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How to Choose Garage Flooring: Tiles, Rolls, Epoxy & More. Your definitive guide to choosing the best garage flooring at the best price.

Garage Flooring Buying Guide: Tiles, Rolls, Epoxy & More

Set the tone for your dream garage with the perfect floor. Learn how to choose garage flooring with our garage flooring buying guide including garage floor tiles, garage flooring rolls, epoxy and more. I love this part. You’ve …

black and red vinyl tiles in a garage

How to Design Your Dream Garage: Colors, Paint & More

Ready to get creative? Learn how to design your dream garage using colors, paint and more. Don’t get stuck with a typical, boring garage. Make your garage extraordinary. The big picture things are clear – you know how …

Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business!

Photo Friday 29: A Harley Garage Haven

Photo Friday 29: Harley Garage Haven Welcome to Photo Friday! This is where we show our real-life customer photos and stories. You will see beyond the product photos into how our products look in everyday homes. Today: A …

How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!

How to Create the Ultimate Garage

How to Create the Ultimate Garage The garage is so much more than where you park your car! It can be your man cave, home gym, or workshop. Make it stand out and learn how to create the ultimate …

guy rolling out Diamond Nitro Rolls

How to Choose Garage Flooring

How to Choose Garage Flooring Updating your garage flooring is a great, fun project to add fun and appeal to your home. How do you know which type of flooring to choose? We’ll help you with the ins …

How to Install Grid-Loc Garage Tiles: Insanely easy with a step-by-step instructional video

How to Install Garage Tiles

Ready to start your own personal garage shop or man cave? Start from the ground up and learn how to install garage tiles  in 5 easy steps! Looking to update your garage to get that chic shop look you’ve …

The ins and outs of Garage Flooring, and all of your options explained!

Garage Flooring Options

Garage Flooring Options Choosing the right floor is a big decision. To help you deck out your garage, we’ve compiled all of the best garage flooring options to suite your needs. From tiles to rolls, see which option …

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