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COREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks Reviews

COREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
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case $172.67
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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  Absolutely love it
Deborah from Yatesville, GA wrote...
We absolutely love our new floor; so much we’ve decided to carry it into our pantry and laundry area as well. I look forward to talking to your friendly customer service staff soon.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in bathroom
Anonymous from Washington wrote...
I wanted to give 3.5 stars. I very rarely give 5 stars cuz it has to be 100% fulfilling to the point of making me cry. So instead of just rating it average with 3 I had to go up to 4. Delivery to my door in expected time in good order. I have never used this stuff before but have installed porcelain, ceramic, bamboo floors and vinyl. Porcelain and ceramic tile floors are getting to difficult for me to since I no longer a spring chicken so I tried this stuff because I wanted a water proof floor that is easy to clean due to dogs. I was very happy with the selection. So many options that selection itself was difficult. I do not like the usual floors (you know the ones that look like real wood in the usual wood colors) and they provided that for me. Now to the installation and product: The product is flexible enough to follow a woncky floor but firm enough to hide a little woncky. You can score and snap in the cross-cut direction. It doesn't work real well in the ″grain″ direction. Scoring must be heavy because if not there is a chance the cut will not follow the score. The material can be sculpted or cut with a sharp blade. I have a rounded shower base and instead of trying to cut with some power device I just carved it out with a blade. Worked fine enough. I did this because precision was important and this stuff is not cheap. The floor must be clean of little floor gremlins (little pebbles, dirt-rocks, shavings etc). I looks great and is easier on the hands and knees than mixing mud and wetsaws with NO seams or grout. I decided to buy this product after getting a sample of it in the mail and then putting it in the sink full of water overnight to see what it would do. It was pretty amazing that yes, it did swell but only a very little bit. I could still put the tongue in the groove and snap it together but it was not happy doing so. I left it to dry and it went right back to its happy little self. I really expected it to look like a sponge but it didn't. Anyway, I am not done yet as I have only completed the bathroom but so far my gripes are the following: The cork base of the tile does what it is intended to do but that quality also makes it stick to the floor if there is any sticky stuff from previous flooring (adhesives n such). That brings me to really the only complaint I have. The short snap cannot be placed and completely snapped at the same time as the long snap. Due to physics it cannot be done simultaneously. Therefore, one has to wiggle-squiggle the short snap as far as is possible (which is not complete) and then insert the long snap and complete that snap. Then you have to go back and hammer bang the short snap together from the other end so that there is no crack space left in both directions. This will lead to some damage to the banging end eventually. Sometimes the banging doesn't work and you have to take it apart and try again. The banging part might have been worsened by the fact that I removed a glued linoleum floor and some tack remained and the cork like it. I still have a room and a closet to do that has carpet so I will find out if it is as difficult as the bathroom was. I would buy it again. I think it will last a while and it floats, is water-tight, relatively easy to install and is just pretty. Oh, as is usual the trim parts are expensive, geez. There is no acclimation period either and is much lighter than ceramic tile OMG! Time will tell though how I feel about it long term.
  Quality Product
Installed in basement
Bill from Michigan wrote...
Our installer suggested we purchase a rigid core vinyl plank. After researching a few brands, I decided to purchase Coretec Pro Plus. The planks installed easily, and we are very pleased with the color we had chosen. By ordering online, we saved money, and the person I worked with was very helpful. Delivery was a little tricky. The delivery is curb to curb, which means the delivery person will not place the product in your garage or home. We live on a gravel road, and when we were called about delivery, they were hesitant to come down our road, because delivery is made by a full size semi truck. We had to meet the driver in a parking lot near our town. The driver transferred the boxes to our pick up truck, which worked well. I'm not able to comment on the durability of this product because it was just installed, but it does look great!
Customer review image of  in Kitchen, living room and bedrooms
Customer review image of  in Kitchen, living room and bedrooms
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  Fantastic floor
Verified Purchase
Installed in Kitchen, living room and bedrooms
Cindy K from Groves, Tx wrote...
We ordered Duxbury Oak to install in our home for a remodel. Installed in kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Beautiful floor and was easy to install according to our contractor. A sample was ordered first and it exceeded our expectations. We have five dogs and trust me when I tell you it is a tough floor and certainly waterproof. :)
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Customer review image of  in
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  Would buy again
Verified Purchase
Tyler C from Freeport, ME wrote...
Please find pictures of our finished project with the flooring we purchased from you attached. A great product and extremely easy to install. Would buy again Thank you
  The BEST flooring!!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Entire house, except bedrooms.
Anonymous from Naples Florida wrote...
We purchased 44 boxes of COREtec Pro Plus Rigid Core Vinyl Planks after viewing it at a flooring store and learning about the product through online videos and reviews. After hearing how easy it was to install we decided to do the install ourselves. We chose b/c of the variety in colors/styles as well as the price. My husband and I were amazed at the ease of installation, and he didn't need a saw to cut pieces, only a razor (utility) knife. Our home is even more beautiful now with our new COREtec floors and we have recommended COREtec and to many people (even those we see at the hardware stores looking at flooring)!
  Love it
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bathrooms
Toni from Lake county ca wrote...
We put it both our bathrooms and love it so much we want to put it throughout the house
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Guest Bedroom
Hope from Chestertown, MD wrote...
My partner installed the flooring. I supervised. So it looked easy to me. We used a Japanese handsaw and then switched to a band saw (in our garage). It went much faster after with the band saw.
  Superb customer service
Verified Purchase
Installed in Children’s bedrooms
Eric from Naples FL wrote...
Quality flooring, we had to build up subfloor to height at threshold with underlaymrrnt and 3/4 plywood. Purchased Coretec on suggestion from our contractor. Communication with Flooring Inc was prompt and professional. Very reasonably priced..
  Looks great for my Sun room
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Sun Room
Anonymous from Atlanta, GA wrote...
I did a lot of research and picked this style for my sun room which is not air-conditioned. I installed myself. Went in very nicely and it looks great and have been very happy with the results. The only issue was that 2-3 boxes were damaged upon delivery so there were a bunch of panels that were not usable. If the lip on the plank is even mildly damaged, it can affect how it locks with the other planks. Highly recommend CoreTec!
  The price was right
Cheryl from Bothell, WA wrote...
The price was right; though I thought I was getting what I had installed in my upstairs living area—Coretec luxury vinyl plank. What I got was not the “luxury” so no extra layer of cush… Hopefully this will wear just as well. It is on a concrete floor.
  Good Quality
Self-installed in Kitchen and living room
Theresa from Atlanta wrote...
It seemed like Coretec was a fairly well-known and trusted brand so I went with this brand to redo my living room and kitchen area. It's a very solid product and is dense enough that it seems it will last a very long time. I'm very happy with this product.
  Dur-a-ble !
Kristy from LA wrote...
Very pleased.
  Great product
Self-installed in kitchen
Sylvie from North Platte, NE wrote...
Everything went well with ordering this flooring. The delivery came on time and the floor was fairly easy to install ourselves. It looks great and we're very happy with it.
  Family room
Installed in Family room
Angela from Kansas City wrote...
I was surprised that something could be so dense and durable compared to other floor types. This is a wonderful, definitely recommended upgrade to our kitchen and family room.
  Good Choice
Self-installed in living room
Darren from Michigan wrote...
I liked this product because I was able to get several samples and pick out a color that really fit with my home. The living room looks much better and it was pretty easy to install. Thanks!
  Ordered samples first
Tara from Los Angeles wrote...
Happy with my new floors. Thank you
  I love it!
Installed in Basement
Anonymous from Buffalo, NY wrote...
We turned out basement into a family room. We were worried about potential flooding and our uneven concrete, but the experts at FlooringInc assured me rigid core was perfect for this. The floor looks amazing and it seems really durable so far!
results 1-18 of 18
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