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Michelle Barichello helps passionate DIY-ers envision the home/gym/garage of their dreams through her own expertise – writing. Michelle has contributed posts on topics such as gym flooring, decking options and pet-friendly solutions. She officially joined Flooringinc.com in the summer of 2018 and has been writing for the blog since 2017.

Her favorite part of writing is the outlining. She loves figuring out how to help people navigate the challenges of an overwhelming marketplace with a well-organized piece of content. In addition to meaty buying guides and blog posts, Michelle can be caught outlining everything from her daily schedule to what coffee shops she plans to visit in Phoenix.

When she's not blogging about flooring, she is likely reading, coloring, or still writing about anything and everything else on her mind. She loves baking paleo desserts and keeping up with her husband and black lab on the Arizona trails. On a 115-degree day, Michelle can be found drinking hot coffee on her patio - pen or crayon in hand.

Michelle has also written for publications such as Fit Bottomed Girls, the Girls on the Run Remarkable blog, and Women’s Running Magazine. You can find more of Michelle's writing on her website: michellechalkey.com.

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