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Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls Reviews

Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls
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$198.00 Roll
reg: $1.32 sqft
roll $264.00
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Average Rating 4.6/5
Customer Reviews
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  great product
Self-installed in basement workout room
Anonymous from st Louis wrote...
I bought the 8mm eco flex roll, and love the product. It works great for all the P90X workouts. I was let down a bit by the length of time it took from t g e time I ordered until it shipped. It was 10 days later than what the order detail said, and when I called I didn't get much detail about what the hold up was. Now that I finally have the flooring I am satisfied with the product.
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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  Worked perfect for my gym flooring
Self-installed in Home gym
Joshua from Ogden UT wrote...
I did a lot of research on what to use for my home gym flooring before finally deciding on the Eco-flex rolls. I couldn't be happier. They were easy to install and the best price by far. Been using them for about 2 weeks now and its better than I could hope for, soft yet extremely durable.
  In Love!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from 66071 wrote...
I ordered three rolls for my ″at home gym″. I am so pleased with this product. The durability, weight, and finish are perfect!
Customer review image of  in Laundry Room
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  Beautiful flooring brightens any room
Installed in Laundry Room
Christopher R. from Alexandria, VA wrote...
Took a dirty laundry room and made it beautiful! Easy to work with and no color variations in my 4 roll order!
  Easy to install
Anonymous from South Lyon, Mi. wrote...
Great flooring for home gym.
  Great product & quality
Installed in home gym
Patty from Arizona wrote...
We had installed this in the gym at the community where I work, I knew the quality of the product was great, so when it was time to set up my home gym I went with what I knew. It didn't take long to arrive and my neighbors were able to install it for me with ease.
  Great stuff?
Self-installed in Family room
Anonymous from Portola Valley, CA wrote...
Protects floor. Nonslip. Easy clean. Everything we wanted!
Anonymous from Washington wrote...
Quality is good but don’t expect to get even cuts. I ordered a huge order and not 1 was the same length. Some longer, some wider, all uneven cuts at the end of the roll. Works for what I needed it for but disappointed in the way it looks.
  Rubber Flooring
Self-installed in Shop/Gym
Anonymous from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
Good product and easy to work with.
  I am really impressed
Self-installed in Home gym
Kim W from Philadelphia, PA wrote...
Living in a barn, I had a 3rd floor area with a ton of open space that really wasn't suitable or needed for additional living space. I decided to put in a gymnastics gym for my son. I put down a plywood floor but then needed something to cover it. It is a big space and I needed something durable as it does get exposed to extreme heat and cold. This product was perfect! Not only was it economical from an initial purchase perspective; I believe it will ultimately pay for itself as it is serving as an additional layer of insulation. It appears to be the perfect thickness. It feels good under my son's bare feet and it provides a really nice sound barrier between the trampoline and tumble track and the bedrooms down below. My biggest surprise was how flat it immediately was once rolled out. I was concerned that is would take a while for the curl of the roll to lay flat but that wasn't the case. I will update my review with photos once the full area is done. The area is about 1,800 square feet and is still a work in progress.
  perfect option for garage gym
Self-installed in garage
Brian from Salisbury, MD wrote...
Roll was delivered in great condition. Rolled it out, cut it in half with basic utility knife, and taped two pieces together - boom! No issues, no smell, broken edges, or curling. It looks great and makes the area much nicer to use. I will be buying more if I expand the gym space.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
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  Good Flooring Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Chris from Arkansas wrote...
I found the 8mm rubber flooring to meet my expectations. None of the flooring is cheap after you add shipping so I was hoping for the best. I installed the flooring in a new home gym/dance studio and the rubber rolls did have good straight edges on them and I did not find any imperfections in the rolls. They are heavy but with 2 people it goes down pretty easily. I did use double sided tape on the seams just in case. Cuts pretty easily with a straight edge and sharp razor knife. Looks great in the room and turned out exactly how I wanted it to. 1/2 the room had Adagio layed over the top for my wife to practice her dance teaching routines.
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
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  Self-installed in Commercial Gym
Self-installed in Commercial Gym
Steve N. from Verona, WI wrote...
Images sent in by happy customer
  Just What I Was Looking For
Self-installed in Basement home gym
Scott from West Michigan wrote...
I was moving my weight rack from one house to another and I needed something to put on the cement floor of my storage room. I ordered 25 feet of the rubber flooring and cut it in half. I then put down two sided tape around the edges and now have the perfect workout area. It was easy to cut with a sharp box cutter and a straight edge. The two pieces fit perfectly together. The thicker the rubber flooring the more help you may need as it is sturdy material and therefore heavy. I am happy with the product and I would recommend it to anyone.
  Price:value ratio is good.
Self-installed in wellness center
Anonymous from North Carolina wrote...
The Eco-flec rolls are a reconstituted scrap product. As far as I understand, it is made using not only recycled tire rubber, but also scrap rubber flooring from the manufacture as well. I purchased four 4'x25' rolls. Three of them had manufacturing defects, although small enough to not require replacement. These are small 2-4″ defects in the floor where the rubber density is defective, with flaking of rubber chips, even enough that I could push my finger through the 8mm layer. I just made a square cut on each side of the defect and pieced together the floor. Overall this is a small loss of square footage, but it is an annoying extra step that I had to take several times due to defects. Overall, I am satisfied with the finished, installed product.
  Eco flec
Self-installed in Commercial gym.
Corey from Wilton, IA wrote...
Product installed easily. My gym members love it.
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  I love it !!!
Self-installed in Gym Floor
Kathy R. from Houston, TX wrote...
The floor looks great! I love it.
  This product is porous and not water or liquid pro
Anonymous from Raleigh NC wrote...
This product is porous and not water or liquid proof! Liquid goes right through it
  Nice Product but had some issues
Self-installed in garage
Chad from Hickory NE wrote...
I bought 8 rolls of 1/8 eco-flex on the 5th of May. It arrived to my home on the East Coast within about two weeks. I'm using this flooring in my garage and it looks great however if I think I should have purchased slightly thicker rolls. I did have an issue with one roll that I spoke to via the chat bar on this website. I provided photos of the damage and was told that I would hear from someone. Well, its been a few weeks and I've not gotten any type of a response. I purchased one more roll than I needed for overage, so at least I was able to complete my garage. I have been traveling for work but will be home soon and I do plan on contacting customer service again.
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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  Home Gym Floor....PERFECTION!
Self-installed in Home gym
Becky W. from Corbin, KY wrote...
We absolutely love the Eco-Flec rubber flooring rolls that we purchased. It was exactly what we needed to cover the concrete floor that at one time was a garage converted into a family room, converted into a gym! The flooring is very durable and shock absorbent which is perfect for the weights we use.
results 1-20 of 74
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