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Diamond Nitro Rolls Reviews

Diamond Nitro Rolls
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$330.23 Roll
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roll $440.31
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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Customer review image of  in 2 Car Garage
Customer review image of  in 2 Car Garage
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Self-installed in 2 Car Garage
Steve from Palm Springs, CA wrote...
We ordered the product and it was here in two days...amazing. We let it sit in the warm sun for a day as others recommended and trimmed off the curled ends so that everything would lay nice and flat. We did not think that the carpet tape alone was going to hold up, so we tried construction grade Gorilla Glue...bad idea as it would not smooth out and we ended up scraping it up. Finally settled on a vinyl adhesive that we spread all over thinly with a trowel and then placed the pre-cut sections and used a heavy duty tile roller that we rented from Home Depot to flatten everything out. We butted the seams rather than overlapping and it looks great...just make sure the edges are down good and tight. To give it some finishing touches, we added black rubber wall molding strips glued down at the front of the garage to make a transition from the drive into the garage, and then put down some painted 4″ molding around the base of the walls for both a finished look and to hold down all the edges. Our neighbor put down and epoxy product in their garage and this flooring looks 10X better than that. Definitely satisfied with our choice.
  Good value
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Northern Va. wrote...
Shipping was fast and the item was double wrapped during shipping which prevented damage. The item is as pictured so there were no surprises when I received the material. Small samples were placed outside of the packaging at both ends so you were able to view the color before actually opening the packaging (very helpful if you had to return the product before opening). My only issue is the cuts in the material were uneven. On one end of the roll, I had to recut the product because there was an obvious curve at one end. Attention to detail and quality control is very important to me and that's why I'm not giving it a high review.
Customer review image of  in Floor of Sprinter Van
Customer review image of  in Floor of Sprinter Van
Customer review image of  in Floor of Sprinter Van
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  Great Diamond Plate Vinyl!!!
Self-installed in Floor of Sprinter Van
G Tobey from Troutville, VA wrote...
Used this to cover the floor in a Sprinter Van, and not only was it easy to work with, the quality was top rate!
  best way for a clean garage
Verified Purchase
Installed in garage
Bob C from waterford, ct wrote...
We originally had rubber paint which is no longer made. We then used a garage floor paint that did not last a month, even washing it picked up the paint as well as hot tires. We explored the epoxy route and found that the concrete would have to stripped the etched with acid and even then car tires would pick up the epoxy. Our next step was the nitro diamond samples. We liked the reviews and ordered enough to do a wall to wall installation. I hired a carpet guy to help lay it down and fit it.WE overlapped the seams to insure the covering would make a water tight seal. This took 2 hours. In some areas the ends wanted to roll up. The installer advised us to wait and let the rolls relax. 3 days later we used the double sided tape and that helped some. I think we will cement down the reamaing ends. The Nitro rolls clean very easy and we have many complements on our garage floor. I would recommend this product for a clean garage look.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  My new rubber floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Dave S. from Gresham, OR wrote...
Here's a pic of my new garage floor. I love this thing. Makes cleaning up rain water that drips off the car so much easier!
  Product is great, BUT....
Self-installed in Garage
Larrie Gene Cable from Bedford, NH wrote...
Ordering was easy. Delivery was timely. Product was exactly as advertised and does wonders for the garage. Only issue with the product is that after three weeks the ends (and to a lesser degree, sides) still have a tendency to curl up. I used the double-sided tape on each end, and used a heat gun to soften the ends and edges as suggested in prior reviews, but the ends must still be pressed back onto the tape each morning. Hopefully, in time they will relax and flatten. My only dissatisfaction is what would appear to be small, but made the installation FAR HARDER than it had to be. NONE of the ends of the three custom-cut rolls were cut perpendicular to the sides. To install in the garage EACH end had to be squared off and the mat placement re-adjusted as part of the installation process. Just a little more care and attention to detail in the warehouse prior to shipping would have made this installation so much more enjoyable...and me more supportive.
  Perfect for my project
Self-installed in home
Anonymous from Loomis, Ca wrote...
I was in need of a rock guard for the front of my trailer and saw the mats as a solution. Most are made of expensive aluminum and need to be customized. This worked great and with adhesive i was able to mold it to my trailer. Picture attached. I did order a sample first to check thickness and color.
  Unevenly Cut
Installed in garage from MD wrote...
The material is nice BUT the 2 pieces we ordered were unevenly cut and we had to trim 1 to make it fit with the other.
  Nice Garage Floor Solution
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
Painted garage floor with Glidden Garage Floor paint; came up from car tires even though I followed all directions. Epoxy looked nice but I was afraid to use it as others said it came up too. Used the mats and they look great with minimal tire marks.
Customer review image of  in Trailer
Customer review image of  in Trailer
Customer review image of  in Trailer
Customer review image of  in Trailer
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  Perfect Solution
Self-installed in Trailer
Anonymous from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
I added this mat as a protector for my trailer. It has a wooden base, and with us going up north all the time, I figured over time this thing would break down. The mat was super easy to install and I used this company's polyurethane glue to keep it in place. Will for sure be buying more of this stuff for my garage and other trailer.
  Exceeded my expectations
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Indian Wells, California wrote...
Seamless Fed-Ex delivery, installed 2 rolls in garage. The look is wonderful. I live in the desert so the heat softened the material and it laid flat immediately. I still used your double backed tape as a back up.(suggest this purchase also) Very pleased with end result. Would order again.
  black diamond nitro roll
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in garage/studio
deb from kansas city, mo wrote...
love it, but if i had it to do over again, i would have chosen gray. the black shows everything- every footprint...
  PERFECT for behind a bar
Self-installed in Behind our bar
PRIDE M/C COAL TWP. from Paxinos, PA wrote...
Our Motorcycle club purchased the diamond nitro rolls product for use behind the bar during our re-model. The delivery was simple. The flooring unrolled to reveal a sweet finish. All the members that saw this stuff are stoked.!! We purchased the silver color. We laid it down over new luan. Installation was a snap. This stuff trims easily with a utility knife and lays flat without much fuss. We chose not to use double sided tape around the edge. It lays nicely in all the corners and is held at doorways by the transitions. Would we buy it again..? So far...yes. We actually plan to. Good Luck.
  Great floor
Self-installed in garage
Ryan from JBLM, WA wrote...
Bought for my toy hauler liked it so much I got one for my garage. Perfect price, shipped fast and is exactly what I needed and experience cited!
Customer review image of  in Two car home garage
Customer review image of  in Two car home garage
Customer review image of  in Two car home garage
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  Diamond Nitro Rolls Review
Self-installed in Two car home garage
George Slayton from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
The 'Diamond Nitro Rolls' are a very good product. The look and quality of the flooring is great. The black color is deep and rich. Cutting was very easy to do. The cost was far less than buying the plastic tiles from other companies. The one negitive point is that the ends of the rolls always want to roll up and 'NOT' lay down flat. I placed the ″unrolled″ mats out in very hot direct sunlight for a good half hour and then reversed rolled the mats back up and left them out in the sun for another 30 min. Even with that, the ends still kept rolling upwards. The sunshine ″DID″ get rid of the wave patterns. Using two sided tape appears to keep the ends down as needed. If the product lives up to its 7 year warranty, I will be a very happy camper. END
  Love My New Floor!
Installed in Garage
Anonymous from Murphysboro, IL wrote...
Just wanted to let you know that I love my new flooring. I installed it on my garage floor, which is extremely slick when wet. In 2007, I fell and broke my hip on that floor. I almost fell again a few weeks ago and decided that I had to do something about that floor. The flooring was easy to install, but I do have one suggestion. I recommend purchasing professional strength duct tape and sealing all the raw edges and butt joints. This will prevent dirt from getting in between the joints and also prevent excessive wear on the front edge where the car tires go across. Bought the silver floor and the silver duct tape looks really good on it. Thanks for a great product.
Customer review image of  in Trailer
Customer review image of  in Trailer
Customer review image of  in Trailer
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  Easy Trailer Install
Self-installed in Trailer
Tony from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
I did it by myself in under 2 hours.
Customer review image of  in Living room (to protect the carpet).
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  Helps my pup!
Self-installed in Living room (to protect the carpet).
PTC from Dimondale, MI wrote...
Purchased the 7 x 5 for my puppy exercise area. She loves it and so do I!
  Snow Country
Self-installed in two car garage
George from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
Living in Colorado we get snow and ice storms from time to time. The Diamond Nitro Rolls can take on the snow and ice that falls off our vehicles once the vehicles are in the garage. When weather allows, cleaning up of the dropped snow and ice mess in the garage is easy. The flooring looks good after a simple soap and water cleaning. I have had the flooring for several years and it shows no wear issues. My only wish would be for the company to make a connector clip piece so you could add two pieces together. I have told many friends about this product . *END*
  Nice quality
Self-installed in Work Space
Mike from East DorsetVermont wrote...
Mats exceeded my expectations. So far very pleased. Will see how they hold up over time.
results 1-20 of 241
1 2 3 … 13
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