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Fitness Center Interior: Matching Gym Flooring with Healthy Space Design and Lighting

The wellness industry is booming all over the world, with gyms and fitness centers in particular popping up at every corner to satisfy the ever-growing need of the health-conscious generation for physical fitness and health. Needless to say, this presents a lucrative business opportunity for all aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion for fitness to launch their own fitness center and build a recognizable brand that will have a positive impact on the community.

That said, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to choose the right flooring, design the space to accommodate the needs of your clients, and nail the lighting as well. With that in mind, let’s go over the essential rules of matching gym flooring with amazing space design and the ideal lighting scheme to make your fitness center come to life.

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Weave Your Gym Brand Into the Design

rubber roll flooring in a commercial gymn

Every successful business venture needs to have a brand. Nowadays, the health and fitness industry is oversaturated with amazing businesses, many of which are gunning for your target demographic, so you need to have a clear competitive advantage that will set you apart from the rest. Yes, the quality of your service complemented by the functionality of the space plays a vital role, but what actually matters to your customer most is your unique brand identity.

Here is how you can weave your brand into the interior:

  • Every solid surface is an opportunity for branding. Keep this is in mind.
  • Instead of leaving the floors as is, why not go the extra mile and brand them with your colors and logo?
  • Your brand should have a unique color scheme. Use your colors wisely and in strategic places such as the machines, the counters, the locker rooms, and on the floors as well.

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Optimize the Space for Every Activity

high impact shock mats for weight lifting in a commercial gym

Modern fitness centers are all about giving control over to the client. Your clients should be in control of their fitness journey, and they should be able to partake in any fitness activity that sparks their interest. It will be up to you to provide this opportunity and give them a fully-optimized training space where they can try out different sports and methods of training. Sure, it used to be that the gym was a place where you would just lift weights and run on a treadmill, but those days are long gone.

Nowadays, you have to think of the following:

  • Offer a variety of activities, and create training zones.
  • Don’t just invest in standard gym equipment, but think about specialized equipment for functional fitness, calisthenics, and even combat sports.
  • People love guided group training, so be sure to offer various classes they can enjoy in good company. 
  • The flooring you choose should be optimized for each training method to ensure safety, durability, and comfort.

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Make Lighting Functional and Aesthetic

rubber tile flooring in a commercial fitness center

Before we start talking about the different flooring types for every activity, let’s address a common problem many gym owners don’t consider until it’s too late – the lighting. Commercial gym lighting is extremely important, not just for the obvious safety reasons, but also because getting your lighting right can shape the look and feel of the space, and mold the perception of your brand.

Keep this in mind:

  • Lighting consumes a lot of power, which is why it’s a good idea to work with world renowned industrial lighting manufacturers that will create the ideal lighting scheme and choose the most energy-efficient option for your gym. 
  • Don’t go with traditional neon lighting, because you need a more natural hue that will make the space feel inviting and positive.
  • It’s also important to maximize energy conservation by installing programmable lighting in certain spaces, and even throughout your gym if you’re operating on a 24/7 basis.

Get the Right Floors for Every Zone

Fitness turf in a commercial gym setting

A modern commercial gym needs to be separated into zones, not because you’re trying to keep the MMA fighters away from the CrossFit athletes, but because different sports and training methods require different layouts and equipment. Most importantly, they require different flooring to ensure safety and durability.

Consider the following: 

  • Use flooring to separate the space into zones.
  • Use high-impact floors to allow powerlifters and other strength athletes to practice their sports safely.
  • Stick with high-traction floors for performance athletes such as Cross Fitters to ensure safety while running and jumping. 
  • In the martial arts area, choose martial arts mats to provide an added layer of cushioning and safeguard the athletes.

Emphasize Spaciousness and Flexibility

gym flex tiles in a commercial fitness center

And finally, always keep in mind that the modern gym environment relies heavily on the feeling of spaciousness, flexibility, and maneuverability. Rather than cluttering the space, you want to do the following:

  • Introduce only the essential equipment needed for every sport.
  • It’s good to have two of everything at the very least, such as two squat racks or more, but not at the cost of space.
  • Make the space feel more vibrant and capacious by complementing dark gym mats with bright equipment and colorful furnishings that align with your brand’s visuals. 
  • Allow plenty of room for walking and those complex movements that involve running, jumping, and weighted carries.

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Final Thoughts

As the wellness industry continues to grow, people will continue to seek out those fitness centers that can offer the best brand and training experience on the market. Use these tips to create a space that is not only functional and looks good, but is also able to create a community of loyal clients and attract new ones to your doorstep.

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