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Silent Silver Underlayment Reviews

Silent Silver Underlayment
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Average Rating 3.8/5
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  Just what I needed
Self-installed in Sun Room
Anonymous from New Hampshire wrote...
Excellent product, swift delivery, great value.
Anonymous from Stella, nc wrote...
We used this for a ceiling silencer between an aluminum ceiling panel and the beadboard we covered it with to help reduce rain noise. Works amazingly well.
  Not suitable for tile floors
Dean from Florida wrote...
I was not permitted to use this underlayment as it did not meet TCNA (Tile Council of North America) standards. It is suitable for laminate but not tile so be careful.
  Not 4' Wide
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
Good product, however it is not 4' wide as detailed in the description. The actual foam underlay comes in at just under 44 inches. There is a bit of extra silver overlay on the edge that gets it closer to the advertised 4', but even then it falls short. The fact that it is more narrow than described messed up my planning and I will have to piece together scraps to get the desired width of 12' that I was aiming for with 3 rolls.
  Nice and Quiet
Self-installed in Whole House
Cassandra Williams from Seattle, Washington wrote...
This product has been great for us. We used other underlayments in the past and they were good but not as great as the Silent Silver. This product really takes after its name. Silent Silver is highly recommended!!!!
results 1-5 of 5
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