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Farmhouse Flooring: 15+ Ideas for a Country Chic Home

In recent years, the farmhouse style has become a major interior design trend to take on the market. So what is country chic style, and how can you incorporate farmhouse flooring into your home?

In this guide, you’ll learn about several trending farmhouse flooring options such as wood, carpet, tile, and vinyl planks. With so many options, it’s essential to consider the details in shades, textures, and patterns, all of which impact your overall farmhouse aesthetic. 

To complete your farmhouse look, you’ll need to add metal fixtures and country decor! We can take away the guessing and help you discover classic farmhouse elements to incorporate into your home. 

Ready to create a timeless and charming feel for your home?

What is Farmhouse Style?

Smokey Mountain Oak Engineered Wood

Farmhouse-style homes are elegant and simple to create a relaxing home base for friends and family. Farmhouses were once the place to reconnect and wind down after a long day of farm work. Although minimal in design, there is still a sense of beauty in bringing in the outdoors through rustic wood tones, family heirlooms, and incorporation of country home decor. 

Classic Farmhouse Style

For a chic country look, consider the following:

  • Built for practicality: Traditionally, farmhouses were constructed out of simple materials and formed with the homeowners’ ease in mind. Horizontal siding, large porches, and open shelving are all aspects of the farmhouse-style home.
  • Minimalist and inviting: With country chic style, you’re able to add personal touches of your interests, photography, and family belongings. More textures and insight into your livelihood will make your home warm and inviting for guests. 
  • Neutral tones: The majority of farmhouse interiors have light-colored walls, such as cream or stark white. However, for transitional pieces (like hutches, paintings, cabinetry), you can incorporate vivid colors like barn red, navy blue, or moss green. Balance is critical for a natural, lived-in appearance. 

Farmhouse Style vs. Modern Farmhouse Style

The most common differentiator between traditional farmhouse style and modern farmhouse style is the location of your home. Houses built in the suburbs and on farmland have a more conventional farmhouse style, while homes in cities have a modern farmhouse style. 

Modern Farmhouse Style

Two modernized aspects of farmhouse style: 

  • Metal fixtures: Sleek lines are a must for a modern home! Adding in contemporary appliances and lighting fixtures such as stainless steel or copper can modernize your farmhouse kitchen or living room. 
  • Bold contrast: Like the traditional style, modern farmhouse decor thrives on bold contrast between walls, appliances, and flooring. Darker-colored wood beams and flooring against stark white are a common trend.

Now that you know the basics of classic and modern farmhouse styles let’s take a deeper look at flooring and how it can significantly impact your country aesthetic!  

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Farmhouse Style Wood Flooring

Shaw Reflections White Oak Engineered Wood

Wood flooring is easily one of the best options to complete your farmhouse-style home! There are countless wood flooring options available, from laminate to engineered hardwood. We know you’ll find the perfect wood floor for you. 

Installation is DIY-friendly as well! If you’re looking for a floating floor, we have various wood flooring that can be placed down without adhesive or nails. You won’t have to sacrifice practicality, budget, or style with our wood flooring selection! 

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Wide Planks

10mm Antique Craft Waterproof Laminate

Wide plank wood flooring is a classic choice for a country-style home. In previous years, wood mills would cut planks in wider variations, and that’s why it’s a common trend for today’s farm-style homes. Look for planks at least five inches wide; even better if they’re seven to 12 inches wide. The wider the plank, the more authentic old-look you’ll get. 

Gray Wood Shades

12mm Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate

A popular trend for farmhouse-style wood flooring is to go with a lighter wood look. It goes excellently with stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel in faucet handles and lighting fixtures! Gray wood flooring is a neutral choice that can complement the rest of your farmhouse aesthetic. For the best contrast, we recommend you pair your light wood floors with cool-toned country decor.

Natural Wood Shades

Shaw Expressions White Oak Engineered Wood

Natural wood shades offer the most extensive array of options. From white oak to hickory, you’ll be able to choose from lighter wood planks to dark and rich colored ones. The best part of natural wood shades is the ability to elevate your farmhouse style.

The wood floors’ beauty adds character and warmth to your space, making everyone feel right at home. For increased modernization of your farmhouse, we recommend going with a darker shade of maple or acacia, both of which are full of natural character. The best rule of thumb is to find a wood option that complements the rest of your home’s color scheme.

Rustic and Embossed Characteristics

12mm Shaw Timberline Laminate Flooring

Your wood flooring wouldn’t be complete without natural-looking features, like distress marks, scuffs, and rustic graining. Today, many designers choose rustic-looking wood for their farmhouse flooring renovations. Wire-brushed and even textured wood gives an authentic and warm feel to your farmhouse style that refined flooring may not provide.  

Shop the Farmhouse Wood Flooring Look: 

Farmhouse Style Carpet Flooring

Anderson Tuftex Sketch

No home would be complete without cozy and bright flooring! Carpet is the perfect way to integrate dimension into your home. Carpet is comfortable underfoot and provides a soft surface for children and animals to play on. Our selection of carpet rolls and tiles comes in several patterns, materials, and pile heights, all of which offer great flooring benefits. Carpet provides a surface that’s relatively sound absorbent, slip-resistant, and insulated.

For authentic farmhouse living, carpet is a gamechanger! For a country-chic look, we recommend sticking to minimalist carpet designs. However, that doesn’t mean a lack of depth! Different shades within the carpet’s stitching can add an elegant feel that doesn’t obstruct the rest of the room.

Mixed Textures

Joy Carpets Windsor Carpet

A popular carpet style, cut and loop, offers a stylish, modern feel. The varying loop and cut height of the carpet helps build a dynamic look that remains comfortable underfoot for everyday use. With textured carpet, it’s also easier to hide dirt, foot tracks, and uneven surfaces. They’re perfect for busy families and high-traffic areas, like the dining room and family room. 


Joy Carpets Park Place Carpet

You can either stick to highly patterned carpet or those that are lightly detailed for beautiful carpet flooring. It’s really up to you! What matters is the combined look with the rest of your farmhouse. The main goal of the farmhouse style is to have a cohesive flow in every room. Your carpet should naturally blend in with space and draw your guests’ attention upwards. 

To suit everyone’s needs, we offer various decorative, ribbed, weaved, diamond, and plaid patterns that can spruce up farmhouse bedrooms, dining rooms, and more. 

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Soft Color Scheme

Shaw Floorigami Tri-Tone Carpet Plank

The theme with all farmhouse style flooring is to keep it feeling fresh. Choosing carpets that draw the attention upwards towards your furniture, lighting fixtures, and beautiful photos and heirlooms is what you want. The lighter and more muted carpet shades are, the easier it will be to make your space airier.

Shop the Farmhouse Carpet Look:

Farmhouse Style Tile Flooring

Daltile Octagon Dot

Tile is an effortless way to create a farmhouse aesthetic! With crisp, clean lines and layouts, tile can complete the old-fashioned look in no time. Tile benefits include durability, low maintenance, beauty, and the added safety of being hypoallergenic. Tiles are one of the safest flooring options, as they do not harbor bacteria, dust mites, or mold. 

If you are trying to live a green lifestyle, porcelain and ceramic tile do not emit VOCs, as they are made from naturally occurring minerals. These tiles are healthy for indoor air quality and also make for an excellent long-term investment for your home. 

Tile Designs

Shaw Marlow Deco Mix 8 x 8

Tile comes in endless designs that can complement your rustic and traditional look you aspire for! For 2021, farmhouse tile glazes lean towards light gray, gray/blue, beige, and cream. If you’re fearful of adding an intricate tile design, we recommend putting a few sample variations in your room before choosing the one for you!

Wood-Look Tiles

Daltile Cinematic

For water-prone and heavy traffic environments, like the kitchen, tiles are a fantastic choice! We have a selection of wood-look tiles that add visual depth to your rustic farmhouse style. Virtually all our tile options are ultra-durable and slip-resistant! Your floors won’t become damaged with the hustle and bustle of country living. 

Shop the Farmhouse Tile Look:

Farmhouse Style Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Revive 12' Luxury Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl flooring is perfect for a well-lived-in farmhouse! Like laminate and hardwood flooring, vinyl is resilient, provides gorgeous wood looks, and offers easy DIY installation. Vinyl floors are easy to maintain, and most options are water-resistant or waterproof, making them great for the kitchen, laundry room, or even mudroom! You can get it all with vinyl planks, tiles, and sheets. For more ideas on farmhouse-inspired vinyl flooring, take a look at our styles below. 

Stone-Look Vinyl

COREtec Plus 12 Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

All houses appreciate non-slip and resilient flooring! Historically, farmhouses had tile flooring. You can incorporate appealing stone-look vinyl tile flooring into places you want a smooth, refined look. Many of our vinyl tile planks are 100% waterproof, are easy to install as a floating floor, and come with decade-long warranties. It’s a safe bet that most of our vinyl tiles and planks are mold and mildew-resistant so that they will work well in water-prone spaces. 

Wood-Look Vinyl

Shaw Great Plains 12' wide Vinyl Sheet

A fantastic alternative to hardwood floors is wood-looking vinyl flooring! You can get the high-quality feel of natural wood, with the affordability and quality of vinyl, such as easy maintenance and installation, stain protection, budget-friendliness. Better yet, with vinyl flooring’s wood looks, you can choose from several roll and plank options.

A popular choice for country-inspired flooring is vinyl planks, which offer surfaces with registered embossing. Embossed vinyl planks resemble the texture of hardwood with knots, grains, and variations. If you’re searching for realistic and durable wood flooring, vinyl is the perfect way to complete your farmhouse look. 

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Patterned Vinyl

Mannington Revive 12' Luxury Vinyl Sheet

Patterned vinyl sheets are another stunning farmhouse flooring option. They come with endless variations, especially in the desired light blue, gray, and cream tones. Vinyl rolls are an excellent choice for busy households, as their ultra-durable material allows them to withstand liquid spills and furniture and pet scratches.

They’re straightforward to clean and won’t trap in pet dander, dust, or other allergens. Many of our vinyl sheets are FloorScore approved and have patterns made of low-VOC water-based inks. Rest assured your vinyl sheet farmhouse flooring will keep your indoor air quality safe and healthy! 

Shop the Farmhouse Vinyl Look:

Additional Elements of a Farmhouse Style Home

With your farmhouse-style flooring in check, it’s time for additional interior design elements! Necessities for a country-chic look include greenery, rustic finishes, neutral paint tones, and personal touches for decor. 

Farmhouse-style homes embrace a mixture of textures, old family heirlooms, and pops of color. Don’t be afraid to let your true personality shine! 

Farmhouse Backsplashes and Wall TileShaw Chateau Chevron Natural Stone Tile

Farmhouse kitchens wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful backsplash! Whether glossy or matte, wall tiles are guaranteed to create an inviting atmosphere. You can find the trendy farmhouse tile look on both floors and walls. Historically, farmhouses incorporated natural stone tiles. We have a variety of glass, limestone, and travertine options that add that extra bit of detail.

Using natural stone is a great way to make your home feel refined and refreshed. If you’re looking for a more affordable yet stylish alternative to natural stone tiles, porcelain, and ceramic tiles add the same effects to your backsplash at a reasonable price. 

Subway Tile

Shaw Elegance Subway Tile

Subway tile is the most recognizable farmhouse backsplash by far! The solid linear pattern of subway tile makes kitchens and living spaces feel elongated and airy. We recommend balancing the muted backsplash with the colorful, yet practical decor to create dimension in a kitchen space. Break up the room with pops of color, like flowers, herbs, or even bowls of fresh fruit. 

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Patterned Tile

Shaw Revival Maria 8 x 8

Walls deserve the attention, too! You can add a beautiful piece of art to your home with highly detailed and retro-looking wall tiles. Consider adding a patterned tile look for a stylish country kitchen, such as floral, decorative, weave, encaustic, and arabesque. Patterned tiles are one-of-a-kind accents that fit perfectly with the quirky, lived-in farmhouse style.

Shop the Farmhouse Wall Tile Look:

Farmhouse Style Paint Color

Anderson Tuftex Classic Beauty

One of the most essential parts of a successful farmhouse aesthetic is the paint color! We suggest sticking with the most classic trend by using white paint or another soft color scheme. Classic choices include cream, nature-inspired green, and warm blues. Remember, creativity is part of an effortless farmhouse look! You can incorporate fun pops of color such as peach, burnt orange, and burgundy. Use sparingly, so it doesn’t overwhelm the space and beautiful flooring you plan to install. 

Farmhouse Style Area Rugs

Pindot Outdoor Patio Rugs

Accents in your farmhouse-inspired home matter, too! You can get creative with a variety of functional and decorative outdoor/ indoor rugs. Unroll your area rug on the patio for a soft, comfortable surface.  With the quality of outdoor area rugs, it can surely handle the high-traffic environment of farm life inside your home. 

Our area rugs are made of highly durable fibers, like polyester and polypropylene. You can bet your area rug will remain colorful and tough enough for any spills or weather conditions that come its way! 


Ivy Outdoor Patio Rugs

Just like full carpet rolls and tiles, area rugs provide an extra element of design to the exterior of your home! With farmhouse style, you’ll want to create a cohesive layout for the entirety of your space so it looks and feels organic.  Our outdoor rugs come in various looks to match your farmhouse style. Popular patterns for farmhouse-style area rugs include hobnail, geometric, and plaid.

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Shop the Farmhouse Rug Look:

Farmhouse Style Accessories

Daltile RevoTile - Wood Visual

Mix and match your home’s aesthetic with different pieces of furniture and heirlooms. Incorporate different textured photo frames, flower vases, mirrors, and lighting fixtures. We often see a mixture of metals such as iron, steel, and copper elements in farmhouse style. You can strategically place copper into your kitchen with kitchen sinks and faucets, vases, and drink wear. 

The more contrast you bring with different aspects of the room, the more modernized your farmhouse will look. Darker colored metals, like lighting fixtures and decor, will significantly increase the drama in your space. Pro tip: Center your room around a focal point, like a couch, to encourage guests to mingle in your farmhouse living room. Add a piece of furniture, like a wood coffee table, to increase the room’s functionality. 


If you want to design the space of your farmhouse dreams, choosing the right flooring is the perfect way to start! We hope our farmhouse-inspired flooring guide and country decor ideas have inspired you to create the ultimate home!

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