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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The Fitness Lover

Do you have a fitness guru in your life? We’ve got the gift guide for your fitness friend. Discover fitness gift options for every activity and every budget. Time to get our sweat on in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide: The Fitness Lover.

Everybody has that super-fit friend or family member in their life. The one that posts impossible lifts on Instagram and fills your Facebook with their PRs. You love them though; they’re inspiring!

Get a great gift for that #fitnessgoals person in your life. This is your gift guide for that sweaty person you love.

Holiday Gifts for Home Workouts

Sometimes people prefer to sweat at home. If you know that special someone who can’t always make it to the gym, giving them the gift of a quality home workout is the way to go. Home workouts are the best for busy schedules and the person that tries to squeeze in a few reps during nap time.

Here’s a list of things your friend might want for the holidays.

Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench

folding bench fitness gift guide

A necessity for a great home workout is definitely a folding bench. If a home workout involves dumbbells and reps, your friend has to have a great bench. This bench features seven adjustment positions, so it’s perfect for several types of workouts.

Body-Solid Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Sets

vinyl coated kettlebell sets

Kettlebells are the bane of my existence when working out, but that doesn’t me I don’t love them! A kettlebell set is great for a home gym. Kettlebells are versatile when it comes to working out. Color-coded kettlebells offer easy identification when working out.

8mm Strong Rubber Tiles

rubber tiles for fitness

This gift is for the person you know really wants a great workout area. Someone who is setting up a home gym in their home or garage. These rubber tiles simply lock together. You can’t drop stuff on concrete, but you can drop weights on these babies.

Shock Mats

shock mats

These mats are super thick. They will absorb even the heaviest of drops on them. Since it’s a mat, it’s an easy install (though they are super heavy and a helping hand might be needed.) This mat will work for any home gym, but especially for the garage powerlifter in your life.


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Holiday Gifts for Endurance Athletes

Ah yes, the endurance athlete. These are my people. If you know someone that collects race bibs from every marathon or 5k they run, these are the gifts they want. They’re the ones running before the sun goes up, or using their treadmill on snowy days.

Grab the best gifts for endurance athletes to keep their running-high lasting longer.

Halo Sport System

halo sports system

Halo Sport, the first product from Halo Neuroscience, is a wearable neurostimulator that accelerates the development of muscle memory when paired with training. Sounds cool, right? It’s backed by over a decade of scientific research. Halo Sport works by applying an electrical stimulus to the motor cortex, the part of the brain responsible for muscle movement. It can help with all sorts of training, including endurance. If you want an extra special gift for the endurance athlete in your life, this is the way to go.

FlipBelt Classic Running Belt

flipbelt classic

I love running with music, I mean, who doesn’t? The problem is my noodle arms don’t support those nifty armbands for cell phones, and if they do, it’s sweaty and uncomfortable. Enter: the FlipBelt. I have one of these and I love them. It holds so many items you might need during a long run. From cell phones to keys, to even small water bottles, the endurance fitness person in your life with appreciate this thoughtful gift.

ProForm 9000 Treadmill

treadmill 9000

Missed runs put a damper on your goals. If you don’t have the luxury of living in a 24/7 running paradise, a treadmill is in order. For those who like to have some workouts at home, or just need a backup for those snowy or rainy days, this gift is great for the runner in your life.

Jabra Sport Coach

wireless earbuds for fitness

Wireless headphones are mandatory for a great workout, in my opinion. Especially if your workout is a solo endeavor. These headphones are wireless, comfortable, and have great perks. It features audio coaching, a Sport Life app, and automatic rep counting. It’s basically awesome.

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Holiday Fitness Gifts for Her

To be honest, we all sweat the same when we work out. However, if you’re looking for a few personalized gifts for women, we’ve got the deets.

Women’s Ponytail Headband by TrailHeads

ponytail headbands

If your athlete lives in a cold climate, an ear warmer is required. What’s the cool thing about this one though? Well, it has a slot for their ponytail which makes this the best ear warmer ever. No, I’m serious. Working out with a bun or ponytail smooshed up against your head is annoying. This gift makes that problem go away.

Athleta Tights

athleta tights

Give her the gift of pockets. No, I’m serious. Women’s clothing has a serious pocket deprivation problem, and it’s basically a famine when it comes to fitness clothing. These tights have not just one pocket, but FOUR pockets. To be honest, these tights are basically revolutionary. They also have a ton of other cool features like reflective details and wicking, breathable fabric.

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa with Heat

Okay, your fitness friend wants this. They may not know it yet, but they need this foot spa. Back in the day, I stood on my feet for long shifts, worked out, then ran, and by the time I got home my feet were worn out. They were dead feet. For someone whose feet take a pounding, this foot spa will bring them back to life. After all, hurt feet don’t run well.

Schiek 2004 Lifting Belt

Anybody that lifts regularly knows you have to have great form, posture, and support. If you don’t, you might get hurt! For the friend that lifts, get her this lifting belt to keep her supported and safe when hitting her max.

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Holiday Fitness Gifts for Him

For the men gym rats that like that work-hard-lift-hard life, it can a challenge to find them something they don’t already have. However, I’ve got a few stellar gift ideas for the gym rat in your life.

TriggerPoint Performance Collection

trigger point foam rollers

A lot of people skimp on the recovery items that are essential for maintaining a healthy body post-workout. He’ll love this self-care program that’ll help improve his flexibility, mobility, and tissue strength post-workout.

Jerkfit Wodies

jerkfit wodies

People who do Crossfit get some torn-up hands sometimes. Those workouts are INTENSE. For the fitness pal who needs the protection, these weightlifting gloves are the way to go.

Reebok Crossfit Backpack

Crossfit backpack

Not everyone can workout at a time and place where a shower and change of clothes can happen. For the person who works out on the go, this backpack will be a lifesaver. It features compartments for shoes, wet clothes, and a water bottle. Also, it has a removable bag for old gym clothes to keep the rest of your backpack fresh. It basically has all the storage anyone would ever need.

Umoro V3 Shaker

workout shaker

This isn’t just your average water bottle, it’s a shaker for supplements. Just put your powder in the lid, and at the push of a button it drops into your water and is ready to shake. It’s super convenient for the fitness guy on the go.


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Holiday Fitness Gifts for Recovery

Anybody that knows fitness also knows your body needs some TLC after a hard workout. Recovery equipment is under-utilized. Give the gift of self-care to the work-out fanatic in your life.

Cork Yoga Block

cork yoga block fitness guide

Cork yoga blocks offer more support and are more eco-friendly than foam blocks. It’s a great gift for the yogi that needs some extra comfort during poses.

Deluxe Yoga Mat

yoga mat blue

This yoga mat is super comfortable because it’s more dense and thick than other mats. Its density provides more support for your joints and is the perfect accessory for some cool-down poses.

Grid STK Foam Roller

Every fitness person needs a foam roller. It’s basically the must-have tool for that special sore someone. This roller is a great size for personal use. Use it sitting, standing, or lying on the floor. Its grid surface is perfect for targeted relief.

Spiky Massage Ball Rollers

massage rollers

Massage balls with spikes feel amazing when you’re sore. Believe me, I have one. This whole set fits any massage need. It’s what us fitness people dream of when our arches are sore. Best yet, this set comes with a bag so little spiky balls aren’t thrown about the home gym.


Happy Shopping!

No need to save your holiday shopping for the last minute. Get a jumpstart now with a few of these fitness gifts your sweataholic friend is sure to love.


2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers: Gather Inspiration with 20+ Ideas


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