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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Active Kids

We have a holiday gift guide for the most active kids in your life. Some kids have a ton of energy and like to play with and do everything they can from sunup to sundown. If you know a kid like that, we have the perfect gift guide for you.

I used to coach some active kids. Luckily, I coached them in running, so I could wear them out before they went back home for the day. If you know a kid with energy to spare, we’ve got some great gifts for them.

Gifts for Outdoor Fun

Fun fact: the outside is fun. For kids that don’t mind the dirt, we have a few gifts in mind. They’re perfect for a junior explorer ready for their next adventure.

Spring Rider

Close up image of green alligator bouncy horse/spring rider for playgrounds.

Spring riders are the perfect, bouncy addition to your back yard or playground area. Active kiddos will love the chance to rock around on a brightly-colored horse, alligator, seahorse, or even a scooter!

Malibu Playhouse

A deluxe wooden outdoor fort or playhouse for the back yard.

Play-pretend time gets so much better with this deluxe playhouse. Watch your child’s imagination soar as they enjoy all the realistic details, like the working shutters, solar lanterns, and a lemonade stand sign.

Gorilla Playsets Space Saver Swing Set

Children playing on a Gorilla Playsets playground.

Bring the fun of the playground right to your back yard! Even if you don’t have a lot of room, this space-saving playset will be a perfect fit. Sliding, swinging, climbing, oh my! Your kiddos will want to invite all their friends over to play. And why not? Getting a playset like this is basically like getting a castle.

Carson Adventure Pak

REI adventure pack

This is a pretty cool adventuring set for a young explorer. This pack comes with binoculars, a flashlight, a whistle, and a compass. With all these tools, your kid will be ready for the next family hike.

Osprey Jet 12 Pack

ospery hiking bag

When kids are out exploring, or gearing up for the next camping trip, make sure they have a great pack to accompany them on their journey. Osprey is one of the leading pack designers and this pack will last your kids for years. They’ll be ready to pack up and camp in no time with this gift.

Elite Putting Green Mats

putting mats

It’s not every day you can head out to your family putting course. For the days you can’t, these putting mats are the way to go. Your kiddo can practice their putting skills for their next big showdown at the windmill.

Safe-Play Tiles

playground tiles gift guide

Kids that play outside also need a place to crash. These playground tiles are the perfect way to revamp an outdoor playground for your kid. They are fall height certified so they’ll also remain safe at play. Keep the dirt and gravel out of their shoes with playground tiles. Your kid will love them.


Gifts for Cheer, Gymnastics, Tumbling

If you know a kid with some awesome tumbling skills, we’ve got a few gifts in mind to keep them safe and having fun. Whether it’s cheer or gymnastics, these gifts will get your kid’s body moving and practicing their favorite moves.

Cheer Kits

gymnastics mats gift guide

This pack comes with a home cheer mat, incline mat, and balance beam to help your star practice their latest moves. Every kid loves to tumble, so it’s also great for gymnasts and tumblers alike. Choose from beginning, intermediate, and advanced cheer kits. Not only will kids have a great surface to practice on, but it’ll keep them safe too.

Gymnastics Kits

cheer mats gift guide

This pack comes with an incline mat, folding mat, and balance beam. You can choose from beginning, intermediate, and advanced packages to give your kid the perfect surface to practice on. For a safe and fun way to practice their moves, folding mats are the way to go.

Cheer Poms

pom poms purple

Every cheerleader needs some pom poms. Plus, these are extra beautiful. They’re two different colors, and holographic, so basically your kid will feel like a space unicorn. Which is #goals.

Nfinity Sparkle Backpack

sparkle back pack

Every kid needs a backpack to hold all their cheer and gymnastics gear in. And this one sparkles! With multiple pockets and a water bottle holder, your kid will be ready to let loose at their next competition.


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Gifts for Traditional Sports

There’s nothing wrong with playing some classic games. If you know a kid that loves to play sports, we’ve got a few gift ideas for you.

Super Sounds Soccer

super sounds soccer

For the beginner soccer player, this net will help develop their skills while still having fun. For beginners, anytime the ball hits the net they will get a sound, for more advanced users, they must hit the center target to get a sound. This is a gift a kid will learn from for years.

Outdoor Sports Tiles

court tiles

Back in the day, I used to play some outdoor basketball on the concrete driveway outside my house. I would find a chalky rock and draw the lines where I thought they would be, only to have my three-pointer disputed at some point during the game. No more! Give your kid the gift of an actual court. Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, tennis, or more, these sports tiles will make your kid feel like a pro.

Park & Sun Sports Spiker Volleyball Set

volleyball set

Growing up, I had a pink volleyball net and it was awesome. My sister and I would practice our spikes until the sun went down. It was super fun. For some family fun or a serving practice session, a volleyball set is sure to bring hours of fun to your kid.

RoyalBaby Kids Freestyle 16″ BMX Bike


This BMX bike comes in different colors, with training wheels, and a water bottle holder. Any kid can tear it up on the road with this bike. It’s pretty cool.


Gifts for Active Play

It’s great when kids are active even when they aren’t playing sports. Whether it’s inside games or outdoor fun, we have gifts that are perfect for the active kid.

Learning Math Mat

learning numbers play mat

With these mats, your kiddo can both play and learn at the same time! They can begin learning the shapes of numbers using soft and safe foam and even practice counting and creating a number line. Playtime has never been more educational!



Twister is super fun. It requires balance, flexibility, and the ability to not collapse while you laugh. For a good time with their friends, Twister is the way to go.  

Kids Yoga Mat

orange kid's yoga mat with yellow suns

For your junior yogi, we have kids yoga mats to set them on their way. Whether they’re copying you, or busting out never-before-seen yoga moves on their own, these mats are the perfect size for kids.

Bounceland Wizard Magic Bounce House

bounce house

Please buy a bounce house for the kid you know. One day, when my niece has the ability to walk, I will buy her a bounce house and will be forever the coolest person she knows until she’s a teenager.


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Gifts for Dancers

To be honest, inside my heart there is a graceful dancer who wants all of these gifts. Unfortunately, what’s inside my heart does not transfer down to my feet. However, if you have a wonderful dancer in your life, here are a few gifts to help them dance their heart out.

Dance Floor Kits

dance floor kits

Our dance floor kits are the perfect practice space for the dancer in your life. The kit contains tiles and edge pieces for a polished look. Choose the size to fit your space and let your kid start tapping.

3′ X 3′ Practice Dance Floor

practice dance floor

For a small, personal dance floor, this practice dance floor is the way to go. Perfect for practicing turns, tap dancing, and much more. Your dancing kid will get a lot of use out of this floor. Now they won’t have to stop dancing once they get home.

Pastry Military Glitz High Top Shoes

dance boots, black

These are super cute, and I kind of want them for myself, but they’re actually perfect for the hip-hop dancer you know. They have glitz, flexibility, and comfort. Perfect for that hip-hop class they’ve been dying to take.

Portable Dance Dot

portable dance dot

Practicing turns can be a pain; especially when you have no place to practice? Tired of slow turns on your carpet or grass? Grab a dance dot! It’s portable, easy to use, and great for dance practice and more.


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Happy Shopping!

This list should give you a jumpstart to your holiday shopping. The active kids in your life will thank you.


2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Active Kids: Gather Inspiration with 20+ Ideas

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