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Crash Mats Reviews

Crash Mats
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  Excellent for home bouldering wall
Self-installed in Garage
Eric B. from Ann Arbor, MI wrote...
Recently built a MoonBoard bouldering wall in my garage. It's 12' tall with a 40 degree overhang. Falls can be uncontrolled, so it's important to have a flat and padded landing surface. This crash mat is more than sufficient, and fits perfectly, as the wall is 8' wide (just like the mat). Incredibly durable, well-constructed, and clean design. Highly recommended!
  Perfect as a climbing pad
Verified Purchase
Ted from Boulder, CO wrote...
I bought this for my home climbing wall and it’s been a great addition. It covers a big area and the 8” depth is perfect. Definitely worth it!
  Great product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
Julie Seen from Tennessee wrote...
Better than expected arrived on time in great condition. Very good Mat.
  Not what I was looking for.
Verified Purchase
Installed in karate dojo
Anonymous from 39532 wrote...
The mattress arrived in a big box (two separate parts inside). It requires more than one person to put it together. It is very tough, not soft (as I was told). So either this is a different crash mat or I was using a bit up one. If you land sideways on this mat you will not hurt yourself but it will not be soft. I was expecting a not-so-hard mat. If you are looking for a soft mat go somewhere else. Not bad quality, but not soft.
results 1-4 of 4
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