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About Floor and Wall Tile

What else do you need to know about floor and wall tile? We can walk you through the ins and outs of everything you need to know to choose the perfect tile for sale!

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As simple as they might seem, tiles are a bit more complex than you think. Understanding the different construction, application, and installation options for floor and wall tile will better assist you in finding the best floor and wall treatments for you.

Pros of Floor and Wall Tile

  • Customization: No floor or wall covering is as versatile as tile. You get to determine every aspect. If you’ve got a particular design in mind, you can easily achieve it.
  • Durable: This is porcelain and ceramic we’re talking about here. It can hold up to the bumps and scrapes that your floors and walls can sometimes face.
  • Stylish: Since tile is shaped and printed with a glaze, it can look like basically anything. That means there are constantly new designs coming out to reflect the latest trends.
  • Waterproof/resistant: Glazed porcelain tiles are completely waterproof, and so are glazed ceramic tiles. Tile is one of the most reliable materials to use for showers and backsplashes.

Cons of Floor and Wall Tile

  • Difficult installation: It’s no secret that tile can be tough to install. It’s not completely impossible to install on your own, but a professional is highly recommended.
  • Cost: Tile is stylish, durable, and in most cases, waterproof. All those benefits are going to come with a heftier price tag.

Tile Construction

Wall and floor tile can be constructed of porcelain or ceramic, depending on the application. While remarkably similar, each material has different levels of durability.

Ceramic floor tiles are made from clay that is pressed and kiln fired, making them extremely durable. Since clay is a naturally occurring material, ceramic tile is a readily-available flooring option that has maintained its popularity for centuries, even in the face of new flooring technologies.

Porcelain tiles are known for being the best of the best - the toughest, most durable and most impervious to water. They are made from a denser clay and are more durable than ceramic tiles.

Types of Tile

Whether you want a statement-making floor or wall, tile is a modern, simple way to elevate the design of the space. But what are the different applications for tile?
floor tile

Floor Tile

Think for a moment about the use and abuse your floor withstands compared to your walls. I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically have midnight dance parties while blasting my favorite ‘90s hits on my walls.

Ceramic floor tiles are specially designed to hold up to the abuse of heavy foot traffic. They are less intricate and less delicate than many wall-only tile options.

Typically, for floor tile, you’ll want to go with a larger tile (large format tiles and wide planks are super in right now!) and a higher PEI Rating. e damaged, you can easily pull it up and replace it.
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Wall Tile

Wall tiles are often smaller and more decorative than traditional floor tiles. Large-format tiles are a little trickier to install, and wall tile is often a more challenging installation already so we recommend keeping things small.

Since wall tiles are most commonly used in showers and water-prone areas, we recommend making sure your wall tile has a glazed finish. These tiles require lower PEI Ratings (typically 1-2) and less durability overall.
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Backsplash is technically a wall tile, but not all wall tiles are backsplash. The term backsplash refers to a more compact area, typically above a stove or sink. That’s why it’s called backsplash - it’s the backing that protects your wall from splashes from cooking, dishes, and washing your hands.

Traditionally, backsplash tiles will offer the most intricate designs. They are often intended to be a design focal point adding a little pizzazz in your space.
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Tile Flooring Uses

One of the best parts about tile flooring is you can use it literally anywhere. Waters and commercial foot traffic are no sweat for ultra-durable ceramic floor tiles.

Residential Floor Tiles:

For homes and other low-traffic areas, your options are endless! As long as the tile you choose is rated for use as flooring, you’re good to go.

In residential applications, you can get away with a lower PEI Ratings (we usually recommend at least a 3) and, ultimately, a lower-cost product. Not to worry though, these affordable tile flooring options still provide superb durability in trendy, upscale looks.

Commercial Floor Tiles:

For commercial environments with heavy foot traffic, you just need a little more umph in your floor. After all, tile is known for lasting decades, even centuries, and you might as well take advantage of that full lifespan.

To ensure your floor can hold up to whatever use and abuse you throw at it, we recommend choosing a porcelain tile with a PEI rating of 4-5. These tiles are still quite affordable in terms of commercial flooring and can truly last the lifetime of your business.

Outdoor Floor Tiles:

Outdoor floor tiles are the toughest, burliest of the bunch. These tiles have to not only hold up to foot traffic but also be able to withstand all the elements. Outdoor floor tiles are specially designed to hold up to direct sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, you name it!

To ensure these tiles are up to the test, they are typically finished with a tougher glaze than traditional indoor tile. They will often look less polished than indoor tiles, as well.

When you’re looking for an outdoor flooring tile, you want to make sure the surface is textured, Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny pool party, these tiles will certainly be exposed to water, and a textured surface helps make them more slip-resistant, keeping you and your family safer.

How do you know if a tile is suitable for outdoor use? That’s easy - we tell you! Just check the manufacturer product specs or use the outdoor filter to find a stylish, durable floor tile that is rated for outdoor use.

Installing Tile

You’ve decided tile flooring is for you, but how do you start tiling your floors and walls? With the adhesive, spacing and tile pattern, you’ll have a lot to consider. To help you out, we created a video to give you step by step instructions to install your floor and wall tile correctly.

Floor and Wall Tile Trends

For walls and floors that truly pop, you can’t just lay tile out and hope the pattern, look and color looks nice. But what exactly is trending in tile?

Tile Patterns


A modern classic, the herringbone pattern is one of the most popular tile patterns out there. Those v-shaped rows of rectangles (either subway tiles or larger planks) really pack a punch when it comes to style.


Also known as a running bond, this staggered brick tile pattern has been the go-to style for a reason. Working for either square and rectangle tiles, this pattern is easy to install, and it’s not going out of style any time soon.

Tile Shapes

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tiles first gained popularity in the early 20th century, typically used in kitchens accompanied by subway wall tiles. Lately, hexagon tile is seen as ultra-modern, and almost futuristic looking. Imagine super clean, sharp lines, whites, blacks and grays, and very minimalist decor. That’s this new futuristic wave of hexagon tiles.
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Large Tile Planks

This is one trend you can expect to see every year in every style for the foreseeable future. Longer, wider planks make your space look larger, more open and less busy. Available in squares and rectangles, large tile planks allow a classic and cohesive tile look to any room.
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Subway Tile

This tile shape that has been sweeping the nation for quite some time now. While subway tile is also considered a pattern, known as the offset pattern, it is also known as a tile shape. Simply put subway tile is a small scale rectangle, that can be laid out in many different styles.
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Tile Looks

Wood-Look Tile

It’s no surprise that natural wood looks are just about the hottest thing on the flooring market. But did you know the natural wood look has hit the tile market? That’s right, you can get realistic wirebrushed, handscraped and distressed wood looks on your tile floor. So you can have the awesome durability of tile floors, and the classic look of wood.
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Marble-Look Tile

Bright, clean, elegant marble floors have been one of the hottest gems on the flooring market for centuries. The truth is, there is a reason marble looks are immediately associated with a refined elegance, they come with quite a price tag.

Don’t worry; there’s good news! Ceramic tile manufacturers have mastered the marble look and they bring it to you in a less porous, more durable, less expensive and more accessible material. It is literally the best of all worlds.
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Stone-Look Tile

Stone looks are extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms, however, they can also bring a modern chic vibe to any room. The continued demand for these natural looks in affordable tile is pushing manufacturers to go beyond, offering beautifully convincing stone looks in slate, travertine, limestone and more.
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Tile Colors

Gray Tile

Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for homes in general. Gray cabinets, gray doors, you name it, every shade of gray is still hot and trendy for your floors and decor.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray floors set the tone of a cool, contemporary home. They give you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – they will all go with your sleek gray flooring.
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White Tile

Bright white tiles are super hot in the home. You will see luminous whites contrasting dark, espresso cabinets. Or, white tiles setting the backdrop for a bright, colorful decor. White tiles instantly make your room look bigger, especially if you use large format tiles. Put these tiles in a room with lots of natural sunlight for a truly special look.
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