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Shaw Cornerstone Oak Engineered Wood

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Home Flooring

You probably know someone who’s always starting a renovation project, or maybe someone who flips houses and is always in search of quality, affordable flooring. To wow them with a thoughtful gift this holiday season, give the gift of the perfect home flooring!

If you’re looking for something durable and low-maintenance, we’ve got that. Maybe you want to gift a softer, more comfortable floor. We’ve got that, too. From waterproof vinyl to laminate, and even carpet and tile, there are tons of options to choose from for a home flooring gift. Get inspired by checking out these home flooring gifts for the holidays.


Explore all your vinyl flooring options, from pet-friendly waterproof vinyl to affordable and stylish vinyl sheets.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

TritonCORE Pro 7 Rigidcore Vinyl Planks

Waterproof vinyl features a WPC or SPC core that doesn’t absorb water. It’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more. The wood plastic composite core is springy enough to provide some give underfoot, making it a great choice for residential use, but it can also be installed in commercial spaces. 

Everyone can find a style of waterproof vinyl they like, from wood looks and stone looks to more creative designs like parquet, tile, and stained glass. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain, this is a kid-friendly, pet-friendly flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Planks

mannington adura max wpc vinyl

Vinyl planks are highly sought-after for their realistic wood-look styles. The easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant surfaces often feature enhanced textures to mimic the feel of real hardwood, all protected by a durable wear layer

DIY-friendly installation is an important factor as well. These days, most luxury vinyl planks use an interlocking tongue and groove installation system, so you can lay the floor yourself without the need for a professional. These features make vinyl planks one of the most stylish, user-friendly flooring options on the market.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Stone Flex Tiles - Gemstone Collection

For the latest in stone-look styles, nothing beats vinyl tiles. You can choose from the ultra-luxurious look of marble, limestone, and more, all without paying the price for real stone. Just like vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tiles often features realistic textures for a more convincing appearance and feel.

Vinyl tiles are warmer than natural stone floors and more comfortable to stand on. Plus, they are easier to take care of than real stone, since they don’t need special sealers or cleaning products to look their best. Installation is also a breeze, so you can always install the flooring without the need for a pro.


Vinyl Sheets

Mannington Benchmark 6' Vinyl Sheet

Do you know someone looking for vinyl flooring that’s stylish, easy to install, and most importantly, won’t break the bank? Give the gift of vinyl sheets! Sheet vinyl offers a classy, luxurious style that’s also affordable. 

These days, a lot of vinyl sheet flooring comes with a durable fiberglass backing that provides extra stability, so you can install it by simply spreading it out and securing the edges with double-sided vinyl tape. Easy to clean and maintain, sheet vinyl won’t trap dust, pet dander, or other allergens. It practically takes care of itself.


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Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic that will never go out of style. Now you can have convincing wood-look laminate that is more durable and low-maintenance than the real thing. Or, if you’re looking for authenticity, check out engineered hardwood with real wood veneers.

Water Resistant Laminate

12mm Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate

Laminate planks create a warm, welcoming feel in any space, with incredibly realistic wood looks and a durable wear layer to protect it from wear and tear. Waterproof laminate takes the durability one step further, allowing you to install it in more moisture-prone areas.

For a busy home with kids and pets, waterproof laminate can be a lifesaver, requiring little maintenance and always looking effortlessly gorgeous. 


Standard Laminate

12mm Mohawk Rare Vintage Laminate Flooring

With standard, non-waterproof laminate, you get highly detailed wood looks that are trending everywhere. Unlike real wood, laminate is low-maintenance. There’s no refinishing or special treatment required, and the durable wear layer is designed to protect that beautiful surface from wear and tear.

The best part? It’s affordable. Laminate is the most budget-friendly alternative to wood flooring, and the textures and colors are so realistic that you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. 


Engineered Hardwood

Shaw Cornerstone Oak Engineered Wood

Upgrade your home with engineered hardwood floors, and enjoy the increased property value. This alternative to solid hardwood flooring consists of layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF). It’s a solid investment in your home that will end up paying dividends as time passes.

Made with a real wood veneer, each plank of engineered hardwood showcases an authentic wood grain and texture. You can pick from a variety of wood species, including hickory, walnut, maple, oak, and more. You’ll never see any repeating patterns or unconvincing looks because it’s the real thing!


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Explore the unbeatable options of tile and choose from floor tile, wall tile, or even backsplash mosaic tile to add something stylish and special to your space.

Floor Tile

Daltile RevoTile - Wood Visual

When you gift floor tile, what you’re really giving is a huge flooring upgrade. More than any other flooring, tile is durable, waterproof, and designed to stand the test of time. 

Tile also holds the distinction of being the most versatile flooring in terms of style. You can find tile in virtually any size, shape, and color. That includes popular wood-look and stone-look designs. Plus, installing tile doesn’t have to require a professional anymore. The new RevoTile click locking tile is designed for DIYers of all skill levels.


Wall Tile

daltile color wheel mosaic

Time for an accent wall! When you want to update the style in your living room, bedroom, or basically anywhere, wall tile is a great option. With so many bold colors, shapes, and patterns, you’re sure to make a statement.

Another benefit of wall tile is durability. Unlike paint or other wall treatments, tile is waterproof, it won’t dent, and it resists scratches and stains. This is a huge plus for hectic households or areas where the furniture always seems to bump into the wall. 


Backsplash and Mosaic Tile

Daltile Sublimity Mosaic

Gift the luxury of a tile backsplash. No kitchen or bathroom is complete without some mosaic tile behind the sink to protect the walls from moisture. Not to mention the style! With everything from genuine marble and limestone to bold metallic-look tiles, it’s easy to find a backsplash that will be the centerpiece of the room.

Backsplash tiles come in DIY-friendly mosaic sheets, so half the work is done for you already, but it gets even better. These days, you can find peel and stick backsplash tile made from real stone. It looks gorgeous, and no one will believe how easy it is to install.


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Nothing beats the softness, comfort, and warmth of carpet. Plus, these days, carpet is a lot more versatile. You can choose from carpet tiles, broadloom carpet rolls, area rugs, and even outdoor carpet.

Carpet Rolls

Air.o New Beginnings I Carpet with Pad

Broadloom carpets, a.k.a. carpet rolls, are a gift that keeps on giving. As the most comfortable flooring option, carpet creates a place in your home to relax, play with the kiddos, or just enjoy some coziness.

From bedrooms to living rooms and even home theaters, carpet rolls are the ideal flooring to provide warmth, sound absorption, softness, and style. 


Carpet Tiles

ribbed carpet tile

Carpet tiles are a great option for a quick and easy flooring update. Many carpet tiles come with a self-adhering backing that lets you peel and stick the tiles to the floor, simple as that. They’re ideal for any residential environment, and best of all, they’re affordable, too.

Don’t forget about the appearance either! With carpet tiles, you can mix and match colors, and even create your own patterns. Your imagination is the only limit.


Area Rugs

Contours Outdoor Area Rug

Sometimes, the perfect gift isn’t an entire floor, but instead a nice accent rug. Area rugs are making a comeback as more people opt for hard flooring. Just toss down a rug and you get some much-needed softness and warmth.

Our area rugs are great in both indoor and outdoor spaces, so there’s no limit to where you can add a bit of texture and color.


Outdoor Carpet

Shaw Gardenscape Outdoor Carpet

An outdoor carpet can completely transform spaces like porches and patios. No longer do you have to deal with too-hot flooring or the risk of wood splinters. It’s time to get comfortable in the great outdoors!

Available in rugs, tiles, and full rolls, outdoor carpet is designed to withstand harsh weather and the beating sun, all without fading or attracting mold and mildew. 


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Happy Shopping!

This list of the best home flooring gifts hopefully inspired you with the perfect present for that DIYer or house-flipper you know. Are you excited to surprise them with the flooring of their dreams? Get started!


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