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3/4" Diamond Top Horse Mats Reviews

3/4" Diamond Top Horse Mats
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  Horse approved
Self-installed in horse stall
Anonymous from Waynesboro, PA wrote...
Have had a horse on the interlocking stall mats for a month now and no uneven edges or issues with mats separating/moving. Right amount of traction so horse does not slip but does not catch on muck fork. Stall is easier to muck and much cleaner than with past experience with non-interlocking mats. Did have to cut the mats down a bit to fit in place (took into account that they expand with the heat and contract with the cold). Husband used a circular saw and soap, messy but did the trick. Very satisfied with price and product!
  Horse stall renovation
Self-installed in Horse stalls in barn
Mary from Sidney, MT wrote...
I wanted to re-do a few of my stalls so I saw this product and thought I would give it a try. I liked that it was the perfect size for my 10x10 stalls. That made it nice and easy to install. It keeps the horses so much cleaner. I am very happy with my purchase.
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  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Gabe Garroni from Dallas, TX wrote...
I am really happy with this product. Local feed and tractor supply mats don’t interlock, but these mats came cut and were easy to lay out, install and lock together.
  Not bad mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
James from CT wrote...
Great floor protection but wish they interlocked a little better the mats are slightly different thickness so where the connect there is an obvious lip. Also a sketch or some type of labeling to see better how the mats connect would have been helpful.
  Great for Home Gym!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Matt from Manhattan, KS wrote...
The kit was a perfect fit for the area that we were wanting to utilize. Material is fantastic! No fear in dropping weights, doing deadlifts, ball slams, etc. We love it!
  Stall Mat Kit
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Barn
Jacqueline from Upstate New York wrote...
The stall mats are exactly as described and fit together tightly. They are very thick and heavy duty. The fit was the size specified and worked very well in our stall. It makes a very strong stable flooring surface.
  Better than expected!
Self-installed in Barn
Jan Reilly from Franconia, PA wrote...
These mats are awesome! We started off ordering a few just to fill our stall area. We were so happy that we ordered another batch of them for another area in the barn. Then we ordered some more. Then we ordered some more. We are slowly putting them throughout the barn and even into the garage area. At first we were worried that they would not stay together, but they do! Even with a 1000 pound animal walking on them. I am ordering more today!
results 1-7 of 7
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