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Provenza Affinity Engineered Hardwood

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Product Highlights

  • Wide plank European oak
  • Light wire brush surface texture
  • Micro-beveled edges

  • Wide plank European oak
  • Light wire brush surface texture
  • Micro-beveled edges
  • Random length planks
  • Glue down, staple or float
  • Lifetime construction residential warranty
Description - Provenza's Affinity is a collection of European Oak wide plank hardwood flooring that is available in a range of fashionable colors. Provenza engineered hardwood is made with a European Oak veneer that is subject to color, character, grain, stain and finish variation. Each plank comes in a 7.48" width and varying lengths including planks up to 82.67" long to give your floor a modern and unique plank lay. These European oak wood floors are made extra tough with a scratch resistant surface and a matte finish that provides the protection your beautiful wood floor deserves. Edges seam together with a micro-bevel that allows the natural character of the wood to define the planks rather than plank edging.
Material – European oak engineered hardwood
Plank Size 7.48" x variable lengths (up to 83")
Thickness 1/2 in
Edges Micro-bevel
Color Variation Light to Heavy Character
ScratchResist Yes
Level Install on any level
Species European Oak
Finish Light Wire Brush
Installation Floating - Click System
Warranty 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction Residential

Recommended Uses – Provenza Affinity engineered hardwood is a great choice when looking to upgrade your flooring to real hardwood. It is suitable for all grades and can be glued, stapled and floated.

In Stock - Ships between Jun 24 - 26

General Information:
The flooring is installed as a “floating flooring”. This means that the flooring should not be fixed to the subfloor and there should be 4-6 mm distance to wall and other fixed objects. Remove any flooring strips. Measure the room accurately at a right angle to the direction of the floorboards. The floorboards in the final row should be at least 5 cm wide. If necessary, the floorboards in the first row can be cut to smaller size. Tools needed to install the flooring are a pad saw or fine toothed handsaw and an installation kit containing spacer block and an installation tool. You also need an underlayment (cork, foam or rubber) and in certain cases 0.2 (.008 in) mm plastic film for insulation against moisture.
Flooring Prep:
Store the floorboards at room temperature for at least 48 hours still in their packaging, prior to commencing work. The room temperature must be at least 18°C (65°F) before and during installation. Floor areas more than 100 m² (900 sq. ft.) with dimensions greater than 10 m (30 feet) in either length or with, in transitions between two rooms and asymmetrical floor areas requires expansion gaps in the floor installation.
Subfloor Prep:
The flooring can be laid on top of most hard surfaces such as resilient floor coverings, wood flooring and ceramic tile. Soft subfloors such as carpets and similar must be removed. The subfloor must be even, flat, dry and variations should not exceed +/- 2 mm in 2 m (.08 in 6.6'). On wooden floors the flooring is normally laid across the existing floorboard.
All type of concrete, wooden and ceramic surfaces must be completely dry:
  • For wood surfaces, moisture rate corresponding to 50% RAH
  • For concrete screeds CM less than 2.0%/
  • For anhydride screeds CM less than 0.5%

All types of concrete and ceramic subfloors require insulation against damp. This is also required for concrete floors with built-in-moisture barrier or heating and concrete floors with resilient floor covering. Use moisture barrier film with a minimum thickness of 0,2mm (.008) and allow for at least 20cm (8”) overlapping before taping. Turn the film upwards along the walls and trim when the laying of the floor is completed. Underlayment must be used over the entire installation when installing. Use underlayment paper or foam with a thickness of 3mm (.12 in).
Heated Floor Prep:
Follow the instructions for the subfloor heating systems supplied by the manufacturer/contractor. Also note the following: Turn the subfloor heating off for 2 – 3 days so that the floor is room temperature prior to laying. The surface temperature of the floor must not exceed 28°C (82°F) and the maximum output from the heating cables must not exceed 60 W/m². Make sure that the floor surface has no hot and cold areas, as this will cause tension in the floor when the heating cables are in use. Turn on the heating system after laying is completed. We recommend following start up procedure: During the first week, the heating should be set to low or medium for 2 hours per day. During the next week, set the heating to medium output, 24 hours per day. After the initial period, the heating can be regulated in a normal way. Note: That when using carpets, the surface temperature of the flooring might be higher than recommended.
  • Begin laying the flooring in the left-hand corner. Place the floorboard 4-6mm from the left wall. The distance to the wall in front (4-6mm) is not important because the flooring can be pushed into place at a later stage.
  • Press the end section of the next floorboard at an angle to the first one, then lay down. Complete the first row in the same manner.
  • Place the final floorboard face down and the short side without the locking strip towards the wall. The distance to the wall should be 4-6mm. Mark where the floorboard is to be cut.
  • Place the floorboard face down on the work surface and cut to size using a pad under 1 saw. Use a fine toothed type if you are using a hand saw. In this case, cut the floorboards face up.
  • Use a cut piece of floorboard from the previous row to start the next row. This must be at least 30 cm long. If the piece is too short, start with a new board and cut in half. Always ensure that the end joints are staggered at least 30 cm.
  • Place the floorboard at an angle against the floorboard in the previous row, press forward and fold down at the same time.
  • Place the next floorboard at an angle against the previous installed floorboard and push it against the row in front. Put it down when the floorboards are positioned tightly.
  • The distance to the walls can be adjusted when the three rows are completed. Place the flooring 4-6mm from the walls.
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