Kayla Haas


Kayla Haas is a Phoenix-based writer, flooring expert, and reading enthusiast. You’ll find most of her writing specializes in artificial grass, carpet, and vinyl flooring. She joined Flooringinc.com in 2017 and has continued to expand her knowledge of flooring across all types. Her manager has referred to her as a “sponge.”

Before joining FlooringInc, Kayla was feverishly finishing her thesis, earning an MFA in Creative Writing in spring 2017. Her publications include writing that has very little to do with flooring in The Toast, Winter Tangerine, NANO Fiction, The James Franco Review, CEO Literary Magazine, and Gigantic Sequins among others.

Her favorite part of writing is the research. She’s known for her multiple browser tabs and various highlighting plugins. The more complicated the subject, the more she loves the project. If you’re ever looking for obscure facts or little-known history about flooring, she’s the person to talk to as she stores them away in hopes of impressing people at parties.

Apart from work, Kayla loves reading, writing creatively and baking. Her favorite book is Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water, in case you’re interested. She also has a Virginia Woolf quote tattooed on her arm to prove her literary aptitude. She spends a significant amount of time reading every advice column on the internet, and if she had to calculate the amount of cinnamon rolls she’s baked in her lifetime, the number would be close to 2,496 and counting.

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