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8mm Pre Cut Rubber Rolls Reviews

8mm Pre Cut Rubber Rolls
Price from
$185.00 Roll
reg: $2.47 sqft
roll $246.67
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Shelter
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  Really Pleased!
Self-installed in Shelter
Jacqueline R. from Middlebury, VT wrote...
I am really pleased to send this review and picture! We are a non-profit animal shelter in Vermont and just completed the expansion of our shelter. Of course, price was extremely important to us as well as quality…this product fully met our needs and expectations on both! I spent a lot of time researching the product and found the pricing from Rubber Flooring the best on the market. If that was not enough, the employees were incredibly friendly and helpful. Lastly, when the product arrived, it truly was as easy to install as the staff had claimed it to be…I and one other person installed our area in about 3 hours! Overall, the product is perfect for our dog training room. Ordering was simple, installation was easy and it is exactly what we needed….Thank you Rubber Flooring for making this project so easy for us! Images sent in by happy customer
Customer review image of  in Seriously Fun Fitness
Customer review image of  in Seriously Fun Fitness
Customer review image of  in Seriously Fun Fitness
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Seriously Fun Fitness
Thomas M. from Saint Petersburg, FL wrote...
  As advertised
Self-installed in Home Gym
Lou from Norwood,MA wrote...
This is a good product that goes down easily. I was concerned about curl, or memory from being shipped on a roll, but it laid out flat with minimal curl.
  Great product...easy to install...
Self-installed in Home Gym - basement
Anonymous from Georgia wrote...
Very pleased with the purchasing/shipping experience with RubberFlooring. For someone that doesn't do many home projects, this was one that was relatively easy. Made a purchase of a T-Square and utility knife (be sure to have multiple blades on hand) & measured 2 or 3 times and then cut. Only suggestion when cutting is to make multiple cuts over and over working your way through the rubber & not try to cut through it or too deep in one pass. It takes some time for the rubber smell to subside, but a deodorize jell like Fresh Wave does the trick. Very happy with purchase & suggest ordering a sample and they will send you a coupon for further discount if you purchase with a certain time frame. Thanks!
  laundry room
Self-installed in mudroom/laundry room
Anonymous from valparaiso, IN wrote...
Bought the rubber flooring for the mudroom/laundry room! No grout lines and no slip entry for the kids...cleans up beautifully and keeps the washer and dryer running more quietly due to no tile! LOVE IT
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Office
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Office
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Office
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Office
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Office
Ron F. from Ames, IA wrote...
We utilized both of these flooring systems at one of our Physical Therapy sports medicine offices. Our patients can get back into their physical activities quicker through actual physical therapy sessions utilizing these flooring systems. Installation was done in less than one day and we utilized the 3/8″ rubber flooring right over carpet and the 1/8″ wood grain flooring for complete gym style feel for turning and twisting. This will help all our patients young or older to get get them back into a healthy and active lifestyle safer and quicker.
  Gym Flooring
Installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Hartford, CT wrote...
Overall a really good product. The flooring is similar to what you would find in a commercial gym. We have some very heavy equipment sitting on top of it and the floor is holding up great. In our prior home we installed a thicker, softer tile flooring. It did not hold up well. I read concerns in other posts about the room smelling like rubber after doing the installation. The recommendation when I called rubber flooring was to hose off the flooring and leave it outside for a couple of days prior to the install. This worked great and we have no smell issues. We did have an issue with the rubber shrinking slightly after the flooring was laid down. I would recommend after leaving it outside, that you then bring it back indoors for another 24 hours and let it adjust to the room temperature prior to doing the cutting and installation. All in all I would buy it again and recommend this product to others.
  Great product
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from 40175 wrote...
I absolutely love the rubber flooring. This completes my home gym. I was looking to expand my home gym and the rubber flooring rolls were an amazing value that met both my needs and my budget. Delivery was fast and seamless too. Thank you for providing a great product for a great price.
  Gym flooring
Self-installed in Gym
Greg Bennett from Graford, TX wrote...
Excellent product, self installed 7 rolls (25’) in new gym we just completed. Used double stick tape, easy install. Great seams and easy install. Love the floor
  No smell!
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Colonial Beach Va. wrote...
I have ordered rubber flooring in the past and it had a horrific smell that never went away. This product was easy to install it took less than 5 minutes and had zero smell! 2 months later the product looks brand new even after having 130 pound dumbbells dropped on it repeatedly!
  Great For Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Rochester, MI wrote...
Great product. Our home gym looks complete now. Delivery was expensive, but well worth it.
Customer review image of  in Gym
Customer review image of  in Gym
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Gym
Jackie C. from Franklin, TN wrote...
We are very pleased with the product and feel it was a perfect economical solution to our needs!
  Should have bought this first
Self-installed in Home gym (basement)
heather from Nashville TN wrote...
So happy with the 8mm Pre Cut Rubber Rolls. I can enjoy my home gym fully now. I shouldn't have bothered with previous flooring options as they just added to my frustration. These rolls were easy to lay out and required no installation. Delivery personnel were also very helpful.
Anonymous from Fort Mill SC wrote...
The floor we ordered exceeded my expectation! Fantastic product!
  New Gym
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Atlanta wrote...
Great product, easy to install.
  Easy to lay. Heavy duty
Self-installed in commercial gym
Anonymous from Indiana wrote...
Easy to lay and heavy duty. Would be much better if the roll widths were uniform. When staggering seams, a lot of trimming can be required to make long seams match. For this reason, it's best to find a layout that minimizes the number of seams in the middle of a row. Also, was shipped without the product brochure and instructions. The leftovers have lots of uses. Also, glue it down!!
Customer review image of  in Office Gym
Customer review image of  in Office Gym
Customer review image of  in Office Gym
Larger Image
  Rubber Rolls for 500 SF Office Gym
Installed in Office Gym
DMl from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
We purchased 5 rubber rolls and adhered them to concrete with adhesive flooring tape. The final flooring was fantastic! Very pleased
  Dimensions not accurate
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Aliso Viejo wrote...
The product itself is great. But the dimensions were wrong on a couple of rolls. Some were larger, some smaller. It leaves small gaps. I had to remove 1/2 inch on 2 rolls in order to fit well with the others. Also, the end cut was not a 90 degree. I had to cut the end of the rolls too for a perfect 90 degree.
  great product
Self-installed in home gym
Pearson Williams from Delaware wrote...
The flooring came in a timely manner and was as described.
  Looking good
Installed in Basement
Anonymous from Brooklyn, New York wrote...
Just what I needed for a basement floor for my triplet grandsons.
results 1-20 of 74
1 2 3 4