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1/2" Soft Shapes Reviews

1/2" Soft Shapes
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Average Rating 4.6/5
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Customer review image of  in Any room in our condo
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Any room in our condo
Patricia Y. from Westford, MA wrote...
We use these for our 6 month old who is just learning to sit up and also crawl. We can remove them when she is not using them or playing on them, as our condo is not big enough to leave them out all the time. This is a great product for our limited space situation, as they store easily in the closet! We purchased 12, but depending on where we set them up, we only use as many as needed for playtime!
  Worked well
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Sensory room
Anonymous from Ca wrote...
I really like the foam squares. My school is using them at the floor in our sensory room. We needed something soft to go on top of the concrete. This when students and teachers are in there they can sit and do activities comfortably on the floor also it's much safe with the trampoline so if a student jumps off it won't be onto concrete.
  Great Purchase
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom in basement
Anonymous from Massachusetts wrote...
I purchased this flooring for my daughter's playroom and we just love them. They are very good quality, comfortable under foot, attractive, and easy to put together. Great Purchase!
  Great price & great Product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Outdoor play house
Carrie from Orlando FL wrote...
My husband and I purchased this item for our 7 year olds play house we built. When we got it she was just as excited to put it together how she wanted it as she was to have it in her play house. It was easy to install and looks great.. We have only had it for about a month now and so far we love it. It adds that bit of softness to her wood floors...
  Great product
Self-installed in Bedroom
Anonymous from Pueblo, CO wrote...
Very good tile, great quality, grear color and patterns. My daughter loves them.
  pretty colors
Self-installed in used on table and not as flooring
Anonymous from Florida wrote...
I am a knitter and I wanted/needed something on which to block items after completing projects. It's especially important to block shawls in order for a pattern to be seen well. I also live in an apartment with limited storage. This product works well and can be adjusted to suit various items. My one wish would be to have a means to measure inches horizontally and vertically included in the design. Then they would be perfect for my needs.
  Great product
Self-installed in Sensory room
Anonymous from Santa Fe, NM wrote...
Very happy with the soft shapes we received. The price was reasonable and we got them really quick. Thanks
  Pink and purple flowered tiles
Self-installed in Bedroom
Anonymous from Red Lion, PA wrote...
The pink and purple foam tiles are perfect for my granddaughter's bedroom. They make it such a bright,cheerful space and so much more comfortable for her (and Grandma) to sit on the floor and play. I also put a few in the living room when she visits so she doesn't have to play and crawl on the hard wood floor. Then when she goes home I can just pull them apart and stash them My cats did try their claws out on the tiles at first but no major damage and they seem to have lost interest in them now. The tiles are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. I'm very happy with them. For the price it is a super alternative to a rug.
Customer review image of  in Livingroom
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Self-installed in Livingroom
Brittney from Myrtle Beach, SC wrote...
I was looking for foam tiles for my 6 month old daughter who has started ″exploring″. I didn't want the plain flimsy alphabet tiles that they sell overpriced in every store. We got the pink and purple flower pattern and they are perfect! It's a nice simple pattern with big shapes that pop out. Easy to clean as well!
  looks great
Self-installed in Extra family room
Derek from Richmond, VA wrote...
We are really happy with the floor. Extremely easy to install. We had one worry that the floor wouldn't provide enough cushion for our toddler as she is learning to walk but it's not a problem. The floor looks incredible and is very inviting to our girls. It made a regular room into a playroom that the girls love.
Customer review image of  in Playroom
Customer review image of  in Playroom
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  Well worth it!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Tiff from Selinsgrove, Pa wrote...
We have hard wood floors through out our house, so with a10 month old learning to walk. We wanted something soft in her playroom and this is what we choose. I am so glad we did!! It's soft, comfortable, and doesn't come apart easily. I absolutely love the pattern!! It's really easy to put in yourself and is easy to clean.
  Good Experience
Self-installed in Baby's Room
Ben from Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote...
Helped toddler proof the tile floor in our baby's room.
Customer review image of  in Granddaughters room
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  Best little girls room
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Granddaughters room
Donna from Lincoln, IL wrote...
The pink and purple flower flooring is absolutely beautiful in my granddaughters room! Thank you for a great product that makes a little girl feel special!
  So adorable!! And different from everyone else
Self-installed in Home
Jenny from Chicago,IL wrote...
The foam tiles are a must for those little ones learning to crawl, roll over and sit up, when you have hardwood flooring.... Just adds a bit of comfort for when they fall over, etc. I have seen so many of these sets on the market, however they all look the same - bright rainbow colors, and alphabet letters. We wanted something a bit different for our daughter and have received so many compliments! The colors and flower shapes look so cute, and the squares are larger than others on the market, which seem to be a hit with parents that have the other sets. Also, you can choose how large of a play area you want each time you set it up. When our daughter isn't using them, we fold them and put away in a closet. Our condo isn't very big to keep them out permanently, so these really are perfect for us! We bought 12 total but have been only needing to use 6 and it's ample space for a 6 month old to roll around and scoot. Such a great purchase!!!
Customer review image of  in Play Room
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  Cute and Colorful
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Play Room
Anonymous from Houston, TX wrote...
I purchased this flooring for my daughters' playroom. It is bright and colorful and helps make our hard wood floors more comfortable to sit and play on. I shopped around for rugs for this room, and these tiles were far cheaper than any area rugs I came across and I actually like them better for a play room. They are durable, cute, and easy to clean.
  Great product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement play room
Divya from Downingtown, pa wrote...
I installed it myself in our basement -kids playroom. They are soft and provide great cushion for my little one.
  Toddlers Bedroom floor
Self-installed in Bedroom
Anonymous from Texas wrote...
Granddaughter has a wood floor in her bedroom and since she still is a toddler thought this would be a good alternative to rugs. Easy to put down and fairly easy to cut to trim, also very easy to clean. She loves it, looks nice with the contrast of shapes and colors. Only reason I did not give 5 stars is would have liked this product in a thicker gauge. Overall happy with it.
Self-installed in Basement
Ann from Pottstown, PA wrote...
I love these rubber mats! I put them on the cement floor in our basement. They serve a dual purpose: one end is for activities with our grandchildren and the other end is for my husband's workout equipment. I ordered the flower design. They are durable, soft to the touch and attractive in appearance. I highly recommend them!
  pink and purple flowers
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in playroom
J GARDNER from BIG LAKE MN wrote...
Soooooo Cute!! I love this floor! I installed it in my granddaughters play room, every one who has seen it loves it! It was fun, quick and easy to put down. The floor is warm and soft..I wish my whole house was soft foam flooring! Only 1 drawback, my dogs nails are too long and put marks in my floor it is a little soft. Just keep your dogs nails trimmed. I would recommend this floor!!
  Paige's room
Self-installed in bed room
Rena from Killee, TX wrote...
I wanted to create a room that was full of the things that encourage imagination and the tiles were the perfect flooring to put the finishing touch on a four year old girls room. These tiles are great for all of the jumping and playing on the floor. If she falls out of the bed or drops something on the floor, the tiles provide enough cushion for an extra amount of safety.
results 1-20 of 29
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