The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles: Easy to install, maintain and change up, there are so many reasons to choose carpet tiles!

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Curious about the new trend of carpet tiles? Why choose tiles over traditional carpet? We’ll give you all the benefits of carpet tiles and teach you how you can use them in your own home or business!

So the big question…why carpet tiles? There are so many reasons to choose carpet tiles, and we’re pretty sure that with this list, you’ll be converted to the carpet tile side too!

1.  Ease of Installation

Carpet tiles can easily be installed with double-sided carpet tape or adhesive. You can avoid the fees of hiring someone by easily installing carpet tiles in just an afternoon!

2.  Ease of Maintenance

Floor carpet tiles can be easily removed for replacement or cleaned like any other carpet. Spill a glass of pinot noir? No problem-o! Just replace that tile, and your whole floor will look like new!

3.  Superior Durability

Carpet tiles have been engineered to withstand high traffic and lots of abuse, so with your 17 kids and 9 dogs, they’ll still look great. No sensitive flooring here.

4.  Eco-Friendly

Most modular carpet tiles are made from recycled material and usually use less material than broadloom making them a convenient option you can feel great about!

5.  More Installation Options

Residential carpet tiles can be installed as flooring for a whole room or can be installed as a rug. No rules, just endless options!

6.  Ease of Removal

Unlike broadloom, you can take your carpet tile squares with you if you were to move. Tired of your carpet? Doing a new color scheme? Or just ready for something new? Easy! The easy removal = easy to change your mind.

7.  Can be used to create a unique design

With modular carpet tiles, you can mix and match tiles to create a fun and unique floor design.

8.  Can be installed anywhere

Since these are tiles you can virtually install the tiles anywhere you want.  They have even been used in garages.

9.  Won’t absorb water

Carpet tiles are engineered to not soak up water which adds to their durability.

10.  They are the perfect product of a DIYer!

With all their ease and versatility, any home DIYer can make these into a fun, unique and classy reality

Want to find out more about carpet tiles? Check out all the carpet tiles we have to offer!

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles: Easy to install, maintain and change up, there are so many reasons to choose carpet tiles!

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