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Eco-Cork Yoga Mat Reviews

Eco-Cork Yoga Mat
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  Most affordable option
Self-installed in Bend Yoga Studio
Steve from Pittsburgh wrote...
After reading about how gross foam mats really are, I decided to invest in a cork mat. I did an extensive search and found that most mats are over $100 AND often you must pay for international shipping ($13-$15). This was not only affordable, but according to my colleagues the rubber is thicker than others they've seen. The grip on this mat is the best I have ever had, I am recommending this to all my fellow yogis and yoginis. I practice almost everyday, so I am interested to see how the mat holds up again heavy use. The only reason this is not a five-star rating is because it took almost a month to ship. The site says orders could take up to 28 days to ship, however I was given a ship date and that date was pushed back three times.
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