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8mm Mega Clic Junior Laminate Flooring Reviews

8mm Mega Clic Junior Laminate Flooring
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$57.34 Case
reg: $2.52 sqft
case $76.45
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Average Rating 5.0/5
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  Life savers
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Northern California wrote...
We purchased this flooring from a business local to us. We literally needed 1 more box to finish the foooring and they didn't have anymore, and told us we were pretty much screwed. This company saved us. They had the exact thing we needed, and we got it super quick. Love this floor, it's really easy (once you figure it out) to install.
  Great Color and Durability
Self-installed in Whole House
John from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
I bought this floor from a year ago and installed it myself. I couldn't be happier with the Mega Clic product and color. This product is very easy to install and holds up very well!! Doing business with is easy and painless. I will recommend this company to everyone, and its cheaper then most places in the valley. Do your homework before driving a bunch of miles and spending lots of time.
results 1-2 of 2
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