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Shaw Weave It Carpet Tile

8 Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Curious about the new trend of carpet tiles? If you’re wondering why you might choose tiles over traditional carpet, you’re not alone. To help you out, we’ll show you all the benefits of carpet tiles and teach you how you can use them in your own home or business!

So the big question…why carpet tiles? There are so many reasons to choose carpet tiles, and we’re pretty sure that with this list, you’ll be converted to the carpet tile side too!

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Easy Installation

Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet Plank


Carpet tiles can easily be installed with double-sided carpet tape or adhesive. Some also come with pre-applied adhesive and peel and stick backings, so half the work is already done for you. You can avoid the fees of hiring someone by easily installing carpet tiles in just an afternoon!


Shaw Weave It Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles can be easily removed for replacement or cleaned like any other carpet. Spill something and now there’s an impossible-to-remove stain? No problem! Just replace that tile, and your whole floor will look like new! Compare that to something like a broadloom carpet roll, where you would have to pull up the whole floor just to replace one section. Avoid that nightmare with carpet tile.

Superior Durability

Mannington Script Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles have been engineered to withstand high traffic and lots of use because they were originally designed for commercial spaces like offices. Really heavy-duty carpet tiles have low-pile fibers that resist crushing and matting, so they’ll last longer and look great for years to come.


ribbed carpet tile

Most modular carpet tiles are made from recycled material, like plastic bottles and fishing nets. On top of that, there’s less waste when you install carpet tiles compared to full rolls. So you save your wallet by not buying unnecessary extra material, and you help save the planet, too.

More Installation Options

Shaw Block By Block Carpet Tiles

Residential carpet tiles can be installed as flooring for a whole room or can be installed as a rug, an entry mat, a hallway runner, or basically anything you want. The dimensions are all up to you. No rules, just endless options!

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Ease of Removal

Shaw Floorigami Scandi Chic Carpet Plank


Unlike broadloom, you can take your carpet tile squares with you if you were to move. Tired of your carpet? Doing a new color scheme? Maybe you’re renting and you need flooring that will cover up that ugly linoleum in your apartment but won’t stick around permanently. Pull it up and it’s gone! Easy removal means it’s easy to change your mind.

Creative Options

Peel and stick carpet tile

With modular carpet tiles, you can mix and match tiles to create a fun and unique floor design. You can go with stripes, checkers, random color blocks, or whatever inspires you! You can also combine different patterned carpet tiles to get a really unique look with lots of personality.

Install Anywhere

On Trend Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are durable and designed to withstand heavy traffic, wear and tear, spills, and even the weather! That’s right, you can even install carpet tiles outside on your deck or patio, and even in your garage! If you pick the right tile, it will resist fading, molding, or mildewing, even in tough conditions.


Convinced yet? Carpet tiles are perfect for use almost anywhere, they’re easy to install, and they’re built to last. To find the carpet tile that is a perfect match for you, why not browse our selection and order some free samples?



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