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12mm Mohawk RevWood Plus Crest Haven Laminate

American Flooring Guide: 4 Top USA Home Flooring Options

Feeling patriotic? The good news is that there are many options for buying USA-made flooring. 

Why Buy USA-Made Flooring?

Joy Carpets Windsor Carpet

Reasons to buy flooring made in the USA:

  1. To support local businesses: When you buy USA-made flooring, you’re supporting local businesses that manufacture, print, seal, and construct your beautiful flooring. They may even be in your community! That’s a feeling you can’t beat.
  2. Follow sustainability practices: This option is for you if you’re interested in keeping the planet healthy.
  3. Invest in quality materials: You know exactly where your flooring is from and what’s in it — something everyone needs to know. You’re doing yourself a service by buying USA-made flooring.


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What a USA-Made Expert is Saying

Woman reading magazine on American made wood flooring. Featured: Swiss Krono

“All Swiss Krono USA manufacturing, management, marketing, and customer service are based in Barnwell, S.C., for two reasons. First, we are employing American workers in well-paying, highly skilled jobs to craft some of the best products in the world. Cheap laminate floors produced in third-world countries simply don’t meet the quality standards Americans have come to expect…Second, we think it is important to support the American economy. We urge all consumers to verify where the products they are buying were made, then to buy American. It means quality and safety, and for some, it means a job!” — Swiss Krono

Brands with USA-Made Flooring

We’ve chosen a select few of our most reputable and trusted American-made flooring brands for this guide, including:  


For over 50 years, Shaw Floors, has provided happy homeowners and renters with exceptional product expertise and the finest USA-made products, including but not limited to luxury vinyl, engineered wood, and carpet. With beliefs in innovation, passion, and culture for service, they hope to excite every Shaw customer and make them proud to have a piece of their flooring in their home. 


The flooring company, Mannington Mills, is a 4th generation family-owned business with its main headquarters in New Jersey, USA. We’re proud partners to provide you and your family with a variety of stylish laminate planks that are DIY-friendly and made of quality materials that resist everyday wear and tear. They offer a wide variety of USA-made carpet, laminate, and vinyl flooring.


Mohawk is one of the oldest All-American brands, with its first carpets hitting the market in 1878. Since then, the company has been an active leader in the flooring industry for its environmentally responsible practices and development of renewably sourced products. They pride themselves in their 100% American-made products, including carpet, vinyl, laminate, and engineered hardwood

Joy Carpets

Joy Carpets offers various carpet products, ranging from broadloom and modular carpets, rugs, and mats. Since 1973, they’ve been a pioneer in fine gauge tufting and providing superior materials with the best warranties. You can choose from their most colorful and intricate patterns by shopping their carpets on our website.

So what options do you have? You can buy from a countless variety of options, including USA-made carpet, vinyl, laminate, engineered wood, and more. Now, let’s find the right one for you. 

USA-Made Carpet

Carpet rolls and carpet tiles are an affordable warm option for your home. The majority of the USA-made carpet brands we carry undergo rigorous testing and safety measures to ensure top-notch quality, low-VOC, and come backed by air-quality certifications like CRI Green Label Plus®. Rest assured the flooring you put in your home is safe to use for animals, children, and yourself. Explore below for best-selling American-made carpets you’re sure to love. 

Air.o New Beginnings I Carpet with Pad

Air.o New Beginnings I Carpet with Pad

This revolutionary USA-made carpet by Mohawk is engineered to help homeowners with comfort and easy clean-ability.

While this option is made of 100% recycled material, it outperforms competitors thanks to its premium polyester fibers, making it inherently stain and moisture-resistant. Worried about allergens? Mohawk Air.o products are free of latex, odors, and VOCs. 


  • Latex and VOC-free
  • 10-year quality warranty
  • Installs in half the time


Shaw Floorigami Tri-Tone Carpet Plank

Shaw Floorigami Tri-Tone Carpet Plank

USA-made Floorigami Tri-Tone is a simple, comfortable, and functional multi-tonal cut pile carpet plank that features a rich blend of three complementary hues perfect for adding a punch of personality.


  • DIY, peel and stick carpet planks
  • Hypoallergenic and stain resistant
  • Great for active households with kids and pets


Joy Carpets Balanced Carpet

Joy Carpets Balanced Carpet

The Balanced collection by Joy Carpets features an attractive linear pattern available in several colors that look great in any space.


  • Actionbac®  Backing
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Green Label Plus® Certified 
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Honorable Mentions


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USA-Made Vinyl

Mannington Revive 12' Luxury Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl is the up-and-coming best flooring for your home. Part of the reason it catches homeowners’ and renters’ attention is because of all the options vinyl can offer. You can buy vinyl tiles, planks, and rolls – all available in different install options and with different features. Additionally, vinyl can mimic natural wood and stone and is available in various printed patterns. Ready to explore? Check out some of our customer favorites from American flooring manufacturers like Shaw and Mannington. 

Shaw Purview 6″ Luxury Vinyl Planks

Shaw Purview 6" Luxury Vinyl Planks

If you desire the strongest vinyl material for your floor, Shaw Purview Luxury Vinyl Planks can offer that. Featuring a 20mil wear layer and topped with an ExoGuard™ Quartz-Enhanced Urethane finish, your floors will easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with a busy household.


  • 20mil wear layer
  • Rated for commercial and residential use
  • Floorscore® Certified


Adura Max Apex 16″ Waterproof Vinyl Planks

Adura Max Apex 16 Waterproof Plank

Elegant. Decorative. Durable. Adura Max Apex Planks are an all-in-one flooring set to impress you and your guests. The HydroLoc Waterproof core and SratchResist technology ensure that your floors look new for as long as possible.

To prove their vinyl is a superior vinyl option, Mannington offers a lifetime residential warranty with your purchase. 


  • Registered embossing
  • Dampens sound by 30%
  • Treated with Microban® Surface Protection


Mohawk Dodford 7.5″ Luxury Vinyl Planks

Mohawk Dodford 7.5" Luxury Vinyl Planks

These flexible luxury vinyl planks are a showstopping choice for homes, apartments, condos, and more. They’re sturdy, waterproof, stain-resistant, and DIY-friendly, so they can float right on top of your subfloor – no glue needed.


  • 25-year limited residential warranty
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Broad selection of wood looks


Honorable Mentions


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USA-Made Laminate

12mm Mohawk RevWood Plus Crest Haven Laminate

Laminate flooring is a classic choice for all rooms of the home. You can’t beat it with a natural look and feel, easy installation, and affordable pricing. Common benefits you’ll find with this USA-made flooring include scratch resistance, waterproofing, and FloorScore® Certifications. Discover a few of our all-star laminates made in the United States below!

12mm Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate

12mm Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate

Whether you want a traditional or contemporary feel to your home, Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate can help you achieve that! Available in an array of warm and cool tone wood-look colors.


  • 72-hour spill and indentation protection
  • 25-year warranty
  • Natural wood looks and textures
  • 70% recycled materials


10mm Mohawk RevWood Plus Castlebriar Laminate

10mm Mohawk Castlebriar Waterproof Laminate

Mohawk’s RevWood Plus Castlebriar Laminate features beautiful wood-like staining and extra-wide plank design and comes with many attractive benefits.

With RevWood Plus technology and a hydroseal waterproof finish, you can feel confident in the longevity of their floors, all while they look exceptional in the kitchen,  bedroom, or living room.


  • Hydroseal waterproof finish
  • Lifetime limited residential warranty
  • Install on any level of the home


Honorable Mentions


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USA-Made Engineered Wood

Shaw Reflections Maple Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has all the benefits of natural wood flooring, but with the added protection of extra layers. It stands up to moisture, denting, and humidity well and, best of all, is less expensive than hardwood. Curious if it’s DIY-friendly? Most engineered wood is designed with click-lock or tongue-and-groove installation and floats above your subfloor – no extensive tools needed.

Although engineered wood is one of the newest flooring technologies on the market, you don’t have to sacrifice options of the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Explore some of our favorites from Shaw and Mohawk.

Shaw Reflections Hickory Engineered Wood

Shaw Reflections Hickory Engineered Wood

Achieve a well-lived and rustic aesthetic to your home with Shaw Reflections Hickory Engineered wood. In addition to the wide plank appearance that effortlessly elongates your space, these floors are water-resistant and come with a Stabilitek core to reduce indenting and scratches. Available in a range of low-gloss stain colors. 


  • Install on any level
  • Radiant heat approved
  • 7% low-gloss finish


Mohawk Ultrawood Westport Cape Engineered Wood

Mohawk Ultrawood Westport Cape Engineered Wood

You can enjoy the beauty of natural wood veneer with Westport Cape, a performance hardwood floor engineered with Mohawk’s UltraWood technology.

With this option, you’ll receive the WetProtect finish and uniclic locking mechanism for installation, preventing water from penetrating any part of the plank. Rest assured this flooring won’t warp, wrinkle, or house bacteria over time. 


  • Certified easy to install
  • Lifetime residential warranty
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof


Honorable Mentions


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Buying USA-made allows you to support your neighbor and ethical practices. You can love your flooring and have a feel-good moment.


About Ciana Gitre

Ciana Gitre

Ciana Gitre is a proud Advertising graduate of Washington State University. She translated her love of interior design and creative writing into her career aspirations at IncStores. She hopes to educate and help buyers find optimal flooring solutions for all their commercial and residential needs.

6 Comments on “American Flooring Guide: 4 Top USA Home Flooring Options

  1. This is really tough to a particular flooring at an affordable budget but the way you explain about all flooring its now quite easy to choose the right one.

  2. I was looking for a USA product called Mayflower Engineered Hudson Red Oak. I assume Mayflower is the manufacturer but I’ve been unable to find a company named that by Googling it. I had this floor put in my house 4 years ago and now I need to replace an area that had to be pulled up because of a leak and am unable to find it anywhere. You seem so knowledgeable, I’m hoping you can help me. Thanks.

    • Hello Dot!

      Thank you for your question. I’m sorry you haven’t had much luck with your search. It’s very possible that the product you’re looking for could be discontinued after four years. While we don’t carry any product by that name, we do offer several engineered wood options made in the USA. You may be able to find a color match to inconspicuously replace the damaged area. We offer free samples, so you can order a few options to confirm if any match your current flooring.

      I hope this helps! Please reach out if you have any other questions.

  3. I am looking for hardwood flooring made in America. Manington hardwood flooring is also made in America?

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your question.

      Mannington does have a few wood-look options that were manufactured in the United States. There are Manningtion’s laminate flooring options, and a engineered wood Manningtion product that are manufactured in the United States.

      I hope this information helps you on your shopping journey. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. Ciana, you wrote an excellent post! I am absolutely astounded at the variety of possibilities available locally, as well as the quality of work that can be expected. For flooring, I’m searching for engineered wood. However, according to what I’ve read, it’s a better choice in high-moisture situations than solid hardwood, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchens, baths, and basements. Can you recommend the best flooring for the entire house? Is engineered wood flooring a suitable option for the entire area?

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