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Flooring Inc 2020 Carpet Trends - carpet in residential setting

2020 Carpet Trends: 21+ Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas

So if wood looks are all the rage right now, does that mean carpet is dead? I mean, to be honest, all of us here in the flooring world have been wondering. Flooring is going through somewhat of a revolution and manufacturers either have to evolve or risk getting left behind.

For the last couple of years, carpet has felt like our favorite TV show, leaving us on a cliffhanger and OMG what if this is the last season?! But, in 2020 I think we’ve got an answer.

Carpet is like all your favorite Shonda Rhimes series. It will go on for many more seasons and, let’s be honest, probably never end. They will just keep adding new characters, drawing you into new and exciting twists you never saw coming.

Just like with everything else, the flooring world is going through its own technological surge. It started with hard surface floors and the incredible visuals they have been able to create using laminate, vinyl and even tile to mimic natural materials.

Now, carpet is not going to look like hardwood or natural stone. Umm, that would look really weird.

But! Carpet manufacturers are using technology to their advantage creating never-before-seen patterns and jaw-dropping new features. Hint: They can make carpet now that is 100% waterproof!

Crazy, right?

So, hang on tight. The 2020 carpet trends are filled with some incredible ideas, looks, textures, and more.

2020 Carpet Trends at a Glance

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends

What Other Experts Are Saying

When it comes to carpet style trends, we want to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded opinion. Here’s a look at what other industry experts are anticipating in 2020:

Carpets and rugs are already seeing a resurgence in popularity, and for 2020 this will become even more the case as they offer homemakers the chance to really showcase strong design statements – especially in vibrant colors – with the ideal being handmade rugs that are truly one-of-a-kind.” – Jamie Sanford, Home Flooring Pros


Shaw Floors’ latest and greatest styling techniques for all our soft surface offerings focus on a plethora of design elements – color, pattern, texture, plushness – in addition to the expansion of our exclusive waterproof backing, LifeGuard, providing the cleanest carpet for healthy living. At Shaw, we believe your flooring should fit into your lifestyle and we want consumers to get the carpet styles they love complete with the backing option that makes sense for their life.


Shaw has made significant investments recently in fiber innovation projects to stay on-trend with consumer preferences. Consumers want a stylish, high-performing carpet that complements their uniquely curated living spaces and demand both design and function in a variety of price points. For consumers, the rise of technology, via social media and other lifestyle influencers, has made them more savvy shoppers.


Consumers today are in control of the buying experience and are driving industry expectations. If we as manufacturers aren’t listening to what consumers are telling us, and making the products they want, we aren’t using technology to our advantage.” – Tim Braten, Shaw Inc.

2020 Trending Carpet Types

If you don’t know much about carpet, you may not even realize that you have countless types to choose from. Of course, not all carpets are created equal, and carpet is usually a commitment you plan to keep in the home for some time.

Here are the hot carpet trends for 2020.

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Waterproof Carpet

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

You guys, you guys, you guys!! Yes with 2 exclamation points because I am so excited to tell you about waterproof carpet.

I don’t know about you but those are two terms I never thought I’d see together. Of course, there has been a pretty big movement in waterproof outdoor carpet over the last decade, fully waterproof indoor broadloom carpet has been unheard of.

Until now.

Shaw is leading the way with their incredible new LifeGuard technology that makes these new carpets 100% waterproof. That means you can now use carpet in any room in the house.

Want to get out of the shower and feel the soft, warm, squishy carpet under your feet rather than hard, cold tile? Go for it! These waterproof carpets won’t soak up the water and stain or get moldy (yuck!); instead, you can easily clean up any liquids in seconds without them soaking in for the long haul.

Although Shaw is leading the pack for the time being, my hunch is that other manufacturers will jump on board and, within the next decade, you’ll see waterproof carpets all over the place.

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Will the waterproof carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Yes. If you ask me, this is the best carpet trend for 2020.

But it will be a slow surge.

The thing is, this technology is so new that the floors still come with a bit of a price tag (although, it’s nothing compared to solid hardwood). As technologies advance and more manufacturers jump on board, pricing will get more competitive and then waterproof carpet will totally take off.

For now, I say, if you can afford it, jump on board!


Sustainable Carpet

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

We’ve reached a time where the young homeowner demographic is comprised, primarily, of millennials. And not to pigeonhole an entire demographic, but as a group, millennials tend to care a lot about the brands they purchase from and how their purchases impact society, the environment and more.
It’s not enough to sell gorgeous floors at a low price. Manufacturers and retailers alike need to bring something likable and respectable to the table.
You’ve seen that Dawn commercial with the little bird and their soap, right? That is the stuff people care about these days. And with the ability to reduce our carbon footprint using sustainable and recycled materials, to not jump in headfirst would just be irresponsible.

Recycled Carpet:

The recycled flooring trend is hot all around this year. Carpet just happens to be at the forefront of the environmentally responsible flooring movement.

Because “green” or eco-friendly flooring is so big right now, almost all carpet is now being made from recycled materials, at least in part. You’ll see various types of recycled materials, but one of the most innovative ideas are the Foss PET carpet tiles. These unique carpet tiles are made using recycled plastic soda bottles. Pretty neat, huh?

Sisal Carpet:

Sisal carpets are sustainably sourced from the woven plant fibers of the agave sisalana. This great, eco-friendly carpet has a rope-like texture that adds a unique, homey look to any space.

Both natural sisal and sisal blend carpets are highly durable. They can hold up in heavy traffic areas without any problem. For extra stain resistance, choose an option with a sealing or fire-retardant coating.

Jute Rugs:

Plant-based flooring is really taking off this year! Case-in-point: jute rugs and carpets. Woven from the same plant fibers that often make burlap, jute rugs are a great indoor decor option.

These thick, tightly wound rugs are pretty durable in low traffic areas, but they won’t be a good fit for really hectic areas. They don’t require any special treatment – just vacuum as you would with any other rug. Jute is pretty absorbent though, since it’s a plant fiber, so avoid lots of moisture and areas where stains are more likely.

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Will the sustainable carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

If there were ever a sure thing in the world of trends, this would be it. I predict consumers will only demand more sustainable and recycled materials and environmentally responsible flooring options for the next several decades.

So much so that just putting an eco-friendly floor in your home could increase the resale value and reduce time on the market.


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Cut and Loop Carpet

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Cut and loop is exactly what it sounds like: carpet that combines the construction of both cut and loop carpets. You can see below, the cut carpets look like loops that have just been cut in half.

photo via Shaw Floors

When you combine cuts and loops, you are able to create unique, stylish patterns and textures. You’ve probably seen this a lot in rugs. When you run your hand along the rug and you can feel the contrasting textures? That is usually cut and loop carpeting.

Patterns are super in right now across all floor types and these cut and loop patterned carpets have been going strong for several years now. While it’s not typically a whole home look, they are great for rugs and areas where you want to make more of a statement.

Will the cut and loop carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Sparingly. I think cut and loop area rugs will stay popular, but I don’t anticipate homeowners trending towards using cut and loop carpet to cover larger spaces.


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Frieze Carpet

Plush frieze carpet in a living room setting

Frieze is also known as “twist” carpet and it refers to carpet where each piece of the carpet is twisted many times, making it look almost curly.

You know when you sleep with your hair in a braid and then it has it’s kinda wavy the next day? That’s how frieze carpet looks.

They say trends tend to recycle themselves every 30 years or so. Remember how 5-10 years ago every clothing store looked like the ‘80s called and wanted their wardrobe back?

Well, do you remember the 1970s shag carpet? I mean, how could you forget!

Now, the 70’s called. They don’t want their shag rugs back because they were actually not very cute.

But! The new, updated frieze carpets inspired by the shag carpet texture are super cute and tremendously popular. A little time and technology go a long way and, now, carpet manufacturers have taken an outdated fad and come up with a trendy new twist. (<– see what I did there?)

Will the frieze carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Okay, so the frieze carpets look a lot nicer than old-school shag carpets. However, the trend didn’t last the first time. I don’t foresee it lasting very long this time.


Carpet Tiles

Large carpet tile flooring in a living room

A DIY dream!

Carpet is notorious for being bulky, cumbersome and nearly impossible to replace. With broadloom carpet, if you damage or stain just one small area, you typically have the replace the entire thing. It is the worst.

Carpet tiles have changed all that! Gosh, we love them so much it’s hard not to sound like an infomercial. But they’re just so…mellow? Easy? Yes and yes.

One main advantage to carpet tiles is that they’re wonderful for families and pets. One spot gets damaged? No problem! Simply take out that one tile and replace it with a new one. The days of replacing your entire floor are over.

In fact, carpet tiles are the biggest carpet trend for basements, in particular. Many come with waterproof options and they are perfect for temperamental, water-prone basements.

Carpet tiles also give you the ability to install your carpet yourself, especially with peel and stick options. Not to mention, the options for patterns and colors are endless!

You’ll see everything from checkered floors to intricate patterns and more. If you love choices, carpet tiles are for you.

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Will the carpet tile trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Absolutely, especially with families. I expect to see carpet tiles continue to grow from being primarily a commercial carpet trend to becoming a popular interior carpet trend today in everyday homes.


Carpet Tile Rugs

Area rug made of black berber carpet tile

This makes so much sense. The two main challenges with area rugs are that designs are limited and it’s challenging to figure out the right sizing for your space.

With carpet tiles, you can create your dream area rug and create a custom size to fit your space perfectly. Also, they often end up being less expensive than traditional area rugs. All of the winning!

With the rise of DIY home projects, carpet tile rugs are especially timely right now. They’ll be the most popular with younger homeowners looking to take a bigger part in creating their own style and decor.

Will the carpet tile rug trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Definitely. Area rugs are going to be really big over at least the next decade. The trend toward using carpet tiles to create your own design will only continue to grow.

Handmade Area Rugs

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Taking originality and control one step further, the hottest area rug trend in 2020 will be specially crafted handmade rugs. I mean, how can those not take off?!

I spoke earlier about homeowners wanting to know where their floor comes from, needing to believe in the source. Purchasing a handmade piece, it makes things personal. It’s almost like building a personal relationship with the person who creates it.

Like when you buy something made just for you on Etsy and it comes with that cute little note about how they appreciate you. Except, on, like, a much higher level. Because they made a rug by hand; they didn’t just print your favorite inside joke on a couple of wine glasses.

Creative, artistic and personal, handmade area rugs are going to be a splurge for homeowners with a passion for design and individualism. And the rest of us are going to gawk and wish we had them in our homes, too.

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Will the handmade area rug trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Well, yes. But, the thing is, having anything handcrafted specifically for you is really expensive. This is just not the type of thing everyone can afford.

What I anticipate is that manufacturers will work to replicate these handmade looks to appeal to the masses in a price range that is more accessible.

Area Rugs & Carpet Runners In General

Taupe area rug in a laundry room

Well, if you haven’t caught on by now, area rugs and carpet runners are in. They lost some steam for a while there, but lately, with the huge surge in hard surfaces, homeowners are beginning to realize they miss that extra coziness and comfort that only carpet can provide.

Additionally, the trend towards bold colors and patterns could easily turn tacky with wall-to-wall carpet. These statement pieces tend to do best in smaller doses. I mean, you do not need a home where the entire floor looks like a giant rainbow.

Or, maybe you do? But, it won’t be trendy. Sorry.

Anyway, that’s what’s great about area rugs and carpet runners. You can strategically use those bright, bold color and patterned carpet trends in one statement piece, rather than an entire carpet.

Also, in 2020, you will see some homeowners use area rugs over carpet to give that popular layered look. More on that later.

Will the area rug and carpet runner trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Without a doubt! I know they can be pricey, but seriously, do yourself a favor and get a gorgeous, stylish area rug to fill that blank space in your family room.


2020 Carpet Color Trends

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay. 2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay. 2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay. 2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Flooring Inc Trends

Carpet color trends are completely different than any other surface. The hard surfaces are all about extremes with a few middle-of-the-road option that are trending warmer.

Trends in carpet colors are the opposite. Bright, bold colors. Cool, subdued blues.

And everything gray. From light gray carpets to dark gray carpets, let’s just say: gray is in.

Bold Carpet Colors

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Homeowners are trending towards statement colors with their carpet. Since carpet is not typically a whole-house flooring these days, you have the ability to make a statement. This is especially true with are rugs.

Oranges, purples and multi-colored carpets and rugs are popping up all over the place. Your carpet no longer needs to be that forgotten stepchild that you never see or hear from. For now, they can speak loud and proud!

Although, at one time, flooring was intended to be a neutral backdrop for the rest of your space, homeowners, particularly younger demographics, are turning that idea on its head exploring the idea incorporating carpet into their design rather than designing around it.

Will the bold carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Yes and no. In area rugs and other small, statement places, this carpet design trend will thrive! But as a modern wall to wall carpet trend? Don’t count on it.

Blue Carpets

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Is there any color more calming and serene than blue? Adding a touch of color without overwhelming the space, cool blue carpets are a color trend I can stand behind.

While the bright, bold colors can make a beautiful, strong statement, they can also be a lot to work with if you’re not a designer. Or, even if you are.

Blue is a nice transition out of the norm of neutral carpets with enough subtlety to appeal to multiple demographics. It works perfectly with trending gray decor and is neutral enough to not pigeonhole you into one design concept.

Will the blue carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Yes, particularly blues with a hint of gray. However, for a wider appeal and easier resale, I would still recommend going gray instead.


Gray Carpets

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Five years ago, you could have called the gray trend new or up-and-coming. But now? Is it even a trend anymore?

Well, if by “trend” you mean popular and relevant, then heck, yes! But it is definitely not a fad.

While most people think of the gray flooring trend in gray wood and wood-look flooring, gray is the super hot in carpet right now, too. Traditional neutral colors like beige are out and gray is the new neutral, adding a gorgeous, contemporary look to any room.

Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for homes in general. Gray cabinets, gray doors, you name it. And every shade of gray is still hot and trendy in the home. For your floors and decor.

Even better? If you go with gray, when you choose carpet colors, you can literally choose just about any stage and still be in style. Even once out-of-date dark gray carpeting is making a comeback.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray carpet sets the tone of a cool, contemporary space. They give you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – they will all go with your sleek gray carpeting.

Will the gray carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Heck, yes! Gray will be hot and trendy for decades to come. I wouldn’t give it a second thought!


Multi-Color Carpets & Ombre Carpet

Okay, so this is one of the coolest things happening in the carpet world! When I say “multi-color”, I don’t mean like rainbow carpets. I mean, the kiddos probably love those, but I’m talking legit luxury carpet trends.

The ultra-popular color fading ombre look has expanded from hair into just about every style. In carpet runner trends and area rug trends specifically, you will see bright, bold colors with the ombre effect, something that has only recently become possible. Or, at least only recently started to look good.

Will the multi-color and ombre carpet trends last in 2020 and beyond?

As a statement piece, you bet! But do not, I repeat, do not do ombre wall to wall carpeting. You’re welcome.


2020 Trending Carpet Textures

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay. 2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay. 2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Flooring Inc Trends

Wood isn’t the only flooring that can play with textures! Carpet may be limited in some ways, but there are a lot of textures you can achieve with carpet that hard floors just cannot match.

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Plush Carpet

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: Plush frieze carpet in a living room setting

Remember when everyone stopped using soft, plush carpets? It was the saddest of times. Softness is exactly what makes carpet special, and that ultra softness is something hard floors just cannot compete with.

When I think of carpet, I imagine soft, cozy, warm and comforting carpet almost enveloping me in like a warm blanket. I’m immediately flooded with memories laying on the floor watching a movie or playing with my siblings when I was younger.

The best types of carpet just feel like a family floor. Well, plush carpet does anyway.

I still don’t know why trends momentarily shifted away from soft, plush carpets to thin, low-pile carpets. Actually, I probably do. People started to see carpet as high-maintenance with the trapped dust and allergens, along with the need for constant vacuuming.

But, the truth is, those low-pile carpets just don’t cut it in the home the way a plush carpet does. That’s why we are seeing a huge surge in carpet buying trends going back to thick, luxurious, plush carpeting.

Will the plush carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Yes. You’ll see lots of the plush carpet trends in new homes in cool climates.

It may become more and less trendy throughout the years, but until they come up with an equally comforting option, this trend ain’t going anywhere for good!


Textured Carpet

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

While intricate texturing is on the rise in the wood flooring and wood-look flooring world, that doesn’t mean carpet can’t jump on board with new, interesting textures of its own.

Many contemporary carpets are using textures to create patterns and designs. You’ll see carpet textures creating traditional lines and shapes as well as trending chevron patterns and more randomized looks.

In addition to creating these looks, carpet textures provide an interesting feel. Some textures still keep carpet’s warm, comforting appeal. But some favor looks over comfort, which I think is a big mistake.

Will the textured carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Textures and patterns are sure to stay. However, carpet is all about comfort so carpet lines that favor appearance over comfort will be short-lived.


Ribbed Carpet

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

Ribbed carpet is exactly how it sounds – little ribs of texture throughout the carpet. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you’ve seen until you see it.

Over the last several years, ribbed carpet has been quite popular in offices. This sleek, clean, modern carpet trend offers an upscale carpet look that is more business and less homey.

I would call ribbed carpet tiles more of a commercial carpet trend, but you will also see it used in lots of home offices, closets and more areas around the home in 2020.

Will the ribbed carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

We don’t expect this carpet texture trend to stay around in homes forever, and we anticipate that within the next few years ribbed carpet will be back to more of a business look.


2020 Carpet Layout & Pattern Trends

In 2020, you will see a combination of solid, traditional carpets with the up-and-coming contemporary carpet patterns in bold, eye-catching designs. While traditional isn’t going anywhere, fun patterns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young homeowners.

Geometric Carpet Patterns

2020 Carpet Trends: 21 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas. Get inspired with these carpet trends and learn whether or not they're here to stay.

The days of boring broadloom carpets are over. One of the biggest carpet industry trends is modern patterned carpet.

Moroccan trellis designs, reminiscent of the also trending arabesque tiles, will be one of the hottest trends this year, I also anticipate plenty of hexagon carpets and even some new, creative patterned wall to wall carpeting.

Will the geometric carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Well, we don’t see any reason why the more subtle, classy patterns can’t stay current. Big, bold patterns, however, will likely go out of style in the next 5-10 years.

At least, until they are revived in another 30.


Animal Print Patterns

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: giraffe print carpet in a living room setting

In 2020, we’re all feeling the call of the wild. And how can we express that? With animal print carpet, of course!

When it’s time to make a big statement in an otherwise bland space, nothing says “ROAR” like a cheetah, zebra, or giraffe print. These patterns aren’t just for the kids’ room. Spice up your office space with a sleek, sophisticated print, or create a fun conversation piece for visitors in the living room.

The choices don’t end there. You can go big with a full coverage carpet, or moderate your wild urges with a smaller area rug. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. Just follow your instincts!

Even better, all those bold patterns are perfect for distracting eyes away from stains and dirt. Haven’t rolled out the vacuum in a few days? No problem. Your animal print has got you covered.

Will the animal print carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Probably not, or at least not for long. This a big, bold choice. Some people might love animal print in their homes forever! But most won’t. If you have plans to sell your home anytime soon, I recommend you choose something a bit less adventurous.


Floral Print Patterns

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: neutral floral carpet in a home theater setting

Florals? For Carpet? Groundbreaking. 

But seriously, it is! Bold floral patterns are back and better than ever with a new, neutral twist. While you can definitely still find brightly colored floral carpet, the latest craze is a gray (or greige) carpet with intricate floral designs.

The muted color creates a slightly vintage look. Plus, that neutral backdrop lets you mix and match loud colors and fun patterns together in unique combinations. 

Will the floral print carpet trend last in 2020 and beyond?

Floral carpets will never go away completely. Sure, they may move up and down on the trend lists, but they’ll always be a classic. Carpet + detailed floral pattern = a match made in interior design heaven.


Carpet Tile Patterns

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: checker carpet tile pattern in an office

Similar to broadloom carpet shapes, homeowners are using carpet tiles to create shapes and designs through the layout of their tiles. This is especially popular in businesses but is sneaking into home carpet design trends, as well.

In 2020, you’ll see a lot of mixing and matching colors and patterns to provide unique, one-of-a-kind looks.

Will the carpet tile pattern trend last in 2020 and beyond?

We predict this look will stay current in business offices, but we only give it about 5-10 years to maintain its residential popularity.


Layered Area Rugs

The idea of layering, combining and mashing up looks and patterns is trending across all avenues. Fashion, makeup, you name it.

Minimalism is out and complementing layers, looks and patterns are in!

What does that mean for floors? Well, young homeowners are adding multiple area rugs specifically layered to achieve their desired look.

Usually, these are bright, bold patterns. It’s one of those things that can quickly go south if you don’t have the eye for design.

You know those episodes of “Project Runaway” where they have to make their own pattern? And then usually they have to mix it with another pattern? That’s kinda how this layered rug trend works.

The downside is by layering your rugs, you are left with a lot of uneven spots where the carpets don’t overlap. It looks super cool, but, personally, I don’t think it functions very well in practice.

Will the layered area rugs trend last in 2020 and beyond?

I think this is something you will see in more magazines than homes. It will be one of those things people think looks beautiful for years, but I don’t see it taking off. It’s just not super practical.

Also, do you really want to spend a bunch of money for an area rug to only actually see 1-2 feet of it? I know I don’t.


2020 Carpet Trends by Room

Bedroom Carpet Trends

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: Light colored carpet in a bedroom

The bedroom is probably the most popular room in the home to use wall-to-wall carpeting. I mean, it’s supposed to be your comfy, cozy oasis. While other rooms in the home are often designed with company in mind, your bedroom is the place that is, typically, just for you.

2020 bedroom carpet ideas will be simple. While many other rooms in the home tout flashy patterns and colors, bedrooms will be much more relaxed.

The latest carpet trends for bedrooms include many of the trends mentioned above. You’ll see mostly plush carpets along with an influx of environmentally responsible carpeting.

Popular carpet colors for bedrooms include the grays and cool blues mentioned above. You’ll see less bright bolds and more cool and calming colors.


Living Room Carpet Trends

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: geometric carpet in the living room

For family movie nights, a cozy place to cuddle up and all-around carpet, the soft, soothing feeling of a carpeted living room is unmatched by any other flooring option.

Here, you can go one of two ways: you can go for the simple, understated gray living room carpet or you can get on board with the fun, bold patterns and colors. This is one of the main rooms people will see so many young homeowners are choosing to go a little crazy, have a little fun.

In 2020, living rooms will see lots of the layered area rug trend along with waterproof carpet, gray carpet and carpet patterns.


Basement Carpet Trends

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: gray geometric print carpet for the basement

For a long time, carpet was off-limits in basements. I mean, we all know basements are prone to floods and water damage and carpet is….well, not super awesome in that type of environment.

That all changed with the surge of carpet tiles. Not only are there lots of options for waterproof carpet tiles, but they are also the easiest floor to replace. If one carpet tile gets damaged, you can just remove it and replace with a sparkly new one. Perfect for the high-maintenance basement.

Now, with the addition of waterproof broadloom carpeting, you will see a surge in plush, luxurious carpet back in basements across the country.

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Staircase Carpet Trends

The days of ugly, worn beige carpeted stairs are behind us. Although most people think hard surfaces for trendy stairs these days, designer carpet runners are jumping back into the limelight.

The latest carpet trends for stairs include intricately designed carpets and carpet runners. If there’s any place to let the details shine, it’s your stairs!

Adding a high-end carpet runner to your stairs keeps them cozy while elevating your interior design. Win, win.

One of my favorite staircase carpet ideas is the black and white trellis patterns. It matches with everything and looks super classy with just about any decor. However, you’ll definitely see all kinds of colors and patterns over the next decade and possibly longer.


In Conclusion

Did we miss anything? Leave it in the comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the carpet industry right now. There are plenty of different, unique options trending that will likely stick around for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless.

If you want something hot that will last for the long haul, we recommend going soft, plush and gray. Even better if it’s waterproof!


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Hi. what do you think about hand designed carved area rugs ? thanks

May 18, 2018 5:32 am

Thanks for this lovely guide of trending carpets in the market. Your sense of interior is just WOW. Can you please suggest me something. Recently I’ve shifted to my new house. I’m very much confused about my living room rug. The walls are decorated with a pop of bright colors and the white colored couch is placed at the one corner of my room. Please suggest me the best rug which can go with my living room.

Rachel Frampton
August 22, 2018 7:05 am

Thanks for the great article about different types of carpet trends for 2018. I really loved the section on waterproof carpeting. I have pets and kids and waterproof carpeting sounds like it would be a real lifesaver. I also really loved your suggestion to use this kind of carpet in the bathroom and not have to step on cold tiles anymore when you get out of the shower.

August 29, 2018 5:51 pm

So glad to see articles about carpeting – laminate floors are not for everyone, and you can’t beat the feeling of a soft, plush carpet. Thanks for the detailed information!

Michelle Barichello
September 4, 2018 7:11 am
Reply to  DS53

Glad to hear you enjoyed the post!

Joel Campbell
November 26, 2018 10:42 pm

Really nice article on the latest carpet trends. Being in the carpet installation industry I love to keep track of the things new in the market. This article helped me a lot. Thank you and keep up the great work.

sadiks flooring
December 19, 2018 12:43 am

Your ideas help me a lot, and your tips provide me some extraordinary things which can design me great home flooring.

February 13, 2019 12:22 am

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Daphne Gilpin
February 28, 2019 1:45 pm

Thanks for pointing out that a lot of modern carpets use textures to create patterns and designs. My husband and I are thinking about having new carpet installed in our home soon, so I’ve been looking online to try and find design ideas. I love the idea of a textured pattern, so that’s something I’ll definitely be looking into more!

Michelle Barichello
March 1, 2019 8:03 am
Reply to  Daphne Gilpin

Great to hear, Daphne! Please let us know if we can help you with your project!

March 10, 2019 11:33 pm

You have made my stay here reading your article a worth while one. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and at the same time I’ve learned so much from it. Thank you! I am looking forward for more blogs from you. I see so much potential to you and your site.
To help you with your duties at home try our carpet cleaning Thank you! and have a nice day!

March 28, 2019 11:53 pm

Thanks for the blog. We are planning to start our new office space. Your blog can guide me in the right direction.

Michelle Barichello
April 1, 2019 9:04 am
Reply to  chinjjj


April 5, 2019 7:05 am

I can appreciate the recommendations for people who are planning a new home or doing an extensive renovation, BUT for those of us who a replacing flooring in a single room and not redoing every other surface to coordinate, the color pallet is more limited. Personally, I prefer a well-designed home with “old” colors to a trendy new color that throws everything else off!

Michelle Barichello
April 5, 2019 9:34 am
Reply to  Karen

That’s a great suggestion, Karen, thank you!

Toni Page
Toni Page
April 24, 2019 8:23 am

Thanks! Interesting article. Quick question… we found a Persian runner and wanted to use it as a stair runner. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a little short. We may have to skip the bottom stair, which I think is OK and makes some sense because it’s a visual clue the stairs are ending. Someone told me that they’ve seen a trend where people skip the bottom two steps so it’s a mix of seeing the wood and having the runner. Do you have any thoughts? I haven’t seen any examples of this anywhere. Thanks!

Michelle Barichello
April 30, 2019 11:32 am
Reply to  Toni Page

Hi Toni,

Great question and thanks for asking! Design-wise, your friend is probably right. It would be a nice mix of the two materials, however, a big reason people use carpet runners is for safety purposes. Whether it’s the humans or pets getting up and down the stairs, carpet runners make wood stairs less slippery. Leaving a couple steps at the bottom could be a hazard if you see that as an issue. Something to consider.

Good luck with your project, and please let us know if we can be of anymore help!

May 2, 2019 7:05 pm

Great article! Really helped me out with making a choice for carpeting. I wanted to make sure that plush would still be “in style” for 2019. I know everyone loves the hardwood floors and I do too, but I’m opting for carpet.
I was told by one person giving me an estimate that NYLON was the preferred choice. The other said I would want POLYESTER…
Please tell me which is the best!
Maybe it was in the article but I missed it!
Thanks so much

Michelle Barichello
May 10, 2019 9:19 am
Reply to  Marie

Hi Marie,

Great question. It may depend on where you plan to use it. Nylon is more durable and better for heavy-traffic areas, like stairs, hallways or family rooms. However, polyester is more stain resistant and is often cheaper than nylon material.

Hope this is helpful!

June 20, 2019 5:29 am

Wow, Nice article! Thanks for this article about different types of carpet trends. You have covered almost every point the one should mention in carpet trend article. This is very informative.

Michelle Barichello
June 21, 2019 9:07 am
Reply to  Georgia

Thank you, Georgia!

July 1, 2019 6:03 am
Reply to  Georgia

Really agree about informative article? Especially about flooring))

Michelle Barichello
July 1, 2019 2:04 pm
Reply to  Syndy

Thank you!

Taylor Anderson
July 30, 2019 11:36 am

I love the idea of waterproof carpet keeping my feet warm after I step out of the shower. My home is very old and could use some new flooring. Thanks for explaining all the new carpet trends!

August 7, 2019 12:27 pm

Very helpful article, thank you. I am replacing carpet in my living room, dining room and family room. I wanted to go with a soft plush carpet so I’m glad that it is coming back around. Most of my home is a neutral beige color and so I wanted to choose something in that color palette. I really don’t want to repaint everything to go with the new popular grays because I really feel like gray is too cold and beige is warmer. Do you think I would be making a mistake going with a beige color or will that… Read more »

Chelsi Hewitt
September 17, 2019 8:56 am
Reply to  Margaret

Hi, Margaret.

I’m happy to hear you found this post helpful. If you’re not planning a complete home makeover, and you just want to replace your carpet, I wouldn’t suggest a total change in your color scheme. There are many plush carpet options that come in warmer gray colors, or even a blend of gray and beige (known as greige).

Here are some examples that might help:

September 26, 2019 7:58 am

do you carry carpet that looks like hardwood floors? I own a restaurant and need to replace my carpet in my back room and I saw carpeting that looks like hardwood. I don’t know where to find it?

Chelsi Hewitt
September 26, 2019 8:26 am
Reply to  Jen

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your question. It’s going to be hard to find carpet that looks exactly like hardwood simply because the textures are so different. We do offer carpet planks that are shaped more like wood planks, and they’re perfect for commercial spaces. While you might not get the exact look of hardwood, you can evoke the idea of hardwood.

Here’s a product that could work for you:

November 17, 2019 6:58 pm

I love the look of the patterned stairway carpeting, but was thinking about a pattern in the living room where the stairs start. Can I mix 2 patterns, continue a pattern from the living room up the stairs ( just up the center of the stairs), or do I need to stay with a texture or Neutral plush for the larger living room?

Chelsi Hewitt
November 18, 2019 7:42 am
Reply to  Patti

Hi Patti!

Thank you for your question. Patterned carpet on the stairs can be a great look, but it might be tricky to mix two patterns without some clashing. I recommend you either continue the pattern from the living room onto the stairs, or you choose a more neutral carpet for the living room. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

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