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7 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

July is quickly approaching–how are you going to celebrate? We’ve got you covered with 7 ways to celebrate 4th of July: from crafts to decor and more!

10 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July: Crafts, decor and more!

{Collage photos via Design Improvised & The Sweetest Occasion}

Fireworks, watermelon, grilling, and all things red, white and blue! How can you not get excited for one of our country’s most festive holidays? Whether it’s a little decor with a DIY craft, or a full on makeover (if you’re one of those people that changes the way their homes look for every occasion, you impress me.), we’ve got 10 fun ways for you to celebrate America Day!

1. This 4th of July Patriotic Tablescape from Marty’s Musings:

This looks so fun, festive and easy! A great way for even non crafty people to get in the 4th of July spirit.

2. This 4th of July Decor from The Golden Sycamore:

I love how just a few simple decorations make this  home into a tasteful, festive place to enjoy the 4th of July!

3. This 4th of July Fireworks Wreath from Design Improvised:

This is SO fun and absolutely gorgeous, vibrant and sure to make your home pop. I’ve never made my own wreath, but if there was ever a photo that could inspire me, this is the one!

4. This 3D Glitter Star Ornament from Chouxchoux:

Fun, unique, creative, and easily customizable!

5. This Patriotic Mason Jar Painted Luminary from Happy Hour Projects:

Is it just me, or do you also never get sick of mason jars? The crafts are endless, and they always turn out adorable.

6. This American Flag Table Runner from Bliss Bloom Blog:

Wow!! Talk about a way to make your table pop!

7. This DIY Watercolor Stripe Bunting from The Sweetest Occasion:

Gorgeous, fun to look at and fun to make!

Your turn! Got any links you love with 4th of July ideas? Got some crafts/designs of your own? Send them our way.

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