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On Trend Carpet Tiles Reviews

On Trend Carpet Tiles
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Customer review image of  in Garage
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  18 mo. and going strong
Self-installed in Garage
Michael from Franklin, TN wrote...
We've turned the garage into an extra rec space for the kids and have to say, these tiles are worth EVERY PENNY! Had a few stains that were really impossible to get out so just peeled up the tile, plopped in a replacement as I had extra and wham...done. Install went super smooth. You have to make SURE you but them up tight against each other and that the exposed edges are all in alignment. What you will find is that some are maybe 1/16 to 1/8th of an inch off in size. So if you jam all the edges together you will end up having to push harder on the ones that are normal size as opposed to some of the smaller ones. What you don't want are gaps showing the floor. All in all this isn't a huge worry just something to think on. I also etched and power-washed the concrete to make sure it had a good surface to stick too. That work paid off. Love love love these tiles.
Customer review image of  in Screen porch
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Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Screen porch
Donna from Atlantt wrote...
Excellent product...beautiful and easy to install. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  DIY carpet made easy
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Covered porch
Anonymous from Wilmington DE wrote...
I would use these again. Pros:::::::: Numerous choices. Cost effective. PayPal! Shipped to my home so no hauling carpet home myself. Indoor/outdoor! Easy to put down. Cuts easy with razor blade knife. Seams match up well._________________________ Be aware:::::::: They are thin, but thats ok. The carpet squares were not as thick as I had thought/expected, but in comparing this is normal. I was used to older thick corporate office types which aren't in use much anymore. My son work in an office building and he said they used what appear to be the very same type of carpet square throughout. I also checked this against the competition and found they were all the same weight._________________________ Your floor should be clean and seamless, and if not you should make any corrections prior to installing. For example I would in no way recommend putting this over deck planking due to the gaps and the tiles being thin._________________________ I posted a question to this vendor on their website about the product but I have not received a timely response. In fairness maybe calling them would have been quicker, but come on this is 2018, and if you're not going to be responsive to customer questions on the website - why offer that option!?
  WOW, great carpet
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Man cave
Joseph Ogle from Moses Lake, WA wrote...
I was very impressed with the ease in how this carpet was to put down! These carpet squares have tremendous sticking power which leads me to believe they will last. When my son-in-law saw the carpet he informed me that his office had the same carpet and was still looking great after 8 years!
  Worked great for the basement
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Black Hawk, CO wrote...
Product went down very easily and stuck well but not so well it couldn’t be adjusted. Only downside was that not every tile is cut on the same part of the pattern so you really should lay it like the photo. If you make straight lines on the floor you will need a lot more tiles than you think to keep the pattern correct. Looks really nice once we got it down though.
  Great Quality!
Installed in Office
Amanda from Kent wrote...
I was looking for an easy fix for our office, but would also last a long time. These carpet tiles seemed to fit the bill. They're great for commercial uses and have an attractive pattern. I'm glad I purchased!
  Great Product
Verified Purchase
Installed in Kids building
Daren Hearnsberger from Nederland, TX wrote...
The product is great. Easy install. Customer service and ordering is convenience and efficient.
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Trend carpet tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Ann Arbor MI wrote...
So far looks great & easy to lay. Wearability yet to see since it’s just been laid.
  Couture carpet tiles
Self-installed in Covered Patio
Dennis from Bullhead City, Az wrote...
Great product at a reasonable price. Timely shipping, easy installation. Had one hiccup and customer service made it right. Will be purchasing more.
  Nice product, easy to DIY
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home office
Jaeger from Arden NC wrote...
Nice quality product. Super easy to install DIY. Some extra adhesive would be nice but otherwise these are working out great in my home office/sun room.
  Gray Outdoor Carpet Tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Deck
Elaina S. from Medina, Ohio wrote...
I LOVE THE LOOK!!! These tiles are very nice & looks beautiful on my deck! My deck needed something badly, either full replacement of wood or composite decking, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune right now..(eventually). I did some research and found these online. Of course, I found other outdoor carpeting locally, but it didn’t look as nice and was priced fairly the same. My deck had bowed planks, so we laid a treated wood sub-floor on top of the deck and placed these tiles on top. Looks fantastic!! 2 things though, some of the tiles are not cut squared perfectly, making installation a little tricky. No one wants to spend that kind of money and NOT have the finished look even or symmetrical. You can navigate this issue by switching out tiles to fit like a puzzle. I was able to make it work. Also, the site’s tile “calculator” gave us a full box overage. Customers can only return full unopened cases of tile, on their dime. The company worked with me for a resolution that I was happy with. I do live in a state with 4 seasons, I am curious to see how long these tiles hold up to brutal winters. Company states they have a 5 year warranty. Putting it to the test! But, in the meantime, I will enjoy my beautiful deck!
  I love my new carpet tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Goldmouth from ALABAMA wrote...
I love it..I ordered samples of the tiles at first to see how I'd like it and I chose the grey and black squares for a small home gym and office,studio room..I was nervous at first because I thought I'd needed extra glue..(I did not) but I laid my tiles directly on concrete floors. I cleaned my floors really well beforehand to make sure there was nothing that could stick to the tiles. I cleaned my floors about 4 times once with dawn, then vinegar, then pine sol then plain water. I used a heat gun to warm up each individual piece of tile (on the glue side) before using a roller to help me roll over the square to press the glue down into the cement.. don't put heat gun too close or you can burn a hole into the carpet..I did that twice lol.. but I learned fast.. God thing they give you a lil over than what you need for the space size. It was not that hard just time consuming as I wanted my floors to be perfect and my room was 24x14 square so it was pretty big.and I have some extra tiles left over in case I need to pull one up and replace it after my grandkids visit. They look great and came out perfect.. So far so good.. I rather this type of carpet in this type of room over traditional carpet.. since this room is mostly for heavy foot traffic like workout and gym purposes...
  Quick Ship, Easy Install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Office
Anony Mouse from Durango, CO wrote...
Easy afternoon install, Perfect for home office: quiet and easy for chairs to roll on.
  Bonus room
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement bonus room
Coco from RI wrote...
Great product easy to install, durable and looks great
  Easy to Install and Looks very clean
Verified Purchase
Installed in basement
Anonymous from NJ wrote...
Easy to Install and Looks very clean
  Style with ease
Anonymous from Chesapeake, Virginia wrote...
I got this product to give our front porch a new look.
  Easy to use and looks great!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Patio
Anonymous from Utah wrote...
These tiles are well made,easy to put down and they look great!
  Looks really good.
Self-installed in covered front porch
Molly from NC wrote...
The tiles were pretty easy to put down except for the ones we needed to cut. Cutting the pieces gets more difficult as you go because the adhesive gets all over your knife so then you have to clean the blade or keep changing it. But the finished product looks really good and was well worth the effort.
  Easy to Install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in separate bunkhouse at our lake house property
Bill from Texas wrote...
The carpet looks great laid in the quarter turn pattern. It was really easy to install. Only complaint is that a few of the tiles did not stick real well to the cement floor. If they come loose in the future I may have to use some 2 sided carpet tape to get them to stick better.
  Good value
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Hallway
Trinna from Michigan wrote...
Shipping was fast! Color was difficult to accurately gauge online and was not exactly what I was expecting but it still worked well for my use. My installation required many small cuts around door frames and baseboards, and this carpet was very forgiving with my less than perfect cutting abilities.
results 1-20 of 20
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