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5/8" Diamond Plate Evolution Rubber Tiles Reviews

5/8" Diamond Plate Evolution Rubber Tiles
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Average Rating 4.3/5
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  Good for weight room
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from St. louis wrote...
It depends what you want to use the product for. If you want a floor for a weight room its a 5 star. If you do the p90x standing kick boxing, then it will work fine. If you do any floor work, yoga, etc, it will tear you up because its rough. You will need a yoga mat on top of it. It was hard to put down, you will have raw hands afterwards. You have to push hard to drop the holes over the plug to get it to hook. The smell will go away in a couple of months. Mopping between the cracks is a pain in the rear. Water gets down between the cracks and will not give you a fresh clean look. If I could find something without the cracks and a little softer I would buy that product. So this could rate between a 3 or 5 star, its really depends on what you need if for.
  Extremely difficult to install
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
The tiles themselves are great as they are strong but have a lot of flex to them. Very easy on the knees during workouts. However, these tiles are next to impossible to ″snap″ together. The rubber male and female pieces do not snap together easily, nor do they always line up correctly. I had to stretch the material a lot to get every little ″nub″ to snap into place. I have a 385 square foot room, which called for 48 tiles, and it took approximately 50 hours to get the tiles down, and it's still not perfect. I have lots of lumps due to the little nubs not lining up or snapping down correctly. I am considering scrapping the tiles and ordering rolls as i think the look will be better.
  Excellent product, but difficult to put together
Self-installed in Home Gym
DJL from Minneapolis wrote...
I was looking for a clean, quality, commercial-grade type of floor for my workout room in the basement of my home and these rubber tiles are absolutely perfect. The quality is outstanding...the tiles give you plenty of grip for various exercises while having just enough ″give″ to them so as to not cause foot or joint fatigue. (BTW, I placed my tiles directly onto the concrete floor in my basement.) Because of the shape of my room, I had to cut several of them in order to fit tightly and cleanly against the walls, but with a sharp carpet knife, it was easy to do. My only gripe about these tiles is that they were VERY difficult to ″snap″ together. As you know, these tiles have a male and a female edge to them, and I couldn't believe how hard it was to get the rubber male knobs to fit into the female openings. I thought they would just snap together and all would be good, but since you are dealing with rubber, things didn't line up perfectly every time so it took a lot of pushing, pulling, and prying in order to get each knob to connect to its corresponding opening in the other tile. Ended up with a couple of blisters on my thumbs from pushing down. I also used a rubber mallet which helped at times. You see, if you don't get every knob snapped in its place, then you will not end up with a nice smooth/flat transition from one tile to the next. Since I do a lot of lunges, steps, and jumps in my workouts, I wanted to have a smooth floor with no chances of tripping or catching my shoe on the lip of one tile that might be a bit higher than the other one. But eventually I got them all put together and it looks great. (Plus, as a guy, I actually like the rubber smell that these new tiles give off, but I'm guessing that will fade away over time.) So...all that to say that while I am extremely pleased with the way my floor turned out, I was just frustrated by how difficult it was to fit or ″snap″ all the tiles together. Overall, I would still highly recommend these tiles if you have a workout room that needs an awesome floor; these are high-quality, heavy-duty, commercial-grade tiles.
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
Angela C. from Campbell, TX wrote...
Very Happy
  Update to below
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Elmhurst, IL wrote...
So I was the 1-star review that had a really hard time installing the tiles. The soap and water trick is a miracle. I wish I thought of that earlier!!! I relaid all of the tiles using this method and was able to install 48 tiles in about 2 hours. Thanks for the tip. Rubber flooring Inc should include that in their installation instructions. Thanks again!
  Great Floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
Paul Smith from Frisco TX wrote...
I was setting up my new home gym and researched all the different floors that I thought might work. Settled on these tiles. First, yes they do smell like a Discount Tire store which I knew from reading all the reviews. I had no issues with ordering or delivery, everything happened just as I was told. They arrived around Thanksgiving so my yard was already dormant so I just laid the tiles out in the back yard to air out for a couple of weeks, then moved them to the garage to lay out for 3 more weeks. After a total of about 5 weeks I began the install process. Once installed in the house, it took another month to 6 weeks before we no longer noticed the smell. So just know that this product is going to have a smell for at least a couple of months. Second, and more importantly, the install process. After reading many of the other reviews I learned that a very small amount of soapy water on each of the male connections would work wonders and it did. This product would be almost impossible to lay correctly without a little lubrication for the connecting parts but extremely easy to install using just a few drops of soapy water. 3rd, knowing this product was made from recycled tires, I was a little worried about the difficulty of cutting pieces to fit when that was necessary. Quickly realized that was not a problem. Even though these tiles are very durable, they are also very easy to cut with a box cutter. Each cut I made took 2 passes. The first was to score the rubber, the second was to complete the cut. I installed about 160 sq ft and changed the blade on my box cutter once to keep the cutting easy. It only took me a couple of hours to lay the whole floor. Finally, durability. We have had the floor installed for about 4.5-5 months now and have had no issues. It has plenty of give when jumping or lifting on it but firm enough that when I move any of the equipment in the room, there are no indentions left from the feet of the equipment, this was a big surprise to me. The floor gets a lot of abuse from walking around in cycling cleats but it doesn't seem to hurt the floor at all. The only downside to this product is keeping it clean. Still looking for the right answer for cleaning.
  Great Flooring - Questionable Quality Control in M
Self-installed in Gym
Nick from San Diego, CA wrote...
Installed about 600 sq ft. of this in my gym. The tiles themselves are very heavy, durable material. Once installed, they look great and I think they will hold up very well. To install they just push together with your fingers or a rubber mallet. 95% of the tiles come together great and seal very nicely. Now to the other 5% - some of the tiles just DO NOT go together like they should. It seems like the little nubs or the little holes that must connect are off by like a millimeter or so. This makes them incredibly difficult to connect. After much fighting and sore fingers, these eventually did connect. Given how about 95% of the tiles connected perfectly, I can only attribute this issue to a manufacturing defect.
  good for high intensity
Self-installed in Garage
greg from san diego wrote...
These tiles are excellent for p90x or insanity training. Very good construction. Easy to put together. Does not slide around.
Customer review image of  in Sports Performance Facility
Customer review image of  in Sports Performance Facility
Customer review image of  in Sports Performance Facility
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  Sports Performance Facility
Self-installed in Sports Performance Facility
Delbert J. from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
I purchased three types of flooring from your company for my Sports Performance Facility, in New Mexico. Your products help turn a warehouse into the finest training facility in the state, THANK YOU
  Great product bad smell
Self-installed in home gym
Steve from Orange County CA wrote...
Very happy with product not as difficult as many said in write ups to install. I allowed to vent in garage before installing in an upstairs very well ventilated room with numerous windows. It has been 3 weeks and the smell is very bad and not getting better.
  not so easy
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Sunset, SC wrote...
the product is not so easy to install as seen on the you tube video. Everything has to be perfectly lined up and has the potential to be a bad zipper. The finished product turned out ok however.
  Good product, expensive shipping
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Maple Grove, MN wrote...
So far all is good with the rubber tiles. We really struggled going back and forth with the tiles or a rubber mat. I think we made the right choice but the cost of shipping these is ridiculous! These better last forever otherwise we made the wrong choice. Rubber smell is not that bad and does slowly go away over time. Not to hard to install but our area is only roughly 6'x9'
  Look good and EASY to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Spare room turned gym
Melanie from Charleston, SC wrote...
I liked the way this looks but hesitated to order it because the reviews said it was difficult to install. I finally decided to order them and they came in last night and were super easy to install. I turned the corners up and lined up the first male and female bit then laid it back down and went along the line and easily popped the rest in with my thumbs. Zero issues with them lining up. Originally I was only going to cover a small section of the floor but like them a lot so I ordered more in order to cover the entire room. I can't wait to get the rest in!
  Great product!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from New York wrote...
We purchased the evolution mats for our home gym. They offer a great soft non slip texture we are able to cut them to size somewhat quickly with a sharp utility knife. Joining the mats can be challenging as stated in other reviews, as it was expected we didn’t hold it against the mats. The mats a vacuumed after each workout with a Dyson V7 keeping them clean has been easy rolling a workout bench on the mat isn’t a challenge. The only thing I would say is a negative is the mats are harsh on bare skin, adding a yoga style mat on top for floor exercises might be a must.
  Great home gym flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
Very sturdy and heavy duty. Can be a bit tricky to cut to size, but with the right tools and some time you could get nearly perfect cuts. Would recommend for home gym.
  Home Gym Floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
Tim from Orlando, FL wrote...
I love how easy this was to install. Cutting the tiles for the edges was very smooth. They just pressed together. Doing plyometrics on them is fantastic. I've had some cheap flooring options before that would just come apart and bunch up while jumping around. These hold well and are great for absorbing that jump-around shock to the joints. It was well worth the money spent for a nice wall-to-wall gym floor.
  Best high impact. Easy.
Self-installed in Easy
Anonymous from Alpharetta, GA wrote...
It's great. Have mine on the second floor over layers of plywood. Distributes impact and easy to assemble and clean. Adding more to fill in the room for an aerobics area. Equipment doesn't affect it either.
  beautiful gym floor
Installed in home gym
Ania from Lehi, Utah wrote...
We bought the evolution rubber floor for our gym house and it looks amazing. Love the design and how easy was to install. First two couple of weeks smelled like rubber alot, but in least than 3 weeks it was gone. Great quality and service.
  Excellent product!!!
Installed in Home gym room.
Christine from Houston, TX wrote...
We love the way this product provides a cushion-feel yet is strong enough to lift weights on and doesn't feel ″spongy″. We hired a wood floor guy to do the install, and edged our floor in quarter-round as we went right to the edge of each wall. We transition to tile at the door threshold, and the height was perfect. No sloped transition piece needed. Was not expensive to have it installed and well worth it, although we feel like we could have done it ourselves.
  great flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym.
Anonymous from Rice Lake, WI wrote...
We put this in our home gym and it went together in an afternoon with a little water on the nubbins and a deadblow hammer. The rubber smell is quite strong at first, but quickly subsides in a month or so... if you could air it out for a while in the garage that might help. Otherwise we are very happy with it.
results 1-20 of 29
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