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3-4 shock mats

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Home Gym Flooring

Everybody has that super-fit friend or family member in their life. The one who posts their workouts on Instagram and Facebook. They’re inspiring!

But you still need some inspiration to find them the perfect holiday gift. Well, you’re in luck, because we know exactly what they need – gym flooring to support their fitness routines. Trust us. No one likes working out on a floor that could be slippery or that doesn’t provide any impact absorption.

So check out this gift guide to get the perfect present for that #fitnessgoals person in your life. 

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Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Flooring FAQs: Your Questions Answered. Find the answers to your top 13 questions about rubber flooring, including, price, cleaning and more.

Rubber tiles offer the perfect solution for both residential and commercial gyms. Because they’re easy to install, you can DIY your own home gym floor in a matter of hours. The seamless surface and range of thickness options also make rubber floor tiles versatile. They’re a great choice for commercial gyms that require a low-maintenance floor that can handle a variety of applications. 

Whether you plan to drop heavy weights, or just install some exercise equipment, rubber tiles can do it all. Most rubber tiles are safe to use both indoors and out and can be loose laid, which saves you from applying adhesive during installation.


Rubber Floor Rolls

8mm Strong Rubber Rolls

Rubber rolls are a great all-around product for both the home and commercial gym. With a variety of popular thicknesses, rubber gym floor rolls are designed to handle anything. A rubber roll provides a seamless, easy-to-clean surface that is slip-resistant, even when wet.

Because rubber rolls can be custom cut, you’ll be able to customize the roll to exactly fit your space. Installation is as simple as rolling out the floor and adhering it with double-sided tape or glue for extra stability if desired.


Rubber Mats

3-4 shock mats

This gym flooring will provide any space with incredible sound and shock absorption. Gym mats are designed to provide some extra protection and impact absorption to your floor exactly where you need it. Wanting to design a space for Olympic lifting that can handle heavy weights dropping? A durable rubber mat is perfect for you. Just need something to put under your cardio machine to protect the floor? A rubber mat can do that too.

While they’re heavy enough not to shift around during exercise, you’ll still be able to move and reposition your mats if you ever find it necessary. It’s one of the most versatile gym flooring options on the market. Best of all, rubber mats are just as slip-resistant and easy to clean as other rubber floors.


Gym Turf

performance turf rolls

If you plan for sled pulls, plyometrics, or any workouts with a lot of lateral movement, you need gym turf. This tough, artificial turf is specifically designed to withstand the heavy traffic and demands of a gym. It won’t easily be crushed, matted, or abraded.

Turf allows you to do floor exercises with extra comfort and softness, but it’s still durable enough to handle high impact exercises, CrossFit, and more. Some gym turf can also be used outdoors to give you more space for your routine.


Martial Arts Mats

Martial arts requires a soft yet durable flooring to support your high-impact exercises. Our martial arts mats are constructed with a high-density foam that protects your joints when practicing MMA, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and more.

These mats are very shock absorbent as well as water-resistant and mold and mildew resistant. These properties make them easy to clean up and sanitize. Martial arts mats are typically available as foam tile flooring or as vinyl-encased mats, so you have some options for the materials that best suit your needs.


Happy Shopping!

Inspired yet? No need to save your holiday shopping for the last minute. Get a jumpstart now with a gift your fitness-loving friend is sure to make good use of.


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