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The Best Flooring for Families

The Best Flooring for Families

One of our most popular questions is “What is the best flooring for families?” Choosing your floor for a family is a totally different ball game and we will help you choose the option that is easy to maintain with a family, but still looks great!

With so many choices when it comes to flooring, it becomes difficult to find the right flooring for active families. Should you go with carpet? Should you go with laminate? Maybe hardwoods? The choices are endless. So how do you go about choosing the right floor for your home? Let’s compare some different flooring types and see what pros and cons they present.


Carpet is very popular.

Your guide on the best flooring that can withstand your family life style with kids and pets

Broadloom is great for any room in your home and is very affordable. It can be installed in any room in your home and is soft, comfortable and durable. But carpet does take some up keep and doesn’t hold up as well as other floors in very high traffic areas of your home. Over the last decade or so, carpet tiles have become a great alternative to standard broadloom due to their resistance to staining and wear and tear, but they still require a bit of maintenance. For families that have small children or pets, the chore of keeping the carpet clean could be too much, making carpet not the best for the busiest areas of your home. Carpet is great for bedrooms and areas of your home with little traffic.


Engineered or solid hardwood flooringYour guide on the best flooring that can withstand your family life style with kids and pets

Typically easier to clean than carpet but can’t be installed everywhere in your home. Engineered wood floors are great for homes with children and pets due to the fact they are finished with a protective layer. This layer helps to prevent liquids from penetrating the floor. Hardwood floors can be difficult to repair, but a full replacement is typically not needed. This makes lifetime maintenance on most hardwood floors a lot easier than carpet. Another great quality of wood floors is that they harbor no allergens, mold, mildew or bacteria. Since these are non porous products, these products are not only safe for children but for pets as well.


Laminate floors are one of the newest floors on the market today.

Your guide on the best flooring that can withstand your family life style with kids and pets

They’re very popular due to their ease of installation and maintenance. These flooring planks can be installed anywhere in your home and are very resistant to scratching, staining and wear. Laminate flooring is not a natural product, so it is not susceptible to the same things natural wood floors are. This makes these floors great for families with children and pets. Both can have their way with the floor and not even harm the floor in any way. Laminates give you all the features of a hardwood floor with the flexibility of carpet.

Vinyl is the fastest growing flooring on the market

And there’s a reason why! Vinyl, especially luxury vinyl planks, are now able to realistically mimic the looks of natural materials. This is not that 1970s cheap and fake looking “wood look” vinyl. No. This is the real deal, and not just wood; stone, leather and more! Vinyl is a popular choice for families because it isn’t prone to water damage. In fact, many vinyl flooring options are even 100% waterproof! Vinyl can give your home that luxurious look you dream of on a budget and without the worry that it will get scratched, dented and ruined by kids and pets.

So as you can see, laminate flooring is one of the most versatile floors on the market today.  Easy to install and durable, these flooring planks are the perfect floor for any active family.  Wood and carpet are also great floors as well, but possess many drawbacks that can make the cost of having them increase over time.

Your guide on the best flooring that can withstand your family life style with kids and pets

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