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Vinyl Sheet Flooring Vinyl Sheet, Vinyl Flooring Rolls

Vinyl Sheet Learning Center

Vinyl sheet flooring may conjure up memories of unattractive flooring from the late 1970’s, and that’s actually pretty accurate because the prints and styles back then were something else! However, as technology has increased across all industries in the past few decades, so has the style and durability of vinyl sheet flooring.

Print images are now worlds better than they were before, and manufacturers are able to create vinyl sheet flooring that actually mimics hardwood flooring, stone flooring, and other looks in a way that easily tricks the eye. Tile patterns, for example, now are being made to where the grout line on the vinyl sheet actually has a little bit of a depression as if it were actually grout on a tile floor. Wood looks have textured surfaces that go with the grain of the wood so it looks and feels like actual wood! The high quality imagery really is attractive and there is certainly main patterns that are sure to go well with any room’s decor. Rolled vinyl flooring is low cost per square foot compared to other flooring options on the market, making it the perfect option for larger areas that need to be covered with flooring.

Unlike the flooring that some patterns are made to replicate - cough *hardwood* cough - vinyl sheet can be installed absolutely anywhere in the home, including below grade in basements. How do you like them apples, hardwood? Vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile and commonly installed in home offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, basements, rental properties, and even in laundry rooms.


Luxury vinyl sheet flooring is very strong, making it perfect for high traffic areas in the home. Vinyl’s multilayer construction offers superior durability and each layer has a different but important purpose:

  • Finish layer: This is the very top layer that you’ll actually feel on your feet. It specifically protects against scratching and staining, making a floor that is super easy to clean

  • Wear layer: This is essentially the bodyguard to your flooring - it battles the bad guys (or rips, tears, and damage that may occur with normal wear on the floor)

  • Foam layer: This is the comfortable layer that makes it feel like walking on clouds. Well, not necessarily clouds because you’ll likely still have a concrete subfloor underneath, but it will feel heavenly. The foam layer provides cushion, anti fatigue properties, and warmth underfoot

  • Backing layer: This is the backbone of your flooring and provides a strong foundation. This helps to keep your floor strong and resistant to cracking or curling. Some backing layers available are fiberglass or felt. FlooringInc.com currently only offers fiberglass backed sheet goods

Vinyl is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and staining, which makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl floors are great for growing families, people with pets, and even those with allergies since it is so easy to clean up with a broom and damp mop. Vinyl sheet have few seams like other flooring types, limiting the places where bacteria can grow. It is the ultimate kid and pet friendly flooring. Similar to linoleum flooring, our vinyl sheet flooring is actually easier to maintain since it doesn't have to be sealed like linoleum floors do.


Vinyl sheet is made to cover large areas, and most rolls come at around 12’ in width. This large of a size can be somewhat difficult to handle, so a professional installer is recommended if you don’t feel up for the challenge. Vinyl’s flexible nature makes it incredibly easy to place in a room and cut around fixed objects such as cabinets and toilets. Also, you have installation options depending on which type of vinyl sheet you get: fiberglass backed or felt backed vinyl.

Fiberglass-backed vinyl floors are unique in that the backing allows the floor to lay flat and it won’t curl up at the edges. This gives options as to how it can be installed: either loose laid or modified loose laid. This means that you can use a pressure sensitive glue or double sided carpet tape around the perimeter of the room. Vinyl sheets with fiberglass backing do not need to be fully glued to the floor, but you may like to if it is a heavily trafficked area.

Felt backed vinyl floors, on the other hand, tend to curl on the ends, and this limits the installation options. These sheet goods must be secured in place with adhesive for a permanent installation. FlooringInc.com does not currently sell any felt backed sheet goods.

Impact Rolls

Our Impact Sheet Rolls have been specially designed with exercise in mind. These rolls are built to provide superior comfort underfoot and provide shock absorbency in rooms where padding and durability is needed. Our Eco-Impact Rolls have a thick foam backing that helps with sound absorption and is an excellent alternative to hardwood. Our regular Impact Roll is backed with durable yet cushiony rubber for superior shock absorbency for all of your workout needs. Both rolls are approved for indoor basketball courts, dance studios, yoga studios and more!

The cushioned backings offer comfort and support, while the vinyl surface provides a nonporous area that is easy to clean up after sweat and spills hit the ground. With vinyl’s natural properties of resistance to mold and mildew, these are the perfect rolls for an active workout room where you’ll be sweating up a storm. And let’s be honest, if you’re not sweating, you’re not doing it right!

Impact Rolls are versatile in installation and can be either loose laid, installed with perimeter double sided tape, or glued down for a permanent installation.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Product Heroes at (866) 416-6388.
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