updating. Why? Because of that little thing called curb appeal. When you go to sell …

13 Ways to Use Your Garage in 2020 – From Functional to Fun

13 Ways to Use Your Garage in 2020 – From Functional to Fun

We often forget to use our imagination and see things outside the box. We see, for example, a garage, and assume it’s the place to park our cars and/or store things. Those aren’t wrong. However, there are so …

Temporary Flooring for Renters

Temporary Flooring for Renters: 8 Ideas to Take Your Place from Bland to Beautiful

We’ve all seen outdated, not-so-pretty flooring in a rental property, right? Sometimes, renting can be fun, but with that unattractive old tile on your floors, it’s hard to feel like it’s your place. With options like temporary flooring …

FlooringInc turf roll in a front yard with a dog and child playing

How to Choose Artificial Turf Infill: Infill Buying Guide

Turf Infill is available in a wide variety of options including rubber, Zeofill, sand, Durafill, Envirofill, and a few others we will get to shortly. Many times your local pro installer will not even know the options available …

Artificial turf lawn in front of a home

Artificial Turf Melting: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

It’s any homeowner’s nightmare: Your artificial turf mysteriously starts melting in random spots, and you can only watch helplessly as it starts discoloring and curling at the ends. What is happening to make your artificial grass melt, and …

Rubber gym flooring in a commercial gym

Rubber Flooring Safety: 5 Questions

Though a lot of materials go into the making of rubber flooring, quality rubber flooring remains safe for you and your family. But don’t take my word for it! It’s important to look at the research so you …

Flooring Inc Newport Premium Turf Rolls on patio

DIY Spotlight: From Apartment Balcony to Backyard Porch

Our artificial grass has been a popular choice among apartment renters for a little touch of backyard green, but Ashley Read has taken apartment living to a whole new level. Learn how this customer used turf to turn …

a beautiful lawn and home

Artificial Grass Cost Guide: Turf vs. Grass

The cost of artificial grass is probably the most important factor that goes into choosing which turf you want to buy. If you’ve been stumped on deciding if artificial grass is worth the cost, check out our cost …

Flooring Inc Playground Flooring Buying Guide

Playground Flooring Buying Guide: Tiles, Turf, Mats and Mulch

Ever wonder what goes underneath a swingset or at the bottom of a play pit? It’s playground flooring – playground flooring specially designed with safety and shock absorption in mind to keep kids active and safe, and parents …

The Ultimate Commercial Gym Flooring Buying Guide: Find the perfect floor for your fitness studio or commercial gym.

The Ultimate Commercial Gym Flooring Buying Guide

Find the most durable floor for your commercial gym or fitness studio with our commercial gym flooring buying guide. Discover your options in rubber gym flooring, turf gym flooring and more. There’s no better feeling than finally opening …

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