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Black sports car featured on our Vented Grid-Loc Tiles™.

The Complete Guide to Garage Floor Tiles

Turn your garage into your dream workspace, man cave, or showroom! We’ll tell you all about garage floor tiles to get you started on making your dream garage a reality. Garage Floor Tiles Garage floor tiles are an …

Winning car show trophy sitting on top of our Nitro Tiles with a vented pattern.

2022 Auto Show Guide: Car Show Display Flooring

Welcome car show enthusiasts! We’ve got the best auto show flooring options. This guide will explain what features to look for with display flooring and provide our top-ranked options in competing categories.  What Is Auto Show Flooring? Auto …

1/4" Tough Mats

How to Choose Garage Gym Flooring: What You Should Know

You probably know that rubber flooring is ideal for making your garage into a gym. To find the best garage gym flooring, you need to know the facts. In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the best …

Nitro Tiles Pro

The Best Garage Flooring of 2022: 5 Upgrade Ideas

In 2022, take your garage from a dull, outdated storage room into your dream space. Discover the best garage flooring ideas to revamp your favorite room in the home. The floor is the foundation of your whole garage, …

Nitro Tiles Pro

Garage Floor Installation Guide: Tiles, Rolls, and Epoxy

Thinking about purchasing some garage flooring to cover up that boring gray concrete? You’re in the right place. The good news is that garage floor installation is incredibly DIY-friendly, no matter what option you choose. That means you …

NoTrax Comfort Style Anti-Fatigue Mat

Food Truck Flooring: Choose the Right Flooring for Your Business on Wheels

It takes a special kind of love and nerve to own and operate your own food truck. There’s a lot of planning, long nights, and of course, cooking, most of which you do on your feet. That’s why …

13 Garage Theme Ideas for Your Perfect Space

13 Garage Theme Ideas for Your Perfect Space

Get ready to make your garage pop! Create the perfect garage for you using these 13 garage theme ideas including everything from Harley to a Super Mario Bros! It’s time to start planning that garage you’ve been dreaming …

13 Ways to Use Your Garage in 2020 – From Functional to Fun

13 Ways to Use Your Garage in 2020 – From Functional to Fun

We often forget to use our imagination and see things outside the box. We see, for example, a garage, and assume it’s the place to park our cars and/or store things. Those aren’t wrong. However, there are so …

Garage Floor Tiles

Maintaining Garage Floor Tiles: Creative Ideas to Remove and Prevent Stains

Garage flooring tiles help prevent stains on your concrete floor, but what happens when your soft tiles are stained too? Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, and discover how to clean, and potentially prevent staining from happening on …

Armorpoxy II Commercial Epoxy Kit w/ Topcoat

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

During your search for the right garage floor coating, you’ve probably come across options for epoxy and a newer product called polyaspartic. These concrete coatings seem similar, so naturally, you want to know the difference. This head-to-head comparison …

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