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Safe-Play Playground Tiles

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Active Kids

It can be hard gift-shopping for kids, especially if they have a ton of energy and are really active. A simple toy or game might not hold their focus for long. If you’re looking for a gift to give to an energetic kid like that, you’re in the right place. 

Whether you’re shopping for a young athlete, dancer, gymnast, or just someone who’s always on the move, you can find the perfect gift for their busy lifestyle. Get inspired with this guide to the best gift ideas for active kids.

Gifts for Outdoor Fun

For kids who like to get outside and play, you can take the fun to the next level. Outdoor toys and playsets help keep kids active and grow their imaginations, too!

Playground Flooring

Safe-Play Playground Tiles

Kids who play outside also need a safe surface to catch them when they fall. Playground tiles, mulch, and even playground turf offer some extra cushion and protection while children are hard at play. 

Playground flooring is the perfect way to revamp an outdoor playground for your kid. In addition, our playground flooring is fall height certified for extra safety.


Playground Mats

Playground Swing Mats

Our playground mats are perfect for use in high traffic areas of the playground, such as under swing sets or at the base of slides. Playground mats prevent your mulch from getting too worn down and creating bare, muddy spots. They also provide a bit of extra cushioning in high-impact areas, though most playground mats are not rated for fall height.


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Gifts for Cheer, Gymnastics, and Tumbling

If you know a kid with some awesome tumbling skills, we’ve got a few gifts in mind to keep them safe and having fun. Whether it’s cheer or gymnastics, these gifts will support your kid while they’re practicing their favorite moves.

Cheer and Gymnastics Mats

eco gymnastics mats

Give your kid the perfect surface to practice their skills. From folding mats to balance beams, and even wedge mats, we offer gymnastics mats to suit all skill levels. We also offer teaching equipment to give new gymnasts a strong start with the basics.

They’re sure to delight any young gymnast or cheerleader, and you’ll love how easy they are to take care of. Our mats absorb impact from tumbles and flips, and the durable vinyl covering makes them easy to keep clean. 


Gymnastics Equipment

Tumbl Trak

Whether you want to find equipment for a gymnastics studio or just for practice at home, there are plenty of options available. Choose from highly trusted equipment brands such as Tumbl Trak to provide practice equipment for tumbling, bar work, and more.


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Gifts for Traditional Sports

It seems like young athletes are always looking for another opportunity to practice or play, so why not gift it to them? If you know a kid who loves to play sports, we’ve got a few gift ideas for you.

Outdoor Court Flooring

Outdoor Sports Tiles

Young athletes are always in need of space to practice, and if you have some yard space or room on your parking pad, we’ve got the perfect solution. Outdoor court tiles! Give your kid the gift of an actual court. 

Why play on a concrete pad and have to guess at where the game lines are? Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, tennis, or more, outdoor sports tiles will make your kid feel like a pro.


Putting Green Turf

Elite Putting Green Mats

It’s not every day you can head out to the putting course. For the days you can’t, your own personal putting green is the way to go. You can choose from small portable mats, or create your own larger, custom space. 

No matter what you choose, your kiddo can practice their putting skills for their next big showdown at the windmill.


Gifts for Active Play

It’s great when kids are active, even when they’re playing inside. Get inspired with gifts that are perfect for playrooms, bedrooms, and basement hangouts.

Foam Tiles

Learning Math Mat

Flooring can be fun when you have foam tiles. Soft, comfortable, and non-toxic, interlocking foam tiles are the perfect flooring for the playroom. They’re water-resistant, shock-absorbent, and insulating, too. We also offer number and alphabet tiles, so your kiddo can play and learn at the same time!


Yoga Mats

kids yoga mat

It’s never too early to teach children balance, focus, and breathing techniques through yoga. For your junior yogi, we have kids yoga mats to set them on their way. Whether they’re copying you, or busting out never-before-seen yoga moves on their own, these mats are the perfect size for kids.


Kids’ Rugs

Joy Carpets Animal Phonics Kids Rug

Colorful and fun, an area rug is the perfect play mat for any room. Rugs are soft, comfortable, and provide some warmth so the kiddos don’t have to play on a cold floor.

Easy to clean and maintain, these children’s rugs are resistant to staining, soiling, and wear. Many kids’ rugs also come with educational designs, including numbers, animals, and shapes, so they can learn as they play! 


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Gifts for Dancers

If you have a dancer in your life who just can’t stop moving, you know they’ll jump at any chance to dance their heart out. Here are a few gifts to help them practice and perform. 

Dance Floor Rolls

ProStep Dance Floor - Custom Cut

Searching for a low-cost solution for your dance flooring needs? Then dance rolls are for you. Suitable for ballet, contemporary dance, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and more, our Marley dance rolls can be used in the home or studio. 

Our high-quality dance rolls have a controlled slip matte surface finish to keep your dancers safe. The best part? You can choose custom cuts to exactly fit your space.


Dance Floor Tiles

Practice Dance Tiles

Say hello to the most portable, DIY-friendly dance flooring out there. Dance tiles can easily be set up anywhere, and you can expand to create the exact dance floor space that you need. To install, simply interlock the edges together, and then get to dancing!

Dance tiles are durable and stylish, so they can even be used as event flooring where many people will be standing or dancing on them at a time. No matter how you use them, you are sure to love dance floor tiles.


Dance Kit Packages 

Practice Dance Tile Kits

Get the whole dance package with a dance flooring kit. They’re the perfect practice surface for your tiny dancer. Kits are available in multiple sizes, complete with edging for a finished look. Installation is DIY-friendly, and you can easily take them apart and reassemble for a portable practice dance floor.


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Happy Shopping!

This list should give you a jump start on your holiday shopping. The active kids in your life will thank you.


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