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Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls Reviews

Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls
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$99.00 Roll
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roll $132.00
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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Self-installed in locker room floor
Anonymous from St. Louis, MO wrote...
Everything looked good and I was pleased with our first two rolls that we set, but as we progressed across the floor we realized that the 4x25 sheets were not cut square. They were close, but off. So we had spaces and gaps between the seems. Lots of cutting and thinking on how to make it all lay correctly. Please let the buyers know that you can't just lay it down. You will have to use a razor knife and a square to make it look right. I called the company to see if this was normal and was told it is.
  Riley's training room
Verified Purchase
Installed in Basement dog training room.
Riley and Phyllis from Albany, NY wrote...
I love this floor. It is skid-proof without being ″sticky″, and provides all the cushioning I hoped for so that my dog can jump without injuring himself. And the total price for my whole order (1000 sq. ft) was less than the shipping alone for another product I looked into. The folks in Customer Service were extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The delivery was great. They called to schedule the delivery, and called again when they were almost here. All in all, a great product and an excellent shopping experience.
Customer review image of  in Garage Gym
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  Great Product and Service
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage Gym
Anonymous from Eden Prairie, MN wrote...
Called to inquire on the 1/8″ but the Customer Service Rep was able to get me 1/4″ for a few dollars more all because she knew what was cheaper for shipping. She was extremely friendly and followed through with everything she said she would. I would highly recommend them for flooring needs. The flooring fit together perfectly and is a great product.
  Great gym flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Tacoma Wa wrote...
Bought the 3/8' eco flooring for my home gym I am creating. It was delivered quickly within a week of purchasing the rolls. They were slightly heavy (about 200#) each roughly so moving them was a little difficult by myself. Installation was easily done by myself, I used construction glue to tack down the ends and points on the sides; however it wasn't necessary for my needs since they were not moving once I installed them. The ends are not truly squared, and it took a little effort to ensure the edges were in contact with each other to give that seamless look, again for my use as a gym floor these are not issues. I am very happy with this product
Customer review image of  in Outdoor Playground
Customer review image of  in Outdoor Playground
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  Very Happy!
Self-installed in Outdoor Playground
Steve T. from Hoover, AL wrote...
I had to build a 28x21 cross-tie retaining wall structure with a 2x4 frame made out of treated wood and supported by 4x4 pillars to attach the Rubber Flooring to. The frame was built about 1 inch below the top of the cross-tie walls (on the high end, 4 inches from the top on the low end). I back filled with 4 inches of 3/4 in gravel, 4 in of dirt, and 2 in of sand. Then I installed the Rubber Flooring over the 2 inches of sand. The sand and the rubber flooring should give 10 feet fall protection.
  Customer Service
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Orlando, Fl. wrote...
Kim in Customer Service was absolutely fantastic when I called to order additional product! Very helpful; went out of her way to make sure it was a good experience. Thank you!
Customer review image of  in Small 2400 sf Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Small 2400 sf Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Small 2400 sf Commercial Gym
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  Very Happy but cleaning...uuuuugh
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Small 2400 sf Commercial Gym
EJK Boxing & Fitness Club from Killeen, TX wrote...
This product works & looks great but it is harder to clean than regular gym flooring. However, I like it quite a bit.
  This product is porous and not water or liquid pro
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Raleigh NC wrote...
This product is porous and not water or liquid proof! Liquid goes right through it
  Great for the garage
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Austin, TX wrote...
Really like this product it's durable patient and pretty easy to install. Hardest part is cutting it straight. But don't scrimp on thickness to make it easy to cut-- you'll want the thickness for cushion.
  Good but only for specialized applications
Self-installed in Storage Room
Anonymous from San Francisco Bay Area wrote...
I purchased Eco-Flec Roll flooring for a wall to wall installation in a small storage room equipped with rolling wire racks. I needed a firm flooring material so the rack casters wouldn't sink in, but wanted some resilience. I also didn't want to glue the mat down and chose the 1/2″ thickness in the hope that it would lie flat and resist deforming when the racks were moved. The Eco-Flec mat satisfied these requirements very well. There was a little curl on the cut ends when the mat was unrolled so I laid it curl-down which made a negligible hump. The mat is very heavy which makes installation a struggle but keeps it in place once positioned. The good: The mat is very dense and firm but with a subtle give underfoot. It's non-skid without being sticky. It has scattered white flecks that relieve the overall blackness. The mat is nominally 4″ wide but my roll was about 48 1/2″ wide plus about 6″ longer than the nominal 25' length which compensated for the less than square-cut ends. Not so good: The smell. The material has a strong, faintly nauseating rubber odor, much worse than being in a tire store. I laid the roll out on my driveway in the sun in the hope that the heat would cook-off the smell but it didn't help. The stink may dissipate over time and is less overwhelming when the rubber is cold, but I would not install this product in a frequently used living space. My roll did not have a straight (long) edge; there was a slight lengthwise arc which would be a problem if installing the mat in a larger room, as trying to straighten the edge will result in rippling along the convex side. The material is so stiff I doubt that glue could hold it down. If the arc is inconsistent from roll to roll, laying strips edge to edge would be a huge headache as all the long edges would have to be trimmed to get a tight seam. The 1/2″ mat is hard to trim. I started out using a box cutter against a straight edge which needed many passes to cut through. I couldn't make a dent with a pair of metal shears. I then tried a saber-saw with a knife blade which worked but left a somewhat wandering edge. Eventually I found that a sharpened pocket knife worked best for me. A linoleum knife would probably be a better option. The mat is somewhat porous which would be an issue where moisture penetration to the sub-floor would create problems. Because of its considerable weight, shipping cost substantially more than the mat itself. In retrospect, I might have been happier with the 3/8″ thickness which would have been cheaper to ship and easier to handle and trim.
  So far so good
Self-installed in crossfit gym
Alex from West Bend, WI wrote...
Just got this stuff and have had it installed about a week. Seems to be good quality and durable and was easy enough to install. Price was good. Havent really tested it out but only time will tell. Interested to see how much movement happens with changing weather.
  great deal and flooring
Self-installed in gym
Anonymous from Ohio wrote...
Like flooring, going to get thicker cut though..3/4 maybe.
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  Photo of our recent gym remodel with 8mm eco-flec
Verified Purchase
Doug from Dubuque, IA 52002 wrote...
Here is a photo and hopefully a video if it attached of are recent gym remodel, which we used 8mm eco-flec rolls for the flooring and it turned out amazing. Very happy with the flooring and the ease of installation. Thanks Doug
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Washington wrote...
Quality is good but don’t expect to get even cuts. I ordered a huge order and not 1 was the same length. Some longer, some wider, all uneven cuts at the end of the roll. Works for what I needed it for but disappointed in the way it looks.
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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  Home Gym Floor....PERFECTION!
Self-installed in Home gym
Becky W. from Corbin, KY wrote...
We absolutely love the Eco-Flec rubber flooring rolls that we purchased. It was exactly what we needed to cover the concrete floor that at one time was a garage converted into a family room, converted into a gym! The flooring is very durable and shock absorbent which is perfect for the weights we use.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Customer review image of  in Home Gym/Dance Studio
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  Good Flooring Home Gym
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym/Dance Studio
Chris from Arkansas wrote...
I found the 8mm rubber flooring to meet my expectations. None of the flooring is cheap after you add shipping so I was hoping for the best. I installed the flooring in a new home gym/dance studio and the rubber rolls did have good straight edges on them and I did not find any imperfections in the rolls. They are heavy but with 2 people it goes down pretty easily. I did use double sided tape on the seams just in case. Cuts pretty easily with a straight edge and sharp razor knife. Looks great in the room and turned out exactly how I wanted it to. 1/2 the room had Adagio layed over the top for my wife to practice her dance teaching routines.
  Eco flec
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Commercial gym.
Corey from Wilton, IA wrote...
Product installed easily. My gym members love it.
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  I love it !!!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym Floor
Kathy R. from Houston, TX wrote...
The floor looks great! I love it.
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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  Worked perfect for my gym flooring
Self-installed in Home gym
Joshua from Ogden UT wrote...
I did a lot of research on what to use for my home gym flooring before finally deciding on the Eco-flex rolls. I couldn't be happier. They were easy to install and the best price by far. Been using them for about 2 weeks now and its better than I could hope for, soft yet extremely durable.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Albany, NY wrote...
This is great product. It is the best value flooring available. The Eco-Flec has slight white and gray colored flecks throughout from (I assume) the side wall of tires. However, I really like the flecks as they help hide some dirt and dust. The product is super easy to install. As long as you get the first roll straight, the remaining rolls can be ″bumped″ over as they are unrolled so that you do not have to try to tug and pull the entire mat once placed down. As with other customers, I did notice some slight narrowing at the ends of the rolls but it did not impact the installation at all. The edges are cut smooth and square. Customer service was awesome and did a great job of getting me the best package price as well as answering shipping questions.
results 1-20 of 86
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