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5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles Reviews

5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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Customer review image of  in Shed
Customer review image of  in Shed
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  Shed Flooring
Self-installed in Shed
Joseph M. from Sunnyside, WA wrote...
Shed Flooring
  Best Flooring and Service for Your Home Gym
Self-installed in Home gym
DSchmee from Alabama wrote...
I purchased this set for my new home gym and they worked perfectly! Easy to assemble, cut, and clean. Other thinner flooring I’ve tried has torn and cracked under normal use, but these are performing great so far. Handles weight of plate rack, weight bench, and dumbbells well and recovers its shape quickly. Box came torn with three damaged pieces, but the company was quick to replace them. Will purchase again and highly recommend!
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Love the look and feel of it!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Paul Hiebing from Jonesboro, AR wrote...
Attached is a picture of my home gym with the new flooring. I love the look and feel of it, thanks!
  Super easy to install, very functional and attract
Self-installed in Garage walking/perimeter area
Anonymous from Oregon wrote...
Garage install around perimeter of cars. Very satisfied and makes garage floor attractive and human friendly. Covered up rather dinged up, stained up 32 year old concrete floor (so glad I went with these instead of painting floor). Wife stated it looks like we have a Les Schwab showroom, which I first thought was a diss...but wife REALLY likes the look, feel and mojo it introduced to a garage I have been struggling to refine forever. It motivated me to paint garage walls which put my mojo with wife to a new level. The joints work great but are visible.
  Nice feel, soft as advertised
Anonymous from Southern, Maine wrote...
I bought the tiles to cover a plywood floor in my train room that was splintering. I first applied a floor leveling compound to places where the top ply had splintered badly. The tiles were selected because of price, because of a sample I ordered and tested and because the room is used for several consecutive hours each week by folks over 65 who stand up the entire time. Tiles were as advertised, soft under foot and also soft when something heavy is put on them such as furniture legs or the casters of rolling chairs. You'll need hard plastic or masonite pads to put in places where rolling chairs are used. Heavy objects left for short times (a day or two) will leave dents that cure in a few days. I have no experience with dents formed over longer periods of time. Installation was very easy. Tiles don't migrate and stay linked securely. Their appearance (all are gray) is neat and inconspicuous. I want the floor to be felt but not noticed.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Gym Floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
Rich N. from Leland, NC wrote...
Using them in a home gym and they are perfect. Install was very easy and holding up excellent as expected.
  LIghtweight, non-toxic, excellent tiles
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Stamford, CT wrote...
The only tiles I've found that are almost odorless right out of the box and have no adverse effects on my chemically sensitive system. They're lightweight and just the right texture: firm enough so you don't sink in, soft enough to really cushion your step and protect your knees and hips. Terrific product!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement.
Anonymous from Columbus, Ohio wrote...
These tiles are really great for a basement floor(especially in the winter). They are really easy to install and cut to custom fit your area. ONE THING TO BE AWARE OF: these tiles have a coating on them that is VERY SLICK but, all is needed is to wipe the tiles with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with some paper towels and then they are no longer slick.
  Foam Floor Tiles
Self-installed in Basement/Home Gym
Amy Aukema from Denver, CO wrote...
I really like these tiles. They went together really easily. I used them for a basement workout room... They didn't have that chemical smell that the cheap ones from China have, and are really thick and feel great to walk on. Highly recommend--would get again.
  Great floor for the money
Self-installed in Small 10x11 office
Anonymous from Illinois wrote...
Installed it in a police dept weightroom. Has held up well. Machines will put permanent imprints in the tiles. Get a few extra tiles for replacing. Floor is very soft, but appears to be durable. Very easy to install. DO NOT BUT UP AGAINST WALLS. THE FLOOR WILL BUBBLE.
  perfect solution
Self-installed in Shed
Anonymous from Eastern Washington wrote...
These laid down easily. The custom cutting to fit the walls was a bit challenging but I figured it out. Tiles are soft enough to kneel on but hard enough that they can be walked on without sinking in. They make the floor to my new shed look first class. These tiles were affordable compared to other places I checked on-line.
Customer review image of  in Child's bedroom
Customer review image of  in Child's bedroom
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  Boys room flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Child's bedroom
TexasMom from TX wrote...
I was really happy with these tiles. Their large size makes it easy for cleanups. My 7 year old thinks they are the coolest and remind him of the trampoline park. Took about 2 hours with some cuts to make it perfect with the room size.
Customer review image of  in Basement, gym area
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  Great product!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement, gym area
Brian from Medford NY wrote...
The flooring we purchased was easy to install and looks great!
  Basement beauty
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Cindy Wasinger from Mulvane, Kansas wrote...
Easy to install, looks great in my bar, bedroom and bathroom. Easy to lift up if my basement floods again. Love it!
  Grandkids’ playroom floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kids’ Playroom
Nana from Dallas, TX wrote...
Like it a lot! Very easy to install. Feels soft and smooth underfoot. Had to make a cut to accommodate one angled wall, but that was easily done with a standard box cutter. My 5-year-old special-needs granddaughter declared it “beautiful”! What more can I say?
  Just what I wanted
Anonymous from Charleston, SC wrote...
My use is a bit different. We have a small space closet under stairs that I need to crawl into. These tiles provide a perfect cushion for my knees!
Customer review image of  in Screened in porch floor
Customer review image of  in Screened in porch floor
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  My new porch floor
Self-installed in Screened in porch floor
Barbara Colson from Dade City, Florida wrote...
These tiles are of excellent quality. My girlfriend did most of the work. Was very easy for her. The tiles feel great to walk on, especially in bare feet. I had seen them in someone else's porch and fell in love with them. Your salesperson was great to work with. The tiles came quickly, were easy to install and quite affordable. I love them. I've been meaning to write a review, so thanks for sending the survey.
  Will use them again in future
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym/garage
Daniel from Belton, sc wrote...
Love the way you can design your floor on this website. Although the way you design these tiles vs the garage tiles isn't the same. The garage tiles is a better app. I recommend using both if you enjoy the design aspect. The product seems to be great. It was a tough choice between products but this seems to be the answer for my application. They are located in the garage portion of my house so the dark colors really show the dust which is a negative. Hard to keep them clean. If you put them near any outdoor entrance you will constantly be cleaning. Overall the price was good, they shipped quickly and the product is as good as I expected. I put a design in it and the floor really tops off my barn house garage floor.
  Clean look, easy install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Paul from Jonesboro, AR wrote...
Received the package very quickly, and I was able to install it myself on a weekend day. I used double-sided carpet tape along edges and seams to help keep everything in place. If this is your first time installing any kind of interlocking tile, I recommend selecting the 5% overage selection, because it's easy to miss your measurement and make a wrong cut.
  Love it
Self-installed in My daughter room
Danielle from Staten Island wrote...
Great mats they were shipped fast and exactly how I ordered them ... they are soft and comfortable
results 1-20 of 129
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