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10 Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

10 Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

Every year Pantone introduces a new color of the year. This year, Ultra Violet has made a splash in fashion, graphic design, and even interior design. Ready to introduce Ultra Violet into your home? Let’s get started.

What is Pantone’s Color of the Year? Ultra Violet.

What is the coolest color on the market? Ultra Violet.

I’m sensing a trend here.

If you’ve felt more purplely lately, Violet, you’re indeed turning violet. Purple fever has taken design by storm and more people than ever before are turning to purple for a new look in their homes.

After all, purple feels like luxury, royalty, and is just plain beautiful. Whether you want a little Ultra Violet or a lotta Ultra Violet, I’m going to offer you some color of the year inspiration to get you started.

1) Carpet

ultra violet carpet tiles for color of the year

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Do I really want purple carpet in my house?”

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to purple every room in your home with purple carpet. What I am asking you to do is consider ultra violet.

How do you do that with carpet? Well, let me explain.

There’s a really great product called carpet tiles. What are carpet tiles? That explanation would take a whole new post, and indeed it has one! In the meantime, let me give you a short answer: Carpet tiles are carpet in tile form that are used to carpet rooms and create custom area rugs.

If you’re interested in adding a pop of Pantone’s color of the year, carpet tile area rugs are the way to go. With carpet tiles, you can add ultra violet tiles to other muted colors for something more subtle, or you can make ultra violet your main color choice.

With carpet tiles, you don’t have to be afraid of having something permanent in your home because it’s easily replaceable. If next year’s Pantone’s color of the year strikes your fancy, simply replace the ultra violet tiles with a new color. Easy!


2) Vinyl

color of the year ultra violet and blonde plank flooring

While we don’t have any ultra violet wood-look planks (I’m told purple trees are scarce in these parts!) we do have vinyl planks that perfectly pair with the color of the year.

Blondes, honeys, and grays perfectly match ultra violet accents. Though ultra violet is bold, it’s also on the darker side. If you have floors that are bright and light, you’re probably good to go when it comes to painting ultra violet walls and adding ultra violet accents throughout your home.

If you want to be able to add bold pops of color like ultra violet, I definitely recommend investing in a lighter floor. Think of light floors as blank canvases: they can adapt to any color scheme you want.

Even better, with waterproof core luxury vinyl planks, you can keep that blank canvas throughout your entire house. That includes the kitchen and bathrooms!


3) Wood

color of the year area rug and honey flooring

Speaking of blondes, we have additional blond wood-look floors if vinyl isn’t your thing.

Not to repeat myself (but I going to)  light-wood floors are totally in. In fact, light colors are dominating the flooring trends this year, just take a look!

Laminate tends to be the prefered wood-look flooring, and is often still being chosen over vinyl. It is the tried and true choice for many homeowners and house flippers. It’s beautiful, high-quality, durable, and sometimes even waterproof!

There’s also bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring typically comes in lighter shades, perfect for ultra violet accents. Even though green isn’t this year’s color of the year, “green” is also what bamboo flooring is. Bamboo is a highly sustainable product, great from those eco-friendly homeowners.

Whatever your wood or wood-look choices are, be sure to choose something light and bright, and you’re good to go for ultra violet accents!


4) Tile

purple backsplash and tile flooring

There are so many different tile looks to choose from. From a soft fabric-look porcelain to a ceramic tile that mimics natural stone, you can find a look you want. Want to keep with a popular look? Tile can also look like wood as well!

Tile is great for texture. While other flooring types tend to have a smooth surface, tile is different. It adds a visual and physical texture to your home in a way that no other flooring does.

For these reasons, tile is a great addition to ultra violet accents. With tile, you can really play with accenting textures.

With tile, you can really go bold. That’s why I’m going to suggest with smaller spaces and non-communal spaces, like bathrooms and master bedrooms, pick a dark tile to make your ultra violet color scheme really pop. It’ll look like pure luxury.


5) Accessories

color of the year themed living room

For a quick color of the year update, it’s all about the accessories. Maybe you’re updating a room, or maybe you’re updating a whole home. Either way, accessories are the easiest way to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year into your  home.

For bathrooms, think about shower curtains, soap dispensers, and bathroom rugs and towels.

In kitchens, hand towels and canisters are where it’s at.

For living rooms and bedrooms, think about the details. Consider curtains, throws, and pillows in ultra violet.

Also, consider area rugs. Area rugs are a great way to create a focal point in any room. Whether you’re sprucing up a kid’s room, or your living room, just unroll a super-purple area rug and accessorize with more muted companion pieces.     


6) Kitchen

ultra violet cabinets and honey flooring
Shifting gears, let’s talk about each room of the house, and how you can use Pantone’s color of the year to change up the look of your home.

Kitchens are the heart of the house. It’s the place where everyone eats and gathers. It’s the main entertaining space for those socialites who love their house parties.

I’m all for purple high-shine cabinets and a quartz counter with purple details, but not everyone is. That’s a-okay! If you want a more subtle look, grab some purple accents like canisters and hand towels and you’re ready to go.

An ultra violet accent wall can go a long way, as well as ultra violet bar stools or seat cushions. These are great ways to add the color of the year to your space. Just remember to keep your floors nice and light!

7) Living Room

Purple chairs and carpet

The living room. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the… other heart? Brain? I’m not good with metaphors.

But the living room is really important. It’s where everyone hangs out, plays games, and socializes. Or, if you’re me, it’s where you nest and watch Netflix.

This is a great place to start using the color of the year. It’s one of the most visible parts of the home, and you have plenty of room to design as you like. Paint an ultra violet accent wall if you’re feeling bold. Or throw down an area rug with purple accents. If you aren’t feeling so bold, decorate with ultra violet throws and pillows for a pop of color.  

8) Bedroom

color of the year accent wall ultra violet

Bedrooms are the place I suggest luxury. Bedrooms are non-communal places that can really look however you want. Your bedroom is an extension of your self-expression.

With that in mind, dream big for your ultra violet space. Go with dark floors or dark tones to create a bedroom that’s luxurious and relaxing.

Find yourself an ultra violet bedspread to really be bold, and paint an accent wall as well. Bedrooms are the spaces I will always recommend you go bold or go home.

If you find ultra violet too overwhelming on its own, that’s fine too. A few throw pillows, area rug, or curtains are enough to give your bedroom a fresh new look.

9) Bathroom

ultra violet bathroom

In my opinion, bathrooms are probably the easiest places to redecorate and redesign. It’s usually a relatively small space, and accessories are a must-have in the bathroom spaces. From soap dishes to shower curtains, it’s very easy to add a pop of ultra violet. It’s also a great place to start when considering a new flooring.

Bathrooms are also a great place to make a room look really luxe with deep, rich colors. Before I preached about the benefits of light-wood flooring as a canvas. Here, I’m going to take a turn: go dark.

A dark tile with ultra violet pops of colors will look like a high-end spa. If you want a scheme that’s less luxe and more light and airy, then try a lighter purple like lavender. It’s no ultra violet, but it’s a great way to use purple in your home.

10) Office

color of the year office

The office! It’s often one of the most forgotten rooms in a home. With offices, you should decorate it in a way that makes you positively cheerful to work in. Since offices are the home of work and responsibility, make it also a fun place to be in!

Grab an ultra violet armchair for a cool pop of color. Accent walls will be your friend here, so paint an ultra violet accent wall while you’re at it. Don’t be afraid to pick a floor that’s really out there; after all, it’s your office! 

Whatever your office function is, I’m sure there are plenty of accessories you can add to make your office space really pop. Be bold. Be you.


ultra violet living room

Feeling inspired by Pantone’s color of the year? Good! Interior design using the color of the year is the most fun you can have while redecorating your home.

The color of the year doesn’t mean you should repaint your house into an ultra violet deco-art piece, but it does give you a great starting place when you’re feeling an itch to revamp your home.

Use ultra violet as your inspiration and see where that carries you. Perhaps it’s on the road to ultra violet accent walls and sofas, or perhaps it’s lavender accents or light purple bedspreads. Whatever you choose, keep your design at heart and you’re sure to be happy.


color of the year

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